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Ear Candling or Coning

This method of creating balance within your ear canals is both effective at removing excess wax from the ear, as well as clearing the sinuses.  It also helps to create a nice equilibrium and is said to clear other quirky ailments in the body caused by an imbalanced inner ear.
The Process
About Ear Candling/Coning, basically you lay down on your side, the tip of an elongated waxed cone is gently inserted into your ear and the opposite wide end is lit.  This creates a warm vacuum and excess wax from your ear is removed by being sucked up into the tube; this is very, very soothing.  Face and hair are always protected and there you have it!  At the end of the process, I usually tweak thinks up a bit by applying a little Reiki Energy Healing Treatment.  
What You May Expect During The Treatment
Total relaxation!  It's very soothing!  The warmth from the candle and the beautiful little crackling noises are incredibly relaxing and you just might be fighting to keep your eyes opened (smiles).  For myself when I have it done, I simply close my eyes and sail away into total relaxation & bliss!  I Love It!  Oooh LaLa! 
Any Pain Involved?
No! Neither will you feel any suctioning or vacuuming going on; this process is very, very gentle.  Although, you may or may not feel wax liquid moving around but, it won't be unpleasant. 
Time It Takes For Each Ear
20 minutes or so
Time It Takes For Entire Process
60 minutes
Treatment Rates
$60 per session
If this interests you, simply connect with me and we can set up an appointment for you to experience this wonderful soothing and clearing technique.
You may use the link below, pay for a treatment and then email me for further arrangements.
Peace & Blessings!

There is that wonderful possibility for yourself, being able to hear more clearly!  How nice is that!
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