Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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About The Sacred Artwork On Any Item
(And It's Effects) 


All artwork applied to items are taken from my various colorful Sacred/Spiritual, Energetically & Color Coded Artwork Collections and is meant to lift the human spirit.

Each item will carry with it certain codes and will continue to carry the codes even after washing! All art pieces have a calming effect and more! For instance the piece entitled "Tranquility" (red pyramid with flame on top with yellow circled center & 2 blue pyramids (meeting point to point) atop the yellow circle), has a very calming and tranquil energy about it and maintains that energy in any environment it's in!  "Christ Consciousness" (light blue cross encircled) will also have this calming effect, as well as creating a frequency for expanded consciousness and more! This is the same with my other sacred works of art.

So if your sensing or expecting to be in an environment that you feel wouldn't be all too tranquil and you'd like to experience tranquility that day, you'd merely wear the "Tranquility" top or any other or item with my artwork on it.  Here's the trick, you'd just need to view it for a few moments before putting it on and/or just before walking out the door by simply looking into a mirror and seeing its reflection!

If your feeling upset about something, just take a few deep gentle breaths while (standing in front of the mirror, if wearing apparel with my artwork on it) gazing at the artwork and you will find that you are some-how more relaxed. Those individuals whose energetic or vibrational patterns that do not match your frequency, will simply shift their energy or remove themselves from your personal space/environment without your having to say a word....How kewl is that!

If you see anything within my site that moves you to having it in your personal space/environment, just let me know via email.  If it's an original piece that's available, it's yours!  If the original is sold I can provide you with a print, if you so desire.  I can create any art piece of your choice on any item, be it an apparel, mug, mouse pad, note pad, stationary, poster, greeting card, calendar or whatever else that may tickle your fancy!

I do hope you enjoy your experience while wearing any apparel or any item that I may offer with my energetic artwork on it. I thank you for your support. Peace & Blessings to you!   

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