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Testimonials - Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading
Here are some comments of those who have had a Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading with me:

Dawn L. Hall
Germantown, MD
Thank you sooo much for the reading!  These Deck of Soul Cards are THE TRUTH! :)
Sonya Jean Crow
Midwest, USA
My two card draw reading was very interesting, both cards drawn were very relevant to what I needed to hear at this time, and both described both me and my life quite accurately.  I would recommend receiving the open reading initially as Terisse gave me wonderful insight with this reading, once you have pondered these insights you will be able to form more specific questions for a specific question reading.
Tiffany A.
Utah, USA
Terisse is amazing and so intuitive! I loved receiving a reading from her and being able to keep a record of it so I can read through it anytime I need to. It really helped me to just clear my mind to re-evaluate my circumstances at the moment and to just listen to my intuition. She connects with your soul when giving you a reading so that it is really personalized.
Kalani Nani
Arizona, USA
terisse's special reading for me with her gloriously self made deck was right on! thanks so much for the insight and for effortlessly clarifying exactly what I needed to see. would definitely come back for another reading! thanks again terisse for your wonderful caring words and deep insights!  
Felix R.
New Jersey, USA
She did an amazing job on my reading. My life has changed for the best after Ms. Perez's readings. Thank You so much!!! 
Tirza Schaefer 
Poetess, author, voice over artist & composer
Terisse, you have outdone yourself!
To sum up the two major - and seemingly contradictory - themes that rule my life at present in a two-card reading while your channeled messages are both laughter-inducing and thought provoking is an art you have now perfected. In a nutshell, you are awesome! And your guides must be some very loving and hilarious characters indeed, matching your personality. Once again, you have helped to shed light and clarify so many things in a fun, loving manner.
I've read it about five times already and will do so some more, because it is not only a joy to read, but also a great fountain of wisdom and guidance. Much love to you, my dear friend and soul sister! Thank you for shining your light so brightly!
Althea Shipley
Nottingham, UK 
Hi Terisse
Thank you so much for your reading, I can feel the energy from the cards and your email, I can really connect with these cards and I can finally say I am on the right path 
Love and Light to you 
Althea xxx
J Bedesman Torres
Brooklyn, NY
Graffiti Artist, Author
Thank you for the splendid reading.
The cards are on point as far as what is occurring within me and also around me. From the Gatekeeper, which in itself was a thought-provoking first draw to the Mandala which geared towards resolution."
This was certainly helpful in which direction I needed to move.  Thanks again, for your in-depth analysis.
I wish you peace, continued revelation and love.
Ontario, Canada
Wow! You are amazing!!
Even though I had the general reading from you, Terisse, you gave me Very Helpful insight.
Terisse, You have Very Beautiful Artwork!! and Thank you!! again for your Kindness, Love and Support!!
My first card was: Tranquility
I am experiencing Peace with my Life. Because my oldest rescue dog has recover from his Bladder Stones Surgery and He is doing well.
My second card was: Primary
With the 2nd card I do have some what lack of courage to move further in my Spiritual journey. But I am progessing it slowly for now.
Love & Light Blessings,
Tirana, Albania  
Hi Terisse,
Yes I read my personal reading, I want to thank you very much for your reading for me.   I try to explain and connect with my real situation and is very real.  I don't know how to avoid my Contradiction= What’s working against me, but your reading is helping to much to me.  God bless you and your family, you are precious friend.
Tirza Schaefer 
Poetess, author, voice over artist & composer
Dearest Terisse,
First of all, thank you for your reading, I really loved it and the artwork of the cards is beautiful and inspiring, as well as thought-provoking! I shall order my own deck as soon as it becomes available.
Now on to your reading. The four card drawing you did for me really resonated with me deeply. When I read through it the first time, I felt energy shift inside me for quite a while. It was a very loving and healing feeling, very gentle, yet profound. After pondering your words for a while and feeling the energies, I read it all again with a more integrated understanding and also looked at the beautiful pictures. All resonated so deeply and I was instantly able to draw the connection between your words and the biggest themes going on in my life at present. Basically, when I read it all, I kept saying to myself “Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly!” I have shared my personal insights and connections with you in my reply, so you can see how spot-on you were with all that you “read” for me!
Thank you so much again for this clarification and healing I received from you through your reading and much love to you! Be blessed always in all ways!
Catherine Z
Florida, USA
The reading was great, it is how I feel; the pictures on the cards also showed me great meaning.  You are right the more you read the more meaning I get from it and I do understand it, thank you so much.
Cathy Z
Misty Heil 
Pennsylvania, USA
I am so appreciative that you had taken the time to do a "general reading" for me! It really hit home for me and at a great time! I will use the information received wisely! Thank you so much!! Blessed Be! )O(
Misty Heil 
Summer Iskandar 
Gaithersburg, MD
Thanks Terisse.  What's crazy is that this past year I have really been trying to find out what my purpose is and what I am supposed to do with my life. I have too many thoughts running through my head all at once and cannot decipher through them lol. I have found my purpose and I am at peace with myself. I have been through so much in my life and found that no matter what I am still standing stronger than ever. Thank you for your words of wisdom.  They really do tie into what is going on!!
Judi Plouff
Connecticut, NY
This was very good news
It was right on target.
Thank You for this as the timing could not have been better!
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