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P. S. M. - Potential Results & How To Use It

Potential Results
Your Personal Soul Mandala contains codes that, when used, will release the needed information held in at your body's cellular level. This will allow you to open up further to yourself and move forward in ways you hadn't considered before. This is a powerful Mandala for anyone who has the ability and desire to perceive more for themselves.
You will therefore be providing for yourself, the potential to live a More Full, Whole and Complete Self-Producing Life! A life containing a strong sense of Self-Worth, Love, Joy, Purpose and Direction. This direction will ultimately lead to Self-Generated Freedom!!!
How To Use It
Once you've received your Personal Soul Mandala, please read the instructions enclosed.  All you would need do is sit, stand or lay (whichever is most comfortable) in front of your Personal Soul Mandala, which is preferably respectfully matted, framed and hung upon a wall.

The Personal Soul Mandala can be used during any form of spiritual practice and when having thoughts accompanied with feelings from the heart.  Be it meditating, wishful thinking, creating something, affirmations, working on a project, daydreaming, praying, giving thanks, gratitude, appreciation for what you have or will be receiving or anything else that may come to mind.

Whether it's a thought, written, spoken or sung, it simply does not matter as long as it's accompanied with feelings; the greater the feelings, the greater the results!

To view examples of previously created Personal Soul Mandala's, use this link: "Previously Created Personal Soul Mandala's or use sidebar. 

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