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Information About Gi'clee Prints
At 1/2 or 1/3 of the Original Artwork's asking price
All Gi'clee Prints are Signed
All Prints Carry The Same Energetic Codes As Its Original Counterpart!
I do hope you enjoy viewing your chosen healing art from one of my collections
for many years to come and may the light well forth from within it and you!
True Gi'clee Prints Are Of High Museum Quality
(At 1/2 of the Original Artwork's asking price & Signed)
All my True Gi'clee Prints are scanned and printed from the Original Artwork (not a copy of a copy).  The Original Artwork is first scanned from a high processing scanner.  Once scanned, it is then uploaded onto a high processing computer and then printed from this same high processing computer.  There's a lot of calibrating that goes on to make sure this True Gi'clee print is exact to the Original Artwork, without using any Photoshop Techniques or tampering.  When True Gi'clee prints are created this way, its very difficult to tell whether it's an original or a copy!  This entire process costs quite a bit of money (100's of dollars), hence the price of my True Gi'clee printed art pieces being higher.
All Gi'clee Prints are of equal or near equal size of original; smaller/larger prints will be created at a later date and will have varying rates. Please contact me if choosing to go smaller or larger.  Thank you.
Regular Gi'clee Prints Are Of High Museum Quality
(At 1/3 of the Original Artwork's asking price & Signed)
I can also create another type of Gi'clee Print for you, a Regular Gi'clee Print.  A Regular Gi'clee print is created from a copy of the original, in other words, a copy of copy.  This process costs me less and I am able to pass this savings onto you!  Although, when using this process, some of the quality and detail are lost but it's still a very good print!  The cost 1/3 of the Original Art Piece. 
To order a Gi'clee Print or a High Quality Standard Poster, simply use the drop down box under any art piece that inspires and moves you.  You may begin here: Original/Print Price List Pg. 1 Section.  For information about Prints/Posters, click here.
Thank you for your support!

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