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Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing
Treatment Rates / Schedule Appointment

Each session is approximately 1 - 3 hours, depending upon your body's needs.
When scheduling please make sure that you have the time and days available to do so, as others are waiting too!  Prepayment must be made before healing treatment(s) begin, please use the PayPal button below.  Thank you for your consideration.
Healing Sessions can be had at a hospital at a slightly higher rate, to cover traveling expenses. For treatments held at a hospital add $40 per visit within 10 miles of my home in Germantown, MD; anything beyond 10 miles of my home & Out-Of-State, extra travel fees apply.
Long Distance Healing:
For those who don't live near Germantown, MD, Long Distance Healing can be had easily, effortlessly and producing the same results as if in person; rates are the same as in person.  There are times when I'm in the New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore and Virginia areas and may be available to work with you in person.  For those interested in Long Distance Healing, I ask that you mention it when contacting me.  Thank you.
Please Note:
If coming to my private studio, I have dogs; they will not be around when I'm working with you but, a few of their hairs may be (smiles).  If you're severely allergic to dogs, I may have to either do a Long Distance Healing on you or Travel to Your Home (extra fees apply if I visit you at your home).
If you'd like to experience a Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing treatment for yourself, please click the PayPal button below to pay for treatment(s) and Email me.  I'll contact you to confirm, discuss your issue and set further arrangements!

Treatment Rates
Session Length:  1 to 3 hours

 1 Session - $300

2 Sessions - $580  ($20 Savings!)
(Time may run over (no extra charge)
Please Select Number of Treatments
(Payments will go through PayPal)

If the need to cancel should arise, please provide me with at least a 48 hour notice.  If a 48 hour notice is not given, then a non-refundable cancellation fee of $25 will apply.

Important Note:
If you are currently under a doctor’s care please continue to do so, it will not affect the treatments.  For serious illness, especially a life or death situation, please see a licensed medical doctor immediately!
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