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"To Forgive Is Divine"
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How To Address The Sub-Personality and Assist In Its Healing Process
"To Forgive Is Divine"
Experiencing a block of sorts, feeling stuck?  Can't move forward?  Feeling less than joyful?
This may help, it's very effective at clearing present and past issues within yourself
by addressing the core issues, from the inside out!
To Forgive Is Divine
To Forgive Is Divine.  Upon waking up, state that phrase each and every morning.  Doing this will allow any residue hidden within to rise and be healed and finally transformed; it has been waiting a long time for this.  In this process of releasing, there will be parts of yourself (unbeknownst to you) that have something to express and will come out unexpectedly at the oddest moments and express itself; these are unresolved issues or emotions that have been suppressed.  We will allow them their time in the sun, one by one.

One by one they will step forward to announce themselves to you emotionally and sometimes verbally; mainly from your feeling center.  You will feel an emotion all of a sudden; usually something will trigger it, like a movie, photo, someone saying or doing something to perhaps you or someone else.  Whatever triggers that emotion to rise, you will experience a very distinct emotional feeling unto itself.  This is what’s known as a sub-personality; a portion of yourself that you have ignored and have kept down. 

An Important Note:
The Joining Of The Trinity - Mind, Body & Soul.  There is a new development upon these planes; we are birthing a new nation under the auspices of The Divine.  Along with this new birthing cycle comes the pangs of birth, all fears and dark shadows or shadows will come to the surface to be recognized and shown light upon.  This must happen in order for transformation into the Light to occur, an upheaval of sorts.  These uncomfortable shadows that lay hidden from our conscious minds must rise in order for you to acknowledge.  They are the misunderstandings and misgivings that are creating the very confusion in your lives; the energetic blocks that prevent you all from moving forward into the Light of Awakened Group Consciousness.

These fears that lay beneath the surface of our awareness create such havoc in our lives, we are going to clear this up now.  Do not feel shocked of what dwells within each of us. They will arise as thoughts, almost as if out of nowhere, feelings of abandonment, neglect, not good enough, worthlessness, unloved, disconnected and alone.  They are the fearful feelings that you are experiencing and not knowing why.  They are the horrible thoughts that occasionally rise and you push back down in an attempt to ignore.  We ask at this time that you not ignore these feelings that are rising in order to receive Light Information, the Light of the Omnipresence, in order to clear the confusion and neglect they are feeling.

These aspects of energy are part of who you are, these are the aspects of yourself that helped you to survive here in your current society.  It is being played out in many, many forms of aggression; it is now time to address these issues and show these sub-personalities that dwell within, another way to address these issues; a better way, so that we can all move forward gracefully.

How do you address these sub-personalities that lay within your very being, these portions of yourself that want to be heard?  These portions of yourself that you have ignored for oh, so long; these portions of yourself that are oh so powerful and can assist you in moving forward in being who you truly are, instead of feeling somehow trapped or that something is missing in your lives.  Very simple, do the exercise below; it will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to do so.  Again, this is a process and although it seems simple enough, it is very, very powerful and will indeed provoke emotions to rise, that will cause feelings of fear, anger, hurt and tears to flow; sometimes causing you to drop to your knees and gasping for air.  We say this is very good; this is called “Releasing”, then flow in the insights and clarity.

This portion of yourself will be heard, develop clarity, feel good about itself and will take much pleasure in assisting you greatly to move forward in the best way possible.  For these portions of yourself have power, these portions of yourself (once provided with clarity), will assist you in being who you were truly meant to be.

We wish you wellness on your journey of self-discovery; we, your Soul, Higher Self, God/Goddess, All That Is, Higher Power, are with you every step of the way.  You Are Not Alone.
How To Address The Sub-Personality and Assist In Its Healing Process

First acknowledge that something within you is wanting and trying to be heard.  Stay in that feeling moment; isolate it, know it is there.  Then say, “Hello, you’ve got my attention; how may I assist you?  I am here to help”.  Be still, be patient and wait for a feeling, a picture in your mind’s eye or a word or thought that comes streaming through; it is speaking.  Sometimes this sub-personality of yours is shy in the beginning or quite boisterous, allow it to speak.  While it is speaking with whatever form it chooses, call upon your Higher Self or All That Is/God to assist you in answering this portion of yourself in the best possible way to have the highest healing effect. 

In your mind’s eye, envision a Healing Light coming from the heavens and shining upon this portion of yourself brightly.  If you cannot see a child, teenager, young adult, adult or senior, then see this light encapsulate this energy that represents the sub-personality presently before you.  See this portion of yourself immersed in this glorious healing light.  Hold this light upon this portion of yourself until you feel it release its less than joyful or lost or abandoned feeling.  Feel the pain lift off this portion of yourself and immediately replaced by the feeling of love, Absolute Love.  Continue to do this until you are no longer feeling that less than joyful emotion; that portion of yourself will thank you…Deeply. 

You will feel that portion of yourself filled with love and joy; it will feel gleeful and oh so happy that you acknowledged it.  You may cry for joy yourself; tears may flow as it did for Terisse as she was typing this, her creative child sprung to life, “The Writer”.  She will soon begin writing the book she has longed to do for nearly a decade.  The writer has awoken!  That neglected sub-personality has been heard and the pain of abandonment has been removed.  She now walks in the Light, excited to begin writing a very nice story to benefit all concerned; the masses.  The Artist sub-personality is now shyly stepping forward to be acknowledged.   She was standing right next to the writer and is now receiving Light as Terisse envisions this aspect of herself being engulfed in this loving light.  And now this aspect of her is feeling loved and absolutely gleeful.  Terisse can see another child standing in the shadows; she speaks to this child and says, “I will come back for you, I promise!  I need to finish what I’m doing and I shall return” and has asked her Higher Self to remind her in case she gets caught up in the day’s events and definitely by the close of the evening.

To the readers, you can do this too!  You see, once you address one aspect of yourself that has been hidden and it steps forward and is healed, the other aspects that need acknowledgement and healing step forward as well! One by one they step forward into the light, thereby producing a more balanced and whole you!  Are you understanding how this works?  Very simple, yet highly effective.

After each sub-personality or portion of yourself is healed, you will feel lighter and definitely more joyful.  Each aspect of yourself has a skill, when it is healed and freed, you will find that special skill has become part of your conscious awareness and can be used at will.  You will find that you will have the skill to do something with ease, whereas before it was somewhat of a challenge for you.  Terisse feels quite excited about this and feels this is Awesome!

We will leave you with this, take care of yourself, all portions of yourself (one by one) and they will indeed take care of you!  Namaste.  The United Federation Of Light now signing off.
****End Transmission****
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