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Ama Deus - Further Comments
If you are ill in any way or if you are experiencing any part of your life that is less than what you would like, know that it is possible to change, heal and create the kind of life you want.  If you want something you don't have, then the most important thing you need to do is to choose this for yourself.  One way you may do so is by allowing yourself to have an Ama Deus healing session with me! ;-)
The Universe is always in a state of balance.  A problem, difficulty or challenging situation cannot exist unless its’ solution exists at the same time.  If you want to solve a problem, the first thing you must do is to decide that you are going to find the solution.  An easy way to do this is through the gentle process of Ama Deus!
Ama Deus is a powerful tool for healing and personal growth.  Its’ energy comes from the highest spiritual source and because of this, it will always create the best possible results for all concerned.  It can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit and can also guide us through life.  It can help us develop latent talents and improve the quality of everything we do.
What I can say is of those that have experienced the Ama Deus 4 Day Intensive Clearing & Balancing Treatment, have all benefited greatly.  Once a person’s Energy Centers or Chakras are cleared, a host of wonderful events take place for that individual.  Why? Because, energy blocks have been removed!  The client is far more calm, more opportunities arise for them, be it a most perfect job for who that person is (with all their likes & dislikes in mind), greater clientele, better relationships and far more! 


What I've also observed with any one of my clients is that usually, after the 2nd Treatment, inside a few days things begin to shift and unfold for them in such a perfect way, it's just amazing!  They may find the perfect job without having to jump through ridiculous hoops, it happens easily and almost effortlessly.  Or they have a change in direction, develop courage and choose to open their own business and with the necessary support systems in place; choose to let something go, certain habits changing, allowing something new into their lives, choose to go back to school or some training program or choose to learn something new and much, much, more!  Bottom line, they find for themselves their personal situation changing/shifting for the better and that things are becoming easier to acquire. 


So, if healing and personal development is what you wish to accomplish, then feel free to Email me for an appointment and I'll contact you to confirm and set further arrangements.  When scheduling, please make sure that you have the time and days available to do so, as others are waiting too!  Thank you for your consideration.


I am most willing to assist and support those who feel they may benefit from this method of healing.  It will be both my honor and joy to do so!  I thank you for affording me this opportunity to support you in your process of healing.  Namaste



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