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Words Of Encouragement
SEPTEMBER 2014  (No Words Of Encouragement This Month)

(08 18 2014 - Moving Through The Void (A Conscious Effort)
A new experience begins; within a twinkling of an eye, you are there.  Bright blessings.
(08 08 2014 - Insight)
We are here to assist in your endeavors to further explore and expand the boundaries you have built for yourselves; awakening the inner explorer.  Be bold, be brave, explore!
(08 01 2014 - Elementals)
From Our Light To Your Light – Developments are now taking place to ensure greater understanding of that which is developing in your behalf.  Be patient, it is coming forward to you; the awakening has begun.  Rejoice!
JULY 2014

(07 31 2014)
To thine own self be true  
(07 28 2014)
Grace is upon you  
(07 24 2014) 
Creating from the inside out  
(07 16 2014)
It is with great honor that we approach you today.  Today is a rebirthing of sorts, new beginnings, new experiences to be had.  New developments are taking place in honor of your courage to spring forward into action; to move beyond your fears into the unknown.  Take on the challenge of your new endeavors, your new enterprises; if any time was the best time, this is it!  Move forward with your intended plans for yourself, we are with you.  Peace and Blessings are upon you; you walk in Grace.  Blessings.  
(07 08 2014)
I am with you always.  Peace and Blessings are upon you.  Grace.  
(07 04 2014)
Group Therapy...A meeting of the minds  
(07 01 2014)
New developments are taking place and we are here to support your every move  
MAY 2014
(05 30 2014)
Bring yourselves about, at this time new beginnings are about to unfold.  Face yourselves forward without fear or concern and know that whichever the path you take, your footing is secure.  Blessed Be.  Namaste  
Creating Financial Abundance & More

Although a very simple way, it will require practice.  Say this to yourself daily:

“I Am now free of All constraints to my financial abundance for all eternity, here and now.

I Am now free to explore facets of myself, that were kept hidden from me.

I Am now free to explore the wonderful things that were divinely meant for me to have from the Higher Realms.

I Am now free to experience a happy and wonderful life that has been owed to me and my family for a kalpa.

I will to myself these experiences now!  I will to myself all that is rightfully and blessedly mine”

These are new beginnings for yourself, enjoy the unfoldment!

Terisse Perez
I AM – Connecting To The Divine Within

(Hold the thought, “I am now healed”, each and every day. Recite this and the affirmation below daily to yourself):
“I Am the I Am In All Things; I Am the God/Goddess within; I Am Truly Myself in All its glory.  I shine brightly.  I walk in Light; I Am the Light.  I Am the candle unto my own feet.  I call upon my remembrance to resurface of who I truly am, The God/Goddess Within.
I Am the Almighty of which I seek outside myself.  There is no need to seek Source, The Almighty, outside myself as it already resides within and immediately accessible to me.
I Am the creator of my own world and worlds within worlds.  I Am Balance.  I Am Perfection.  I will now show myself to myself and be comfortable with it.
I will wrap myself around myself in comfort, knowing that I have never been alone.  For I Am part of the many aspects of myself; this I know well.  I remember.  And thus, I call to myself, All aspects of myself, the/my Collective.  I do not stand alone here on these plains.  I Am many in disguise.  For within dwells the glory of All That Is and All That I Am.
I Am the I Am that dwells within All that is Light and what I perceive as Dark.  I choose Light for myself right now.  I Am the Light that dwells within; I shall now allow the Light within to shine without.  I shine brightly now and for all eternity.  I Am.”
Terisse Perez

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