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Energy Healing For Your Loving Pets
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Benefits To Your Pet:
You're beloved pet will feel more relaxed, a reduction of stress and pain over time and ultimately feeling more happy!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your loved pets body & spirit further into balance in a most gentle way.  Owners usually tend to notice their pets behavior shift rather rapidly for the better.
Before working with your pet, I'll need to create a Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan, this will save both your pet and I a lot of valuable time.  The Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan is an exact science and will help produce the quickest results within the shortest span of time.  Working with your pet, I'll be using either my Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing abilities or the intelligent Reiki Healing Energy or both.  Although the process is somewhat similar to humans, it is still different.
If you pet is ill, by all means bring him or her to the Vet to make sure he or she gets the proper treatment.  My Energetic Healing Treatments can work in conjunction with the medical treatments and usually accelerates the healing process!
Using my Natural Intuitive Energy Healing I'll connect with your pets Higher Aspect and God/Goddess/All That Is.  During this process I'll receive insights as to what needs to be adjusted, added, removed and where Healing Light needs to be placed.
When I use the intelligent Reiki Healing Energy, I'll still be working intuitively along with the Reiki energy, symbols and methodology.  Pets pretty much feel better rather quickly after the Energy Healing Treatment and are usually more happy!
I prefer to work with pets long distance; the healing results at a distance will render the same as in person.  This way your pet won't have any undue or further stress placed upon them with a stranger in his or her personal environment, especially when their not feeling well, thereby producing a more relaxed pet and owner.  My not being physically present also allows your pet to be more open to the healing energies being sent, as opposed to wondering why I'm in their environment and so near or touching them.  This makes your much loved pet feel more comfortable and happier too!
I can say your pet will feel far more comfortable after I've worked with them and the energies have been sent.  Healing will continue to take place and unfold over a period of time, even after they're feeling better until optimum health is met or the best they can be at that point in time.  Once in awhile pets need more healing time than the usual but, give them a chance to heal and allow the healing energy transmitted to unfold.
If you'd like my pet healing services, just give me a holler and I'll respond as quickly as I can.  We can then discuss your pets issues and set up an appointment to help heal your beloved family member.  After a Personal Energetic Healing Plan is created for your beloved pet and I inform you with what's necessary, you may select the Treatment and number of treatments by clicking the Paypal Button below.  You may select the Nat. Int. Energy Healing-PETS, Reiki Energetic Healing-PETS or we can make other arrangements.  I'll contact you to confirm your payment went through.
When scheduling please make sure that you have the time and days available to do so, as others are waiting too!  Thank you for your consideration.
Please note:
My name is not Dr. Dolittle and I do Not telepathically talk with your pet (smiles).  I simply connect with your pets Higher Aspect, receive insights, pictures, a movie if you will, of how to proceed with his or her personalized healing treatment process.  So don't expect me to say, "He or she said, blah, blah, blah" because it's just not happening (at least not at this moment in time (smiles).
I thank you for your time and will be here if you need me. Blessings!
Session Length:  45 min. to 2 hours
1 Session -   $200
 2 Sessions - $390  ($10 Savings!)
Please Select Number of Treatments

Session Length:  45 - 60 minutes

1 Sessions - $75
2 Sessions - $150
3 Sessions - $220 ($5 Savings)
  4 Sessions - $290 ($10 Savings)
Please Select Number of Treatments
Important Note:
If your pet is seriously ill or in a life or death situation, please take him or her to your or the nearest Veterinarian or Animal Hospital.  If you'd like, I can still work on your pet weather it's in the hospital or not.  You'll just need to tell me briefly what happened and keep me posted as I work on him or her.  Thank you.
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