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R e i k i - What's A Healing Session Like?
During a Reiki healing session you can be in a laying, sitting or standing position; whatever is most comfortable for you.  I also suggest you wear comfortable clothing.
This method of energetic touch healing tends to make one very relaxed, so to the point that the client tends to fall asleep shortly after the session begins.  Before you arrive for a session, I may use an herbal mix/incense to prepare and clear the room for you session.  If you have asthma or are sensitive to incense or scents, I will not use any.
I'll ask you a bit about your health history to find if there are any contradictions to Reiki.  It may also allow me a sense of direction where the healing may take place.  I'll also ask if you have any particular areas on your body that's calling your attention.  I'll ask you to remove your shoes, all jewelry and to lie on your back (fully clothed).  I will then open with a silent blessing while calming music plays and then begin the Reiki Healing Treatment.
Starting at the top of your head, I'll either lay my hands lightly on your body (energy points) or just above it, working my way down to your feet.  Then I'll ask you to lie on your stomach and work from your feet up to your head.  You may experience feeling a flow of heat or coolness or a tingling sensation, if so, that's okay, it's just the energy flowing through your body.  Next, I will focus on any particular problem areas you may have expressed.  Once the session is over, I'll close with a silent blessing.
Since I'm working with energy for these treatments, I'll sometimes receive an intuitive insight for you.  If I do, I'll let you know at the end of the session.  At the close of the session I'll ask you to drink a full glass of water (4-8 oz) and to relax for approximately 5-10 minutes.  This will allow the energies to settle and begin to integrate.
Afterward, if you have a need to briefly discuss your experience during the session, I will be happy to sit and  discuss this with you.  It is also at this time, that I may impart any insights that I may have received during the session.
If I'm intuited that you need to take a cleansing bath (Dead Sea Salt or Epsom Salt & Baking Soda) and if I have the items in stock, I'll provide this for you at no additional cost as this is inclusive with my sessions.  If I cannot provide any particular item needed, I can certainly direct you to where it can be purchased.
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