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YOUR PART IN THIS - Ground Rules/Instructions
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 Deck Of Soul Cards Personal Reading
Your Part In This - Ground Rules / Instructions
I'll give you a Personal Reading (on-line) by using my newly created "Deck of Soul Cards" and connecting with your Soul.  Based on your line of questioning, your Soul will guide me as to which cards to pull and provide you with Personal Channeled Information.  Thereby, providing you with the best possible answer or soulution to your query and to get you moving forward in the best possible way and well, there you have it!
When the cards are by one, it will form a picture and an answer for you.  When I pull the cards are read them for you, I am offering you an answer to your query.  You may also read the cards yourself and pick and choose what feels right for you!  Doing it in this manner helps to create a balance, empowers you and allows me to honor you further by Allowing You the Freedom Of Choice! ;-)  If there's ever a challenge with understanding a card or answer (a rarity), feel free to shoot me an email and I'll do my best in assisting you with clarity.
In most cases I will be sending your answer in a Word Doc. via email.  Within this email you'll find: Your Original Question and Answer in this Format: The Number for Each Card Drawn In Sequence, What Each Card Represents Within Your Particular Card Draw, the Title Of Each Card, a Link to the Photo Of Each Card Drawn (for a larger view & this too carries energy!), the Guidance on each card and the Personal Guidance offered by your Soul.  You’ll need to read it from Top to Bottom: What the 1st Card Represents, What 1st Card was Drawn (Title) and the Guidance offered for that card and perhaps a comment your Soul may have made beneath the card.  Ponder that answer for a moment or two and then move on down to the 2nd Card Drawn.  Do the same as you did for the 1st Card Drawn and continue to do this until you‘ve read your very last card.  Reading the cards one by one, you’ll begin to see a picture or story…Your Answer Unfold!  Some people can derive meaning from the Title or Artwork on the card alone! All information within the Deck of Soul Cards contains Uplifting Energy.  The more you play with the Deck of Soul Cards, the more familiar you will become with its answers.  But, the best possible scenario would be for you to purchase your own Deck of Soul Cards and watch the Magick unfold!
Keep in mind, it is your Soul that’s directing me to pull certain cards and sending this message or answer for You!  You should have no problem in reading the answers/guidance each card offers by gathering the information provided in layers, then collecting them as a whole and receiving your Answer.  If you have any questions regarding your answer, please send an email via this link: Email and I'll be happy to assist in any way I can with providing you further clarity.  I do hope you find your answers to be a helpful navigational tool!  Peace & Blessings to You!  Namaste
If you're choosing a Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading, there are a few Ground Rules and they are:
You may choose to ask No Question and just request a "General Reading".  In this case it constitutes as an Open Ended Reading and your Soul will speak freely of what it feels you need to know in that moment, in order to get you moving forward in the best possible direction at this time.

If you choose to ask a question, Ask Only One Question At A Time and you'll need to be clear with it.  Do not hold any other thoughts in your mind.  If you do it will mar the response, producing an unclear answer.  If you should have more than one question, simply jot it down on a piece of paper and place it to the side.  Once the first question is answered, you can then ask the next by sending in a new request.  It may be best to wait for the answer to your query to return because, sometimes the answer will cover your next question and possibly the question after that one!

Do not ask questions that require a "Yes", "No", "Numerical" or "Geographical" Response; the Deck of Soul Cards are not meant to function in this capacity.

Do not ask questions about anyone other than yourself because, the answer will always come back to focus on you and what you might need to know and do, in order to get you moving forward in the best way.

Do your best not to ask a question within a question because, it may create an indirect or unclear answer to either one.

If you want to know about getting involved with something or someone you may ask, "What would be the result of my working for or with ____(whomever or whatever company or organization)"  or  "getting involved with ____ (whomever or whatever project)"

If you have a relationship (friend, lover, husband, wife, boss, mother, father, sister, brother, etc.) question, then you may ask, "How can I improve my relationship with ____(whomever)" or "How can I assist ____(whomever) in the best possible way" or "How can I back out or leave this relationship with ____(whomever) gracefully, respectfully & honorably". 

You get the gist but, if you get stuck or have a question please feel free to contact me.

1 Card Draw (Quick Pick) - Provides you with an overall answer, a glimpse as it were.
You may choose a 2, 4, 6, 10, 14 Card Draw.  The more cards you select to have drawn, the more flushed out and detailed the answer will be.  I find that the 1 Card Draw (Quick Pick) works well when you're in a hurry and need a quick answer or to start the day out with a simple question asked, something along these lines:  How will my day be/unfold?  Or How will my morning unfold?  Or How will my evening unfold?  Or What would be the result of my contacting (name or company)?  And of course, one question at a time!  The 4 Card Draw will pretty much provide you with a clear enough answer within a reasonable amount of time.  I usually use the 4 Card Draw or the 6 Card Draw with much success, of course the 10 & 14 Card Draws will provide you with a progressively expanded answer containing more details.
When going over the cards yourself with the information I've provided you (via email), you may arrive at an answer in 7 different ways:
Using Your Intuition
The Guidance On Each Card
The Personal Guidance Offered From Your Soul
The Meaning Of Each Card Within Any Particular Higher Draw Group (2, 4, 6, 10 & 14)
The Title Of Each Card
The Color & Energy Coded Artwork On Each Card (I will provide a link to each specific card drawn or you can go Here:  Original-Print-Price-List-Antiquities-Coll-Pg-1 and subsequent pages within this link and search for the Card Title)
A Combination Of Any Or All Methods Offered
1 Card Draw $20 (Overall answer at a glimpse)
2 Card Draw $40
4 Card Draw $80
10 Card Draw $200
14 Card Draw $280

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