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Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing
What Is It? & The Process
The following information is for the human element, although some aspects are similar when working with pets.
Benefits To You:
Feeling Lighter, Relaxed, a Reduction of Stress & Pain, experience further Clarity over time and feeling more Joyful!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit further into Balance in a most gentle way and can be used with other forms of healing (Traditional Medical or Holistic Methods)(I use this form of healing primarily for deep issues (physical & emotional) and past life issues)

What Is It?
It's my connecting and working with the Higher Energies!  Connecting with Universal Light Life Force Energy (God/Goddess, All That Is, Angels, Light Beings), your Soul/Higher Self and the Divine Medical Team, I receive insights as to what needs to be adjusted, removed, added and where Healing Light needs to be placed within an individual.  These adjustments are made on past lifetime issues that impact current lifetime issues, all are worked on in one fell swoop or as much as possible in one sitting.  Sometimes although healing has been had, the energies applied need time to work though the old issues or blocks, removing it carefully and gently without throwing the client's body into shock.  This process of removal can take days or weeks after the clients initial treatment; this is normal.
Know this, each person is unique and releases blocked energy and heals in their own special way.  As well, all healing is regulated and governed by the client and their Soul; in other words, how open and receptive a client is and how much healing energy their body can receive in that one sitting, will determine their level of healing.  For the most part, clients pretty much feel and see quick results, are usually satisfied, amazed and generally very grateful with the outcome (life altering).  This is meaningful for anyone wanting to make a shift in their lives and most meaningful for those in pain on any level!  Healing does not always mean the person is fully healed but, indeed the person has changed, the person is different!
The Process
First I connect with the clients Soul and ask for permission to assist this portion of themselves.  If the answer is "No", which is very rare, the healing must take place at another time or perhaps with someone else.  When the answer is "Yes", the client's Soul and the Divine Medical Team will connect more deeply with me to help the client receive the best possible healing results.
I allow my body to become a vehicle for the Universal Light Life Force Energy.  This healing energy moving through me, fills my body fully with Light Healing Properties, which is then transferred out through my hands and onto the clients body.  The client’s Soul and the Divine Medical Team will then send forth a picture in my minds eye showing me what needs to be done (removed, added or adjusted) and where the Healing Light Energy needs to be placed, in order for the past or present wounds (physical or emotional) to receive healing properties and begin to heal.  Some energy blocks or wounds are from deep within the past and some are very current; your Soul and the Divine Medical Team will work on whatever is appropriate during that session.
Sometimes as I work, the client’s soul wishes to make a comment or two and I will repeat what I hear.  The soul sometimes does this to get the client moving forward consciously by offering with love, suggestions or statements that will allow something to click or connect deep within; a knowing, as you would have it, a truth.  This truth will ring or resonate within this person and create a shift.  When this truth comes through with much unconditional love, it may cause the client to have an insight, memories to jar, emotions to rise, burst with tears or laughter, thereby releasing the blocked energy; be it old or new. 
Sometimes the client may feel a burst of energy, cool or heat or perhaps a tingling sensation moving somewhere in their body.  Then again, sometimes the client feels a quiet, warm, relaxed and peaceful energy or they may feel very little or nothing at all and that's okay too!  The energy is moving just the same, so not to worry.  These results can happen with or without a word spoken from the soul, as the energy is all the same—their soul’s energy.  The way of releasing is different for each person.  We are all individuals with our own unique way of responding to the call of our own Self-healing, our own way of becoming healthy and whole.   
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