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Scott Mohnkern
Glad to see a local alternative healer in the neighborhood
Awww, Thank you Scott for your kind words of welcoming me (Along with my Alternative Energetic Healing Practice) into the neighborhood, it's very much appreciated!  Sorry for the delay in responding, my email acct. via my website was jammed up for a good while.  If at anytime you feel the need to have your Energy Centers/Chakras cleared or remove stress from your body via the Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop, I'd be very happy to support you in supporting yourself.  Have a wonderful day today.  Peace & Blessings!
Ree Bee
Awww, Thank you Ree Bee; very much appreciated!
Carolyn L'Hommedieu
HI I connected with you on Linked in via Lisa Bellini I worked with her several years ago .. so she invited me to join her panel so I did but I have to say I was immediatly drawn to your playshop idea ..I work at a non profit and I am amidst several autisitic adults and I have seen that thebest way to reach them is color and patterns and music and sounds etc .. so your art is inspiring .. I believe autism is a form of indigo children because by working with them WE open up OUR energy centers .. etc .. this is MY theory that I know of . LOL .. please keep in touch I am on facebook .. look for my name I am in Yaphank NY .. thanks
love and light and healing carolyn
Thank you for feeling that my artwork is inspiring, this is very much appreciated!  Well now that's an interesting theory, I feel when a person genuinely reaches out to assist someone, their Heart Chakra opens further; I know mine does! ;-)  In regards to my Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop, some day (hopefully soon), I will have an opportunity to work with both Autistic adults and children and observe how things unfold for them.  Besides working with adults and children who are experiencing normal stress levels, creative blocks etc; I've also worked with adults and children who were experiencing ADD/ADHD and adults experiencing Panic Disorder, Depression and PTS with remarkable results.  I'd really like to have an opportunity to work with those who have varying levels of Autism; I guess when the time is right, it will happen.
Incidentally, I also feel that if a print of my art piece entitled "Salvation" were to be hung in an open, frequently and easily viewable area within the facility that assists those who are autistic, it might be helpful; it's meant for overall General Healing (Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual).  Each one of my art pieces are ignited with Universal Energetic Healing Codes or Properties, as well Color Coded to ignite the codes within the human body, for the purpose of healing and uplifting the human spirit.  Each piece holds certain, very specific, energetic healing components; I feel "Salvation" would be the correct healing art piece for the place that helps the autistic.  I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me Carolyn; blessings!
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