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 Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing
Whats Is A Session Like?
Length Of A Session:
A session may run any where from one to three hours.  This all depends upon what the body requires and how much healing energy the body can accept at that moment.  Know this, all healing is modulated and regulated by the client.  In other words, how open and receptive or closed and unreceptive will determine the results; usually, the body wishes to return to health and wholeness.  Healing does not always mean the person is cured; it does mean however, the person is different, the person has changed.
Touching The Body:
During the healing process I may touch the body in various locations by using light to moderate pressure; this touching never takes place on private parts of the body.
When coming in for a treatment it's best to wear very comfortable clothing.  Both the client and I are always fully dressed, except for jewelry, any metals, shoes and I will ask you to turn of the ringer on your cell phone.  
Before you arrive for a healing treatment, I may use an herbal mix/incense to prepare and clear the room for your session (if you have asthma or are sensitive to incense or scents, I will not use any).
Just before I begin the Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing Treatment,  I'll ask you a few questions about your challenges and what you wish to happen or see as a result of the treatment; at that point I will share my views.  I'll explain the areas I'll touch on your body (never touching the private parts) and then have you lay on your back atop my comfy Reiki/massage table fully dressed.  We will begin with calming music, I'll open with a silent blessing and proceed with the session.  You may feel my hands become warm, hot to very hot, energy moving through your body, a tingling sensation, you may feel warm, hot or cool in certain parts of your body, you may also receive insights, have moments of clarity or you may feel nothing at all and that's okay too; energy is still moving through you.  In fact, many times the client's tummy may gurgle, may belch and may pass gas; oh well, that's just the energy moving through your body and is all part of the process.  Most of my clients very often feel very relaxed and fall asleep to the point of snoring; which happens quite often (tee-hee).  Once I'm finished with the front of your body, I'll ask you to turn over and lay on your tummy so that I can work on the back of your body.  Once that is complete, I ask you to turn over on your back once again so I can clear your aura just a wee a bit more and then I'll close with a silent blessing.
Since I'm working with energy for these treatments, I'll sometimes receive an intuitive insight for you.  If I do, I'll let you know at the end of the session.  There are also those times I may be intuited to say something during the healing process that would assist the client in opening up their energy fields further, so that the energy can move through more freely.  At the close of the session, I'll ask ask you to drink a glass of water (4-8 oz) and to relax for approximately 5-10 minutes to allow the energies to settle and begin to integrate.  Afterward if you're comfortable and would like to briefly discuss your experience(s) (Insights, clarity, visions) that might've occurred during the session, I'll be happy to sit and discuss this with you.  I make this offer because this is a whole body, mind & soul healing session and people sometimes experience thoughts, visions or are inspired to do something.  It's also at this time that I may impart any insights that I may have received during the treatment session.
After the session, if I'm intuited that you need to take a cleansing bath (Dead Sea or Epson Salts & Baking Soda) and if I have the items in stock, I will provide this for you at no additional cost, as this is inclusive with my treatments.  If I cannot provide any particular item needed, I can certainly direct you to where it can be had.

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