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Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop
Age Groups, Goal, Purpose & Participant Pre-requisite

The Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop is for Children - Adults (Ages 7 & Up) and the participants are placed within age appropriate groups.   I've found that children with ADD benefit quite a bit!  They're actually calm, balanced, centered, quite gleeful, focused and are stationary throughout the 2 hours...A feat within itself!  ;-) 
To help as many people as I can to release stress or those less than joyful feelings bit by bit, peeling away layer by layer (The Onion Effect).  To do this in a lighthearted fun way with the use of intuition, water based paint, brush & paper.  To have each participant feel lighter, brighter and certainly more joyful with each class taken; to have this impact felt with the first class taken.
Working Intuitively with each participant (Soul to Soul), it's my intention to assist and support those individuals who desire or intend to release those less than joyful feelings from within their bodies and open themselves up to Creativity and Joy! 
Some thoughts or elements that create stress, may also impact upon ones overall health.  It also has a tendency to crush the joy of creative expression or freedom and this in itself, may create a less than joyful situation.  As the facilitator, it's my intention to assist others by lending them support in finding their joy once again.  I'll do so by helping them to tap into their creative selves or aspects.  These aspects are sometimes buried beneath all of what they've been previously taught by parents, teachers, colleagues, friends and others; all the do's and don'ts so to speak to survive in society. 
We are taught to ingest rules, regulations, ideas and information then, after this is all done, we are told we may be able to create.  I ask, how could one create from such a limited capacity or with so many restrictions?  For me this feels confining, for true creativity wells forth from the soul, the spirit within, deep within.  In this place of spirit there are no rules, regulations, constraints, judgments or critiques, there is only free flowing creative and loving energy.  It is this same free flowing loving energy that I'm intending to assist and support others in finding once again.  This process of Intuitive Creative Painting I feel, is a delightfully wonderful way or tool one may use to move through stress, anxiety, depression, feeling blocked, less than joyful and into happiness and self-love the Fun Way! And without drugs! Yay!
NOTHING!  This is NOT a "How To Paint or Draw Class", there is no end product, this is not for show and there's no judging in this Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop.
The participants needn't know how to paint in order to be involved with this process, stick figures are just fine.  In fact, it may be better if they have no idea of proportion, curve or depth.  They will have to invent as they go along by responding to their intuition, a feeling from the inside, that inner urge, just as children do!  The participant's technique will evolve on its own, as contact with that inner creative aspect of their self develops.  All they need do is follow where the brush wants to go, without any resistance or preconceived concepts.  In short, they follow their feelings and go wherever it and the brush takes them...It's just that simple!
 What Happens In This PlayShop? How Does This Technique Release Stress? What People Say About The PlayShop
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