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Ama Deus - What's A Healing Session Like?
Please Note:
If coming to my private studio, I have dogs; they will not be around when I'm working with you but, a few of their hairs may be (smiles).  If you're severely allergic to dogs, I may have to either do a Long Distance Healing on you or Travel to Your Home (extra fees apply if I need to Travel).
Long Distance Healing is slightly different, which I will discuss when speaking with you, simply Email me 
During an Ama Deus session you can be in a laying, sitting or standing position; whatever is most comfortable for you.  I suggest lying down, as many individuals find that position the most comfortable.

I will be using Energetic Breath & Symbols while placing my hands on or just above your body's energy points or chakras (never on private parts of the body).  Both practitioner and client will be fully clothed except for your shoes, they must be removed.

This method of touch healing tends to make one very relaxed, so to the point that the client tends to fall asleep shortly after the session begins.  I’ll ask you if you have any particular areas on your body that's calling your attention and perhaps a few other questions.

I’ll silently first seek permission from your Higher Aspect to work with you, when the answer is yes, I'll open with a silent blessing.  I'll then go through the traditional method of energetically balancing and clearing the body.  Next I'll focus on any particular problem areas you may have expressed, along with what I’m intuited to do or what your Higher Aspect guides me to do.  Once the session is over, I‘ll close with a silent blessing.  Since I’m working with energy for these treatments, I’ll sometimes receive an intuitive insight for you.  If I do, I’ll let you know at the end of the session.

At the end of the session I'll ask you to drink a glass of water (about 4-8 oz) and to relax for approximately 5-10 minutes, to allow the energies to settle in and begin to integrate.  Afterwards, although it's not necessary, if you have a desire to briefly discuss your experience, I'll be happy to sit and discuss this with you.  I make this offer because this is a whole body, mind & soul healing treatment and sometimes people experience thoughts, visions, receive insights or are simply intuited or inspired to do something.  It's also at this time that I may impart any insights that I may have received during the session.

Healing all depends upon what the body requires and how much healing energy the body can accept at that moment.  Know this, all healing is modulated and regulated by the client.  In other words, how open and receptive or closed and unreceptive will determine the results.  Usually, the body wishes to return to health and wholeness.  Healing does not always mean the person is cured.  It does mean however, the person is different, the person has changed.

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