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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Antiquities Collection con't.


Please Note:  Below you will find a thumbnail of each piece within the Antiquities Collection.  Underneath each piece you will find the Healing Energy it produces and radiates outward.

You may either click the titled links below or on the left side bar to view any particular slideshow

Antiquities Coll.          Buffalo Daze Coll.          Nature Series Coll.        New Life Forms Coll. 
To view a larger picture of any art pieces, simply click onto to the art piece itself.  For each art piece you have the option of purchasing an Original (Some Originals are Not 4 Sale), True Gi'clee, Regular Gi'clee or Posters sized 14x19 or 11x13 by simply using the drop down box under each art piece.  Please note, the photos of this body of work does not show the depth, brilliance of color nor detail as the original.  Soon I will upload the digitally scanned pieces as they come in. Thank you for your patience.

 Moving Through The Void (A Conscious Effort) (Original - Pastel) 14  1/2 x18  1/8
Assists in understanding Transformation of Spirit into Matter
  & Matter into Spirit
The Natural Order of Life & Afterlife (Death) of Anything

New Beginnings  (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Assists in Encountering New Perspectives
Producing an Opening Of The Heart

New Dawn (Original - Pastel)  18x24                                             (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE -- PRINT ONLY)
The beginning of a New Era, a New Life
Assists to produce New Source Information

Opening To The Soul (The Awakening) (Original - Pastel) 11 x 14
Assists with finding a new found meaning for life
– Purpose

 Polar Balance (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists in creating Balance between Heaven & Earth
– Uniting

 Portal (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists in traveling past the barriers of time constructs
For those seeking past, present, future and knowledge; a glimpse
  into all that is possible

 Priestess(Original - Pastel)  11x14                                                         (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINT ONLY)
The Seer
Assists with developing insights

Quantum (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists in bringing about significant change for proper growth
Inviting conscious growth

Rebirth (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Assists to release beliefs or patterns that do not serve your higher purpose

Releasing (Original - Pastel) 14  1/2 x 18  1/8
Assists in removing emotional pain

Sanctuary (Original - Pastel) 18x24
A haven for the Heart, Mind, Body & Soul
Assists in producing Peace Within

Star Dance (Original - Pastel) 14  1/2 x 18  1/8
Universal Soul Dances
The Angels Dance
You Dance with them, in unison

 Third Eye (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Assists in developing Clarity & Insight
An Opportunity for you to Gain Wisdom to Break the Ties That Bind You

This actually has a white background, will fix later.
Tranquility (Original - Pastel) 9x11                                                                                                 (SOLD - PRINTS ONLY)
Assists in producing Peace
Peace abounds - Surrender

 Transformation (When Worlds Collide) (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Assists in producing Rebirth – A New Consciousness

Transfusion (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists in bringing Light to Matter & Unlocking the Codes

 Transgression (Original - Pastel, Pencil) 11x14
Assists to remove transgression from the Mind, Body & Soul
Brings about Inner Peace & Tranquility

 Unity (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists in the blending of the Mind, Body & Soul
Nations Unite – World Peace
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