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Testimonials - Energetic Healing-PETS
I've seen miracles and semi-miracles over the years of my healing practice; unfortunately, I've never asked my clients for a review.  My primary concern was their healing and if they felt less or no more pain and the ailment(s) were no more.  Besides, I never new I was going to have a website! Ha! Oh well, I'll move forward from this moment onward.  I hope you find the comments interesting and enjoy the testimonials/reviews.
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The following experiences happened for them in the way it needed to.  This is not to say this will happen to or for you in this manner, it was meant for them to benefit all concerned in the best possible way.  Each situation is different and this was a first for me (smiles).  I am always amazed when miracles or semi-miracles occur and how it all happens; the scientist part of myself always says, "Very Interesting", the spiritual part of myself always says, "Praise Be!", "God/Goddess Is Good!" and the everyday part of myself always says, "Amazing!", "I Love It!".  While transmitting energy, this is what occurred for A. D. & her son:

A.D. Gaithersburg, MD    (Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing)

Pet Distant Healing Testimony

One unfortunate day my son's African grey parrot was injured, one of her toes was severed, she was bleeding profusely and we really thought she was going to die, we didn't have money to take her to the emergency pet hospital, my son was divested, I shared our situation on Facebook asking my friends and family to please pray for our beloved bird.

Terisse read my post and very kindly offered to send some distant healing our way, free of charge.

Shortly after something amazing started to happen,

My boy felt the strong urge to put the bird on her back and lay his hand on her back and to lay his hand above her; he told me his hand felt like burning and tingling.  To our amazement the bird stopped screaming and trying to fly, she laid on her back, without moving.  I kept putting pressure to her toe, after about 15 minutes I checked her wound and the bleeding that had gone on for about 2 hours had stopped!  She fell asleep on my son's lap; she didn't bleed anymore that night.  The next morning the tissues in her toe where not even inflamed, there was only a scab.  On the following days we she was never down, she kept eating and hanging out with my son.  There was never redness or any trace of infection at the site of the injury, within one week her toe was healed and her skin was closed.  There's no doubt in my mind we experienced a miracle.

Thank you Terisse

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