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Ama Deus - Pleasant Aftereffects 
As a result of this Ama Deus energetic clearing, you may immediately feel tension leaving your body thereby producing relaxation.  Over the next few days or weeks as this energy unfolds, depending upon how many treatments were administered, you may experience feeling less fearful and less stressful.  You may also find yourself feeling far more balanced, calm, centered, a sense of well being, receiving insights, more clarity, a sense of knowing, inspired to take an action or be still and perhaps a few nice unexpected things that may come your way!  Like having your desires met far more easily and effortlessly, more clients for your business, a better job, courage to make a career or any change,  finding the right person to assist you with a particular project or situation and more!  Why? Because certain energy blocks have been removed thereby, allowing more clarity, positive energy and fortune to flow into your life.
After a session if I'm intuited that you need to take a cleansing bath (Dead Sea or Epsom Salts & Baking Soda) and if I have the items in stock, I'll provide this for you at no additional cost as this is inclusive with my sessions.  I do not profess to be a shaman but, these are the ways of the traditional shaman --- To provide holistic treatments.  If I cannot provide any particular treatment or item needed, I can certainly direct you to where it can be had or purchased.
Ideally when treating a specific illness or situation or it's your initial experience with Ama Deus Healing Energy, it may be best to have 4 consecutive treatments to allow for a strong steady stream of healing energy.   At the very least, when first experiencing Ama Deus, it would be beneficial to have 2 consecutive treatments to allow for a fair amount of consistent healing energy to flow.  If after having your first healing session you find that you'd like a 4 Day Intensive Treatment scheduled, I will try to accommodate you with the remaining 3 sessions over the next few days or so.  When scheduling an appointment(s) please make sure that you have the time and days available to do so, as others are waiting too.  Thank you.
Remember, healing all depends upon what the body requires and how much healing energy the body can accept at that moment.  Know this, all healing is modulated and regulated by the client.  In other words, how open and receptive or closed and unreceptive will determine the results.  Usually, the body wishes to return to health and wholeness.  Healing does not always mean the person is cured.  It does mean however, the person is different, the person has changed.
You may make an appointment here: "Appointments" or Email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!  I am most willing to assist and support those who feel they may benefit from Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Treatments.  It will be both my honor and joy to do so!  I thank you for affording me this opportunity to support you in your process of healing.  Namaste
Terisse Perez
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