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New Life Forms Collection


Please Note:  Below you will find a thumbnail of each piece within the New Life Forms Collection.  Underneath each piece you will find the Healing Energy it produces and radiates outward.

You may either click the titled links below or on the left side bar to view any particular slideshow



To view a larger picture of any art pieces, simply click onto to the art piece itself.  For each art piece you have the option of purchasing an Original (Some Originals are Not 4 Sale), True Gi'clee, Regular Gi'clee or Posters sized 14x19 or 11x13 by simply using the drop down box under each art piece.  Please note, the photos of this body of work does not show the depth, brilliance of color nor detail as the original.  Soon I will upload the digitally scanned pieces as they come in. Thank you for your patience.

Breaking Through (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists one to encounter new perspectives
Assists one to bring about a change and course
  of events that enable one to move forward

Encyclopedic (Original - Pastel, Ink) 23x24                                                        (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINT ONLY)
A Journey Within- Holding the codes for redefining symbols
Assists in raising the planetary vibration into the New
  World Order of Conscious Thought; thereby, creating a
  new environment for all to co-exist upon, benefiting all

Eternity (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Life Without End – A New Way Of Being/Existing
Assists to produce harmony within and the courage to
  Embark on New Territory leading to New Found Hope
Please Choose:

Please Choose:

Gathering, The (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Collective Consciousness
Assists and supports Remembrance
Assists to find a New Path of Existence and Come To Terms
  with whom you really are, Spirit Embodied In Flesh

 Mastery (Original - Pastel, Ink) 18x24
The Blueprint Of Life
Assists to promote Balance which is the key here; to treat
  others as equals - All Forms Of Life
To Respect Life as a whole, as Each has a Right to be here

Principality (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Group Consciousness - The Collective
Assists one to tap into Source knowledge grouped in such a way
  to provide the best possible solution to any query
It is the better part of yourself, the Self that knows

 Relentless (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Coming Of Age – Stages Of Growth
Assistance comes with a stretch of the imagination;
  this supported by intellectual endeavors results in
  New Found Discoveries

NEW!  Photo Coming Soon!
 Salvation (Original - Pastel) 40x27.5                                                                                       (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINT ONLY)
Assists healing whatever ails the Body, Mind & Soul
Assists one to hold onto truth steadfast
Miracles have been known to happen!

Self-Endowed (Original - Pastel & Ink) 18x24                                                     (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE – PRINT ONLY)
Assists one to get in touch with the I Am, God/Goddess &
  All That Is that resides within you, that resides within all
- Heaven

Watcher, The (Original - Pastel, Ink) 12 5/8 x 16 1/8                                     (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE – PRINT ONLY)
Assists in producing Great Encounters - Embarking on
  New Territory
Watchful eyes from above offering guidance & protection
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