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AMA DEUS SHAMANIC HEALING                                                                                                                                                          REIKI HEALING

My Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing
(For Humans & their Pets)
(For pets, please click here:  Energy Healing For PETS, thank you)
A gentle process of healing using
Universal Energy
Energetic Touch Therapy
(Hands On/Off The Body)
Terisse Perez
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner/Soul Worker

I primarily use this form of healing for deep issues (physical & emotional); past and present lifetime issues - Life Changing
Benefits:  Feeling lighter, relaxed, a reduction of stress & pain, experience further clarity over time and feeling more joyful!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit further into balance in a most gentle way and can be used with other forms of healing (Traditional Medical or Holistic methods).
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