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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Working on providing Online Classes!  Will keep you updated!

"Something Soothing For The Soul"

 Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop
(Intuitive Creative Painting, Spiritual Process Painting-Therapeutic)
Stress Management the Fun Way!
A Gentle Process of Stress Reduction
Opening to Creativity and Bringing More Fortune Into Your Life!
A playful method of releasing stress and those sometimes less than joyful moments by
removing blocks and opening to creativity!  Stress is literally released from the body!
Welcome Joy Back Into Your Life...The Fun Way!!!
Facilitator:  Terisse Perez
Serving Maryland, District Of Columbia and New York City
Benefits:  You'll experience feeling more relaxed, calm, balanced, centered, lighter and joyful from within.  
The Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Intuitive Creative Painting) works wonderfully well for those experiencing or feeling:
  • Less than joyful
  • Stuck
  • Creatively Blocked
  • Emotionally Blocked
  • General Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorder
  • PTS
These are indeed stressful times and in order to offset the stress impacting the mind, body & spirit and to literally remove stress from the body, I offer a mini escape route or doorway into self-discovery, life changing freedom and living with joy.

This is a Spiritual, Intuitive, Creative, Process Painting Workshop that's very Therapeutic.  With the use of Intuition, Finger Paint, Brush & Paper, you basically paint your stress away!  Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop is primarily used to literally remove stress and non-supportive energies from the body and directly onto the paper your painting upon.
Note:  You cannot take this painting home, what would be the point?

The adults and children who've been diagnosed with ADD or other emotional imbalances love it!  The children themselves really love it and the adults say they haven't felt this way in years! Those diagnosed with high levels of depression, anxiety or trauma seem to really appreciate it; along with those experiencing the normal day to day stress or feeling creatively blocked.  Each participant leaves the HTCA PlayShop feeling lighter, brighter, more calm, relaxed, with brighter eyes and glowing smiles upon their faces. All these benefits without the use of drugs! Yay! :-D  
The HTCA PlayShop is for Children-Adults (Ages 7 & Up) (age appropriate group settings); No Painting Skills Necessary to participate (Stick figures are just fine).  This is NOT a How To Draw/Paint Class, this is a releasing stress and less than joyful energies class; done in a fun way and in a safe supporting environment.  Upon leaving the HTCA PlayShop you'll feel lighter, brighter, have a glowing smile upon your face, an extra bounce in your step and wanting for more!!!
The only materials you'll need to bring with you is a smock to protect your clothing.  If you don't have one it's okay, you'll be working with water based paints that can be easily washed out.  Or if you'd like, you can purchase one at the HTCA PlayShop for a nominal fee.  All other materials will be supplied, now how easy is that!


Email                                                                                                                                                                    Contact Us  

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