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Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - What Is It?
Benefits To You:  Feeling relaxed, balanced, a reduction of stress & pain, experiencing further clarity over time and feeling more joyful!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your mind, body & soul/spirit further into balance in a most gentle way and can be used with other forms of healing (Holistic Methods or Traditional Medicine/Medical Treatments)
I primarily use this form of healing to clear energy centers/chakras
Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - Using it's Energetic Symbols & Energetic Breath and having my hands gently on or just above your body, produces immediate relaxation and so much more!  Ama Deus (Love God) produces deep relaxation, healing, insights, clarity, courage to move beyond your fears and more!

What is Ama Deus Shamanic Healing? 

Ama Deus is an energy healing technique that has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani (Gau-ra-nee) Indians who live deep in the Amazon Jungle of Central Brazil.  As the Guarani have always lived very close to nature, it’s easy to understand how their environment has influenced their spiritual methodology, resulting in a simple but extremely effective shamanic language. Ama Deus means “Love God” in Portuguese. 

According to their belief system there is no such thing as ‘illness’.  In their view everything is Spirit and it is outside forces which cause imbalance to occur.  When the outside force (such as an unwanted spirit or energy) is removed, then the effect upon the physical body will be released and balance will be restored once more.

The healing system was first brought to the West by Alberto Aguas, a 3rd generation Brazilian healer.  Both his mother and grandfather were doctors who also worked with energy healing.  His family lived among the Guarani people for generations, providing them with medical care when needed.  As a result of their efforts to help the Indians, a mutual respect developed between the tribal shamans and the doctors and eventually the shamans began to share their methods of healing.  It was through this trusting relationship that the method has been passed along.

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