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Book & CD Covers

You may find this beneficial for you because, your Book or CD Cover may very well become more noticeable, therby producing greater sales.  When I create your Book or CD Cover, it will contain the energetic essence of your creation most perfectly!  Thereby producing a double whammy effect, as people are usually drawn to the essence of the energy held within a creation and then your creation is coupled with a perfectly matching, energetically coded cover!  Whoa! How perfect is that!  Who can ask for more!

At some point, you would need to tell me a little bit about your Book or CD; as you speak, the energetic essence will begin to transfer to me.  While you're speaking I'll be sketching a rough draft and that would be all that I'd need at that moment.  Once I begin creating a cover for your creative project, the picture and informational codes/energy will come through with greater detail.  I will contact you from time to time and send you a copy of the draft to perhaps tweak it a bit (if necessary) and there you have it!

If you'd like to commission me to create a Book or CD Cover or anything else, please feel free to Email me to discuss matters further.  I thank you for reading this page on my site and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Blessings!
A Few Samples Of Book Covers
None So Blind          Circle Of Light 
                                                                              Author:  Melinka Jordan                                                   Author:  Melinka Jordan
                                                                                                                                                     Author:  Melinka Jordan

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