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Testimonials - Energetic Healing
I've seen miracles and semi-miracles over the years of my healing practice; unfortunately, I've never asked my clients for a review.  My primary concern was their healing and if they felt less or no more pain and the ailment(s) were no more.  Besides, I never new I was going to have a website! Ha! Oh well, I'll move forward from this moment onward.
I cannot emphasize enough that all healing is governed by your Soul/Higher Self/Higher Aspect; what will be, will be.  I will say each healing is different for each individual as no one is exactly the same in this respect.  Some may experience instant healing and some may not.  It all depends upon what level of healing your ready for and what level of healing your Soul provides (which is always best!); as a whole, most people who come to me are ready for an elevated healing experience.
I say what the heck, give it a shot, what do you have to loose?  For those who feel they haven't healed (something I've never experienced), know this, You Have Indeed Changed.  I am always amazed when miracles or semi-miracles occur and how it all happens; the scientist part of myself always says, "Very Interesting", the spiritual part of myself always says, "Praise Be!", "God/Goddess Is Good!" and the everyday part of myself always says, "Amazing!", "I Love It!".  Anyway, I hope you find the comments interesting and enjoy the reviews!
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Dawn L. Hall    (Ama Deus Shamanic Healing & Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing)
Germantown, MD
Terisse has a true gift. I was going through some very deep paralyzing emotions that she was able to help lift through her healing. The process was peaceful and felt very sacred. I am very thankful to Terisse for helping me with her compassionate and effective healing.

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