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Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop
What Happens In This PlayShop?
How Does This Technique Release Stress?
What People Say About The HTCA PlayShop

Basically, we play with paint!  This is a Spiritual, Intuitive, Creative, Painting Workshop that's very Therapeutic.  With the use of Intuition, Water Based Paint, Brush & Paper you can gently release stress, unburden yourself and feel free the fun way!  It's meant to assist in the releasing of stress and those less than joyful feelings (Energy) held within your body.  This playful process of stress reduction allows you to open up to creativity and bring more fortune and joy into your life.  Emotions that are ready to be released are literally removed from your body and placed onto the paper you're painting upon. You basically and literally paint your stress away...The fun way! 
In the Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop there will be no "How To's" , "No Rules" and there are no defining lines, except for those created by oneself.  The old defining lines created by the participant will quickly dissipate and reshape itself, as their creative aspect begins to develop and expand.

We will be Intuitively and Creatively Painting for process, the process of opening up to creativity and joy!  When one opens up to creativity, he or she releases tension and stress; for the two cannot dwell in the same moment, space and time.  This special process helps to alleviate stress by causing a portion of non-supportive energies held within the participant's body, to literally be released onto the paper they're painting!  This process is done gently, bit by bit, peeling away layer by layer (The Onion Effect); participants will begin to feel lighter and lighter and certainly more joyful with each class taken. This impact is usually felt with the first class taken.   
Please see:  HTCA PlayShop Reviews.  I feel so much better!  No, you really don't understand how much better I feel!  I haven't felt this good in years!  When is the next PlayShop?  Is there room in your next PlayShop for one more?  I'm telling my friends about this!
There seems to be a recurring theme…
Those that attend the Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop usually leave feeling lighter and brighter than when they arrived, with a glowing smile upon their face and an extra bounce in their stride!
Come join us for the Fun and Glee of it All!
Please Note:  I am not a licensed therapist and do not profess to be one.  If you are under a therapist's or doctor's care, please continue to do so.  The Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop merely uses this fun method of painting to help relieve the stress of the day or week that one may or may not be experiencing.
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