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Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading
"Soul Readings with a Personal Touch"

Benefits To You:
"Soul Readings with a Personal Touch".  The Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading is an easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions.  This is given in a most loving & uplifting way via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self which, I will connect with and channel for you.  I will provide your DOSC Personal Reading on a Word Document and send it to you via email.
Hello To All!
The Deck of Soul Cards is something I've created and yes, they are divination cards but, Not Tarot Cards so the reading is definitely different.  The Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading is just that, very personal with information provided by your soul and no other outside sources; your reading will be pretty direct.  It's an avenue by which you may discover what your Soul/Higher Self is attempting to convey to you, in a most loving manner and with 7 different ways to get an answer!
I'll give you a Personal Reading (on-line) by using my self-created "Deck of Soul Cards" and connecting with your Soul.  Based on your line of questioning, your Soul will guide me as to which cards to pull along with providing Channeled Information for you!  Thereby, providing you with the best possible answer or soulution to your query to get you moving forward in the best possible way.
Each component of the Reading contains energy - The Title, Artwork, Guidance on the Card and the Guidance offered by Your Soul/Higher Self.  While you're reading it, you're taking in energy which produces Insight and Clarity.  After you've read it, your Emotional, Mental & Physical Bodies need a little time to acclimate the new energies received.  Acclimating these new energies may take place within a few moments, to hours, to days and is why I suggest reading it more than once over a period of time.  Although you will understand something the first time around, you will still receive insights with subsequent re-reading over time.  All energy contained within the components of this reading is meant to raise your vibration, develop clarity and heal.
I'll be most happy to provide you with a Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading, simply click onto the boxes below.  Most Readings are done on-line and will be sent via email with an attached Word Doc. a nice hard copy for you to read and re-read.
Simply choose a 1 Card Draw (Quick Pick) or a 2, 4, 6, 10 or 14 Card Draw, the more cards drawn, the more detailed and expansive the answer. 
Not submitting a question to be answered may be the best way to go, especially when it's the first time you've had a Deck of Soul Card Personal Reading.  This is called a "General Reading", an Open Ended Question" (No questions asked).  This will allow your Soul to speak freely about what's most important and beneficial for you to know at this time in your life.  This method tends to save you a lot of time and unnecessary questions (smiles).  I find that the 4 Card Draw is a good starting point; if you go higher even better!  Then after you've gotten your answer, if you so choose, you may request another reading and ask for an expansion or further clarity of the answer provided or a totally different question! 
Simply fill in the boxes below by selecting your chosen Card Draw (make sure to include your email address and make sure it's correct!  If not, it may cause a delay) and pay for it by using the PayPal button below.  Once it's paid for, I'll send you an email confirming the Number of Card Draws Ordered, Your Question (if you have one) and will let you know when I'll be returning your answer.  Thank you!
If you choose to ask a question, Before Placing Your Order Please Click This Link Here For Further Info:
"YOUR PART IN THIS - GROUND RULES & INFORMATION".  Here I've laid out several important key points for you, thereby saving both you and I time.
1 Card Draw $20 (Overall answer at a glimpse)
2 Card Draw $40
4 Card Draw $80
6 Card Draw $120
10 Card Draw $200
14 Card Draw $280
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from 1 to 14
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If you're choosing a Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading, there are several Ground Rules and Information which can be found here: 
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