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P. S. M. - The Process
You need not be physically present in order for me to create a Personal Soul Mandala for you. What is needed is a brief, very brief, conversation with you either in person or via telephone, perhaps 10-15 minutes. It’s really not so much what you're saying that's important, but the energetic connection that's needed. My conversing with you will allow me to connect with your soul. Once I feel the click and the picture comes, I will ask you to hold for a moment in silence whilst I quickly sketch a draft of your Personal Soul Mandala. When the sketching is done, I'll conclude my conversation with you.
After my original connection with you and the sketching complete, I can at any time thereafter create your Personal Soul Mandala. When the opportunity presents itself, I will once again connect with your soul (without needing to speak with you again) and your soul will then send me a more precise and expanded picture. This picture sent forth will be one that will assist you in the best possible way.
I will create this, your Personal Soul Mandala, using either white pastel or ink on black charcoal paper (20x26 or 12x14). This method of straight or mixed media, color components or anything else used and contained in producing your Personal Soul Mandala is always required, specified, directed and governed by your soul.
Once your Personal Soul Mandala has been created, I will notify you at my earliest convenience.
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