Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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About The Sacred/Spiritual
Color & Energetically Coded Art
With Healing Properties

When I Got The Calling:
In 1995, I had the intuition or inner feeling to put my creative talents to work.  My mission at that moment, given to me by my "Source Self" and "All That Is" (Universal Light Life Force - Source/Higher/Soul Self, Equious Family Of Light, God/Goddess & All That Is) ), was to create and complete 40 pieces or works of art.  Each piece was transmitted to me via dreams, meditations or in wakeful states and have long since been completed.  The Light Beings/Angels continue to transmit pictures to me and I gleefully comply by creating them.
What This Artwork Is Capable Of Doing:
Each piece contains energetically coded information from the Universal Light Life Force.  This coded information will strike a chord and ignite the codes within every individual that comes in contact with my creative energetic healing works of art (consciously or unconsciously).  This in turn, will cause the releasing of certain chemical properties within each of these individuals, which will cause a stirring from within to find themselves.  Finally, causing an opening of their eyes and a sense of greater perception, a clearer perception of who they truly are and the capabilities they have to feel, in a much truer and open sense.  To open their hearts and feel what true and real love is.  A feeling that shall overwhelm them, bringing joyful tears to their eyes and bringing them to their knees.  And they shall stand up tall once again as they were meant to, with a strong sense of Self-Worth and Love, to share this Love with others and the
world at large.  Namaste
Please Note: 
There is a wonderful possibility for yourself, each item will carry a particular energy with it.  So whether you purchase something for yourself or a gift for someone else, you or they may experience little niceties while viewing or wearing (even after washing it!) an item that's holding my sacred artwork on it.  How nice is that!"
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