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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance
Your Soul's Guidance with Truth, Compassion & Love  
A Gentle Process Of Emotional Healing Using:
Channeled Counseling and Guidance from your Soul
Using everyday common sense in a most loving and
caring way, in order to bring balance and to get you
moving forward in the best possible way.

I work a little differently than the typical Spiritual Counselor, I work outside the box; I work with your Soul
I usually work on-line via email and consultations on the phone
Working With Your Soul (Soul Dictation-Word for word):
Your Soul is proficient, wise, insightful, loving as well as providing you with sound guidance and solutions as how to move forward gracefully.  With the assistance and guidance from your Soul (Think Dictation-Verbatim (Channeling), I impart what it wants you to know and what's most important at this time in your life. This information provided by your Soul will be done in a most loving way, straight forward and cutting through to the core of the issue thereby, producing the best possible results.  Although your Soul is quite loving, it's also quite direct and truthful in it's delivery; I do hope you're not too sensitive to take in its valuable and useful information.   

This will assist greatly in allowing you to move forward in your life more relaxed and productive way by creating further clarity, to release the bonds that bind you.  Your Soul will also guide and provide you with steps on how to move through your current situation in the best way possible way by suggesting proper, very useful adjustments and changes for you to make; finally producing a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life for yourself.

Once you and I connect, you can very briefly tell me what your challenge is; I don’t need to know every detail, as we can discuss this later after you’ve read your Soul’s guidance. Why? Because your Soul knows exactly what’s going on with you and what your challenges are.  It will impart this valuable information to me, so that I may share it with you and offer its sound guidance and solutions.  Know this, your Soul is very respectful of your privacy and will not divulge any very private, sensitive, personal matters.  It will though provide enough information about that private, sensitive, personal matter by wording it in such a way that only you would know what it's speaking of and I won't.

After my conversation with you, at my earliest convenience, I'll connect with your Soul and begin creating your guidance.  I will send this guidance to you on a "Word Doc" via email within 1 to 3 days.  After you've read the guidance your Soul offered (which is usually straight forward, concise and succinct),  pondered it for a while, you are to re-read it and that very same evening, read it once again.  For the next 4 days, you are to read the guidance at least twice each day (Maybe once in the morning and evening).  Once this is done, you may then call, text or email me to set up an appointment to further discuss what your Soul had to say.  I’ll be happy to discuss your Soul's guidance and your personal challenge(s) further (Consultation is not more than 20 min.).

Once you've received your Soul's Guidance and after consulting with me, it's best to read and re-read it every couple of days over a period of 2 weeks.  Why do I ask you to read and re-read your Soul's guidance?  Because, each hard copy of guidance from your Soul will contain components of healing energies or properties geared specifically for you.  You will also find the information that you've read and understood the first time around, will have greater meaning and impact the 2nd, 3rd or even the 4th time read.  This is because, you will more than likely notice a few more details that you hadn't noticed the first or second time read.  Why?  The healing energies/properties contained therein, would've gently and progressively integrated within your mind and body thereby, raising your level of awareness; in short, raising your vibration and uplifting your spirit.  You will indeed understand it on a deeper level and be able to set yourself free, if you would allow yourself to follow your Soul's guidance to the letter and act upon it.  Little by little, you will find both your situation and your life transforming and improving within a relatively short span of time.

I thank you for your trust in allowing me to support you and look forward to working with you.  Peace & Blessings!

Once payment is made, I'll contact you via text, phone call or email to confirm your payment was received.
Please Order Your Soul's Guidance Here:

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