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How To Create That Which You Desire
A simple and easy way to manifest that which you desire
Life begins at the point of conception or so they say but, in reality it begins when you give thought to rise and then…The big bang theory occurs.  You have brought thought form into matter, in other words, you have birthed a thought form onto this plane of existence.  When the thought form arrives it requires nurturing.  Some thoughts that are nurtured come into fruition quicker than others because, of the amount of thought energy placed into it.  Some thoughts are neglected and take longer to produce or make an entrance upon this plane.  Sometimes thoughts are neglected and altered, which produce another version of this thought form upon this plane.  These three elements can create such a change in the outcome of a situation or occurrence that, its variables may appear to seem as though it is not even what you originally requested!  Welcome to the world of variables.

A good idea to maintain your original plans or goals or that which you desire to produce, would be to write down exactly what your desires are.  Make a list of all that you desire for each section of your living style, home, business, health, way of life, etc.  Jot down your needs for each component then, it will become more clear, more concrete for you.  Developing this method of written or printed desires, allows you to see clearly what your current desires are and how they shift from moment to moment.  You may tweak your desires from time to time but, when you shift an entire idea, you are discarding the original thought form for another.  When this occurs, then the process of birthing this new thought form into matter requires a delicate balance; reformatting if you will.  When this reformatting is taking place, it has to wait until certain elements are in alignment which may take a while, as it is in a state of fluctuation; assembling itself.  It will continue to do so until it receives little to no further input from you.  Once this is established, the thought form is to be fed with little to no changes.  Once this is accomplished, your thought form will make its entrance.

This is somewhat of a simplistic breakdown of how thoughts are birthed onto this plane but, an effective one.  Again, to recap, make your lists of various components in your life that you’d like to see a change.  Arrange them in such a way that you are pleased with it; add very little further thought to this component once it is set.  Give focus to the completed thought form, holding much gratitude and love for it coming forward and making an entrance into your life.  When it appears, welcome it and embrace it; it is your creation. An Original Thought Form Birthed From Its Creator, YOU!  Love is in the air, Create! Namaste
How To Create A Dream/Vision Board
What You'll Need:  A poster board, magazines, scissors, glue stick and a marker (color of your choice), (Optional-Embellishments - (Glitter, stars, stripes, etc.)

Next - Select what you wish to manifest, write the title of your Dream/Vision (Example:  My New Life & Its Elements, My New
           Home & Its Elements or My New Furniture & Its Elements or My New Car & Its Elements, My New Boat & Its Elements
           etc.) at the top portion of your Dream/Vision Board.

Next - Thumb through the magazines and clip photos & text that represent that which you desire.

Next - Use the glue stick to paste the representative object of your desire onto the poster board.

Next - Optional-Embellishments; if you would like, you may add your chosen embellishments.

Next - Continue to do this until you feel it's complete and there you have it, your Dream/Vision Board!  You can always add to your
           Dream/Vision Board, as long as it contains the same theme.

Next - Place focus on it daily, until your dream has manifested itself. Enjoy that which you have created!

How To Create A  List (Using Pen & Pad)

What You’ll Need:  Pen & Pad

Create a list of desired objects.

Next – On another sheet of paper, organize that list by picking and choosing which desire you wish to see unfold or present itself to
            you first and then select the next and the next until your list is complete.

Next – On a separate piece of paper, take that first object of desire and place under that written desire all that you would need to
            make it complete.  Once that is complete, move onto your next selected object of desire and on a separate piece of paper
            follow the same steps; continue to do this until the list is completed.

Next – Take all your lists and place to the side, except for your first object of desire.

Next – Take your first object of desire and focus upon it daily.

Next – As you acquire the tools one by one to making your object of desire complete, draw a line through it; before you know it, your
           object of desire has been manifested! Yes! It’s just that simple!

Next – Move onto your next targeted manifestation.

Above all, enjoy the process!

These are excellent tools (stand alone or combined) by which you can manifest your dream life, a joyful life for you to behold and experience.  Enjoy that which you have created, for you are the creator of your life and all the experience held within and brought forth.  Peace & Blessings!
****End Transmission****
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