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Ama Deus - 4 Day Intensive Clearing Series

If you are ill in any way or if you are experiencing any part of your life that is less than what you'd like, know that it's possible to change, heal and create the kind of life you want.  If you want something you don't have, then the most important thing you need to do is to choose this for yourself.  One possible way to accelerate this process, is by allowing yourself to have the Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - 4 Day Intensive Clearing Series with me! ;-)
About The Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - 4 Day Intensive And It’s Benefits
What I can say, of those that have experienced the Ama Deus 4 Day Intensive Clearing & Balancing Treatment, have all benefited greatly and have found their lives shifting for the better.  Once a person’s Energy Centers or Chakras are cleared, a host of wonderful events take place for that individual.  Why? Because, their energy blocks have been removed!  The client is far more open, clarity is had, calmness reins, feeling centered and that a weight has been lifted.  As well, having a greater sense of direction, more opportunities arising for them, be it a perfect job for who that person is (with all their likes & dislikes in mind), greater clientele, having a better relationship with themselves and others, finding doors that were once closed are now opening.  The client will also develop courage to move forward beyond their fears with the feeling of being supported by the Higher Power, God/Goddess, The Universe and All That Is.
About The Rhythm Of This 4 Day Intensive Clearing:
These 4 Day Intensive Clearing Treatments can be had daily, back-to-back but, not all 4 treatments on the same day.  This is because, your body needs time acclimate itself to the new healing inlaid frequencies.  From the onset of the first treatment, the next treatment must be had within 3 days of the last treatment until the 4 treatments are complete.
How Long Will The Healing Frequencies Last?
The healing frequencies will continue to adjust, harmonize and balance your body for about 1.5 to 3 months.  This will allow insights to flow thus, producing clarity and the courage to make the necessary daily life changes.  While these changes are going on, you will have Universal / Higher Power Support and find that doors that were once closed to you will begin to open; along with a host of other little niceties unfolding for you.
Both client and practitioner are fully clothed at all times, except for shoes and jewelry they must come off and cell phones either turned off or turn ringer off.
We will meet and briefly chat so that you can express that which ails you and your challenges.
Next, you will lay on your back atop the massage table.
I will be using Energetic Breath and Energetic Healing Symbols and moving these healing symbols through your body using my breath and my fingertips.  In short, you’ll feel my breath moving over your body and my fingertips lightly touching your body.  I will be clearing your Chakras/Energy Centers on both the front and back side of your body.
While laying on your back, I will begin at the top of your head-Crown Chakra/Energy Center and move down to the tops of your feet; touching every energy point in-between.
Once finished with the front of your body (Tops of your feet), I will ask you to flip over onto your tummy so that I can work on the back of your body.
I’ll begin working from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and touching every energy point in-between.
Once finished with your back portion, I’ll scan your body with my hands and adjust, tweak anything that needs it.  I will ask you to flip over and do the same for the front portion of your body.
Once the front and back are cleared, I will seal the healing energies in and close with a silent prayer for you.  I will let you know the treatment is over and ask you to rest for at least 8-10 min.
I'll also provide you with a small bottle of spring water to drink before you leave.  This will assist in helping the energies to circulate throughout your body.
At the end of each treatment, I’ll share what I’ve seen, corrected and my insights concerning you and how best to move forward, if that information came through to me from the Higher Power.
Sometimes the client will experience insights during this clearing and healing process, if you have, you may share your insights with me during this time.
So if healing and personal development is what you wish to accomplish, then feel free to  order the 4 Day Intensive below via PayPal or Email me for an appointment and I'll contact you to confirm and set further arrangements.  When scheduling, please make sure that you have the time and days available to do so, as others are waiting too!  Thank you for your consideration.
I’m most willing to assist and support those who feel they may benefit from this method of healing.  It will be both my honor and joy to do so!  I thank you for affording me this opportunity to support you in your process of healing.  Namaste

Ama Deus 4-Day Intensive Series

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