Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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About Visions Of Light Healing Art

Something Soothing for the Mind, Body & Soul
Terisse Perez - Sacred Visionary Artist/Healer
For those interested in quick stress relief or easing of pain, please visit these pages:
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This is an entity that contains units of Sacred Healing Visionary Art as well as Other Healing Components and was created in 1995 by Terisse Perez.  Each art piece is Channeled and is Angelically/Universally inspired.  All art pieces are both Color & Energetically Coded to ignite the codes within the human body (each human cell contains a code).  Its purpose is to ultimately heal each individual that comes into contact with these pieces or works of Sacred Healing Visionary Art.
To Open the Hearts Of Individuals Further, so they may Develop a Greater Sense Of Self, Their True Self.  To assist in an overall feeling of wellness by Reducing Stress, Pain, Promote Clarity and Bring the Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit into Balance in a Most Gentle & Joyful way!  This will have a cascading effect to help bring about a more peaceful, harmonious peoples and society from within and produce more Love and Joy upon this planet Earth...Balance!

They (the viewers of my Healing Art) will begin to feel a stirring from within to find themselves.  Finally causing an opening of their eyes and a sense of greater perception, a clearer perception of who they truly are and the capabilities they have to feel, in a much truer and open sense.  To open their hearts and feel what true and real love is.  A feeling that shall overwhelm them, bringing joyful tears to their eyes and bringing them to their knees.  And they shall stand up tall once again as they were meant to, with a strong sense of Self-Worth and Love, to share this love with others and the world at large.  
Please Note:
If you wish to know what energy any particular art piece carries, radiates and exudes, please click here: "Original/Print Price List".  The energy any piece radiates will be listed right under the artwork!  Thank you.

There is a wonderful possibility for yourself, each and every item will carry a particular energy with it (even after washing it!).  So whether you purchase something for yourself or a gift for someone else, you or they may experience little niceties while viewing or wearing an item that's holding my sacred healing artwork on it.  How nice is that!

New on the horizon! The "Deck of Soul Cards"
A very simple way to find out what your Soul/Higher Self is attempting to convey to you and answer your questions in an uplifting and loving way.
For Individuals, Parents & Guardians, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers and those vested in the well being of their loved ones, clients/patients.
The Deck of Soul Cards is a wonderful tool to assist you with helping your loved ones and those you care about, who are incapable of expressing themselves in a clear & concise manner (infants, toddlers, kids - adults and those with or without disabilities).

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