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Welcome To Terisse's BIO!
Sacred Visionary Artist
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner/Soul Worker
Creator of the Deck of Soul Cards & Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop
 Terisse Perez
Terisse Perez
Germantown, MD
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner & Soul Worker
Visual Sacred Artist Producing Energetic Coded Healing Artwork (For the Masses) - Since 1995
  Personal Soul Mandala (For the Individual)
Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing since childhood; Professionally - Since 1994
Certified Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Levels 1 & 2 - Since 1999
Attuned to Reiki Healing Levels 1 & 2 - Since 2003
Created Forms Of Healing:
New Healing Form on the horizon, will make itself known Soon!
Terisse Perez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City and moved to Germantown, Maryland with her 2 children in 1997 for a better quality of life and where she currently resides.  Terisse has several talents or gifts in the way of healing one might say.  She is an Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner and Soul Worker using various forms of Energy Healing (Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance, the Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop, Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading), most of which came natural to her at an early age, without instruction; in other words, she was born with these gifted skills.  These skills have sharpened and expanded over the years of her practice and have resulted in her creating new methods of healing.  Her clients find these new methods of healing, very useful and transformative for their well-being.
Terisse tells me there’s a new form of healing on the horizon for her to birth but, she’s not quite sure what it will be; only that she knows it’s coming soon.  If it’s anything like her previous methods of healing, she’ll be a tough act to follow.
Terisse is also a Visionary Artist, using the colorful medium of chalk pastels and ink.  She creates what she deems to be sacred drawings, energetically coded drawings to produce healing and uplift the viewing public or as she says, “The Masses”.  She also creates what is known as the Personal Soul Mandala, which is created and coded for the “Individual”.  The Personal Soul Mandala is usually created on black paper and the image is created using white ink or chalk.
Terisse says she gets her creative art visions from dreams (Just before waking) or simply sitting at her drafting table and asking the Universe or Higher Power to send her one.  Within moments, the image of what's to be created is sent to her.  Terisse says not only is the image sent but, also the title of the image.  From her artwork, she's created the Deck of Soul Cards (Divination Cards), T-shirts, stationary-greeting cards and posters; all holding and exuding healing frequencies.

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Please Note:
Energetic healing does not replace the care of a physician and/or therapist, if you are currently under a physicians and/or therapists care, please continue to see them, it will not affect the treatments.  Always consult your physician and/or therapist before changing or discontinuing any medication and/or treatment.  For any health concerns, especially in a life or death situation see your physician immediately!
I do not claim to be a physician or therapist nor do I profess to cure any diseases. Each form of healing has its’ own place, benefits and importance; one form does not negate another. Therefore, please continue to see your physician and/or therapist until they recommend you to pause or stop treatment. Thank you

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