Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"

Created For The Individual with Their Souls Assistance
Channeled Info From The Divine:
There are many, many, many individuals who are full of strife and stress, impacting their mind and body and for some quite severely.  In order to move out of this taxing, vicious cycle way of being, one must connect with oneself, center and balance oneself.  Clearing your energy centers/chakras thoroughly is of great, great importance, it will help to alleviate the pressure you are feeling.
To rid yourselves of much of this chaotic energy whirling within around your body, you would need a series of Energetic Healing Treatments either with Terisse or someone else but, having it done is imperative.  It will assist in rounding out and balancing your energy fields as well as your mind and body.  Terisse has a unique way of addressing your emotional, mental, physical challenges and needs; she creates an Energetic Healing Treatment Plan by connecting with each clients Soul.  The Soul imparts to her a very detailed series of Energetic Treatments that, if followed to the letter, would produce a proficient method of treating yourselves in a most profound and highly successful way. 
When it's created for her clients, it's an exact science producing desired results as the Soul of the client will be working with Terisse's abilities, level of transmitting healing energies or properties and the clients level of receiving those energies.  When it's created for people using another Energy Healing Practitioner, there are a number of variables and the results will vary; for the most part healing will be had but, the impact may not be as great.  We implore you to begin clearing your energy centers/chakras thoroughly and to keep them clear.  When doing so, you tend to keep the chaos off yourselves and you move forward with clarity and insight; something to consider during these shifting times.  Namaste
How Do I Order A Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan?
Use the link below, payment will be processed via PayPal (You don't need to be a member of PayPal to use it, just scroll down the page and find pay with credit/debit card)
I will notify you via email that your payment was received, ask you a few questions and begin to create your Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan.  Once the healing plan is completed, it will be immediately emailed to you.
How Will It Come To Me?
Email with an attachment; your Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan will be on a Word Doc.
How Long Will I Have To Wait For It?
1 to 7 Days
Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan - $45 Each
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