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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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About The Artist In Depth
Terisse Perez
Sacred Visionary Artist
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner/Soul Worker
Creator of the Deck of Soul Cards & Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop

The following is information on a deeper level; the inside story of how I evolved into drawing my Visionary Sacred Art, ability to sense and see what others did not and my energy play/healing.  The information is really not important, I just added it for those who felt the need to know something a little more about me, that's all, nothing more....Happy Reading!
Ability To See Early On
It seems as though I came in (born) with certain abilities, my earliest recollection was at the age of 3 or 4. I can tell you of two incidents that occurred amongst the many. One incident occurred when we (my mom, dad and I (my brothers came along 2 yrs. afterwards and within 2 year intervals) moved into a new development (high rise) located in the Bronx, New York City.

It was during the early evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table drawing in my coloring book while my mom was showing my aunt Nilda our new 2 bedroom apartment. I was peacefully sitting there, all by myself and deeply in my own little world of coloring. All of a sudden I heard a sound, which seemed soooo far away; I was deeply engrossed with what I loved to do, color! The sound was a tapping at the window, I ignored it thinking it was just some outside noise. Then I heard the tapping again, this went on for about 8-10 minutes. Then all of a sudden I remembered that it took awhile for us to ride the elevator up to the floor where our new apartment was...on the sixth floor!

Then the tapping became a knocking, whoever was outside the window definitely wanted me to look up at them. All of a sudden I became frightened because, I knew there were no fire escapes or balconies outside any of the windows. In my little mind I felt it was something that could fly and I knew that birds don't knock at windows; I was scared. Whoever was outside the window new that I knew it was knocking, because the knock became more rapid and louder, quite intense.

So I mustered up the courage to slowly look up at the window and low and behold it was an Imp or something else, but he looked like an Imp! Of course I didn't know what an Imp was at that time, he looked like a court jester and rather non-threatening. He was a little man, with a long narrow face, with one of those funny looking
colorful three pronged hats with maybe bells on the tip of each prong and his outfit was green, I think his skin was green too! Not certain though, it was so long ago. How did I know he had on a green outfit? Because he backed up off from the side of the window where he was showing me only his face and a portion of his upper body, he was just peaking in. Well, he moved front and center of the window so I could see him fully! He looked at me with a big smile while waving hello. He had no wings and no type of flying apparatus! Just floating! Just hoover’n out there, shaking his head, waving his hands and smiling.

Well...that's all I had to see, I gave out such a scream and called to my mom, I was crying hysterically. My mom and aunt ran into the kitchen to see what was the matter. I told them about what I had seen and they, now get this, both laughed! They thought it was hilarious and just a child’s imagination at work! I didn't find it so funny, at least not then; hell I was trembling! My mom just hugged me saying, “It’s okay, nobody’s outside the window”. I felt kind of sad that she didn’t believe me, though I will say later on they knew something was up because strange things occurred. Things went missing and then out of the blue they’d return but, at different locations from where the object was originally placed, right along with apparitions and things going bump in the night from time to time. Boy was I ever vindicated! (tee-hee) Turns out that our nice apartment was a spiritual Hot Spot! My mom had a new found respect for me and no longer laughed when I told her something weird occurred, whether in or out of the apartment. Twelve years later, we finally moved out of that ol' spook house and into quieter surroundings (smiles).
Oh yeah! Forgot to mention something I will never forget, a piece of information that serves me till this day.  One starry Winter's night as a child, I was standing on tippy toes while looking out the window watching kids play in a small wooded area and sliding down the hill on their sleds.  I was wishing I was out there with them and daydreaming about it, envisioning myself with them.  All of a sudden I heard a gentle voice whispering in my mind, "Nothing here is real".  I asked, "What? What do you mean?" because, things seemed pretty real to me!  Then the voice repeated itself saying, "Nothing Here is Real" and for some odd reason I understood completely what was meant, that I was just visiting here and that I wasn't what my body was; I was much more.  The understanding I got was like my consciousness was borrowing this body and I was much, much more; expansive!  With that understanding I said, "Ohhh, Okay!", then I promptly went back to my daydreaming and fantasy world. LOL  Anyway when I walked away from that spook house place, I clearly understood that there is indeed another world, besides the one I knew!  By the way, that voice I heard from time to time throughout my childhood and who was very helpful to me, I still continue to hear; it is my Higher Self!
Ability To Feel
Another incident occurred that helped me to discover I had the ability to sense when someone or something wasn't quite right. I was about 8 or 9 when there came a knock at our door, it was a salesman. I went to the door with my mom, she opened it and he began his sales pitch. I couldn't see him because I was standing behind the door but, after hearing his voice, I knew he wasn't right or honest. Then he placed his hand on the door frame and I could see that! I don’t know, it was like I could feel his vibration intensely off his hand, it’s hard to explain, I just knew I found his hand to be repulsive and his voice to be vile.

I told my mom that he was a very nasty man, a very nasty, nasty man (a sexual predator). I begged and pleaded (my hands in a prayer position and knees slightly bent) with my mom to not let him in and to close the door right away. She just said, "Oh Teri, please!" and pushed me to the side and proceeded to let him in (I went hunting for a weapon). Well, they both sat on the couch, he pulled out some papers for my mom to read, he dropped one of them at her feet and while he bent down to pick up the paper, he turned his head, looked up her dress and said while smiling, "Hummm, how's the weather down there?" and left his head in that position for about 30 seconds!  With that, my mom promptly arose from her seat, escorted him to the front door, pushed him out and slammed the door behind him. Then she looked at me saying, "Teri you were right, he is a nasty man, I should've listened to you".  From that day forward, she didn't question me when I had my funny feelings about someone or something.
Oh Well, Such Is Life
As with other individuals who had heightened senses at an early age probably experienced, there came a time when my mom told me when around neighbors or outside of the house, not to mention what I saw or felt because people would think I was crazy; so I didn't for very a long time.  Then later on we didn't get too much into discussing these matters, I think she might've been spooked about it.  I don't know why because, her sister was clairvoyant and my mom would have her insightful moments too!   Sometimes my mom would clearly know when someone was coming by to visit...Unannounced!  Perhaps for her it was fear or denial or a bit of both.  Oh well, such is life!

A Little Self-Help
Anyway, this was all to say I came in with insight at an early age. Although it was a burden when young, I'm certainly glad I have it now! It can be quite useful at times (tee-hee). There was for a long time though, when I just shut everything down and made a formal request to God about it too! I said, I don't wanna see or hear Noth'n! And I didn't, unless I was in danger or it was really important that I needed to know about something; during those times of warnings, I didn't mind at all!  It wasn't till I was about 30-33 years old, when things opened up again at my request.  But this time around I didn't mind at all, I could handle it and desired it (except seeing apparitions); it’s nice to be informed, at least for me it is!  I kept firm the, "No Pop-up Apparitions"; I don't like those types of surprises!  They can show me all the visions they want me to see in my minds eye and feel their presence but, no physical eye viewing; I ain't down with that!
I’d been reading extensively spiritual self-help books from such authors as Shakti Gawain's book "Creative Visualization", M. Scott Peck's "The Road Less Traveled", Jane Roberts' channeled "Seth" books, Sanaya Roman & Dwayne Packard channeled "Orin & Daben" books/videos, Barbara Marciniak channeled Pleiadian - "Bringers Of The Dawn" book, Esther Hicks/"Abraham" channeled videos, Neal Donald Walsh's "Conversations With God" and a pithier of other Self-Help books along with learning Reiki, Ama Deus and other spiritual practices.

I began channeling soon after reading Sanya Roman's & Dwayne Pakard's - Orin & Daben, “Opening To Channel” in 1985. I’ve had an opportunity to have plenty of practice and did this for a good while with great benefits. I've had a few great moments in my life (life changing/shifting moments), great big growth spurts after jumping a few hurdles - one in 1975 when I got married, pregnant, gave birth to my son and got divorced (temporarily shattering my life), then again in 1987 when I gave birth to my daughter and her dad I parted ways shortly afterwards.  In 1995 got raped, pressed charges, found out the rapist was a serial rapist and that I was the only one who came out physically unscathed, the others were hospitalized and one woman ended up in a wheel chair for life! The assailant got 60 years-life and I got the much needed therapy for that incident and other past rape incidents in my life.  Another life changing moment came in 1997 when I moved to Maryland, then again in 2001-9/11 the attack on the World Trade Center in my hometown, New York City.  In 2009 when I lost my very best friend (like a sister) & spiritual partner, in 2012 & 2013 other loses (my youngest brother and my dearest cousin respectively).  Currently, in the latter portion of 2013 and early portion of 2014, new things are now developing/unfolding; something's getting ready to pop off again!  I can feel it!  I don't know exactly what it is but, I do know that one of them is going to be
...A Mind Blower!  Something that's tremendously astounding and absolutely wonderful!
Oooh Somethings Brewing
Quite frankly, I sense yet another huge event coming, life altering type stuff, it's gonna be a bigun! I don't know if it's my moving back to New York City or buying a new home in Maryland or moving out of state to a location that I haven't been to before, I just don't know; all I do know is that a great movement is involved.  At this moment, all I sense is that I'll be moving and I'm feeling the suburbs of Philly and New York City (original home) quite strongly and then again, vacillating between that and staying in Maryland.

I feel it also has something to do with my healing business and helping others, I sense it's my Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop and my Deck of Soul Cards; I think Visions Of Light-Art is going to expand quite a bit and probably in ways I hadn't even dreamt of.  I know is this, that this expansion or growth will encompass my life and that's that; I can't wait!  It can only be in my best interest, for my betterment, to place me square on my path (I've wavered off just a tad, got really relaxed and laid back), as well as to benefit others; the masses...Big Time! Whatever it is, I'll be very, very busy and my life will be very full because, break time is over! (smiles).
About My Creating Sacred Art
Well back to the channeling, once I began channeling and shortly afterwards (a couple of months) I was requested by my Higher Self and All That Is, to create 40 pieces or works of art. I hadn’t drawn anything in years! I said, "40 pieces!?? I don’t know if I could think up 40 things to draw". They (my Higher Self, Universal Light Life Force, God/Goddess, Angels, All That Is) said I won’t have to think up anything, they'll send it to me. They said, "It will come to you in the dream state and the wakeful state". Then I said, "I don’t have any tools" and they said, "Don't concern yourself with it".  So I half heartedly said, "Well okay" and didn’t give it another thought. The next thing I know, 2 days later a friend of mine (who’s an artist himself) gifted me with Stabilo pastel pencils! A whole case! Along with some paper to start off with, now isn’t that something! My invisible friends are really sumthn!

At that time my very best friend, Melinka's, birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her something special. I thought and felt this would be a fine opportunity to break out my pastel pencils and create something original, something from the heart, a home made birthday card! Little did I know this card would be coded for her! What a hoot! Well needless to say, she was sooo moved by it and very impressed with my talent.  She and her comments had inspired me to move forward with creating these wonderful pieces or works of coded art. Till the day she left her body, she kept that card in a safe case and in a safe place…I was moved and still am!

The 40 pieces requested of me to create, have long since been completed and are part of my Sacred Art Collections. I continued to comply with my invisible family and friends from the Light and have amassed quite a bit. This, along with my friend Melinka's comments, had inspired me to go global with it by placing it on the Web.   Incidentally, just before beginning to create these coded works of art,
I was told by All That Is that it would go global.  I couldn’t figure what they meant, I mean how it would happen? I thought maybe I’d do a lot of traveling. The internet hadn’t existed for me then, now it does and now I know, how funny is that!

Hey, What Happened?  What's Happening Now?
Hey, what happened to me? I haven’t drawn or created any new pieces in many, many years; just sporadically.  Why? I Dunno, I just paused for a very long time but, I'm now feeling ready to kick it into gear once again. There’s a feeling, sort of like an urgency about it. I had been working diligently to a point of excessive obsession to get my Deck of Soul Cards self-published and continue with taking the class offered by Empowered Women International's, "Entrepreneur Training for Success Program" (10/2013), a Small Business training program and so much more!  I am so grateful and so deeply grateful for being awarded a scholarship from them.
How I found out about this organization even existing, was a small series of "by mistake events"...Yeah Right! It was a Universal Hook-Up! I'm so glad I listened to that little thought or voice inside that whispers, go here and do this, go there and do that!  The next thing I know is that I have the Empowered Women International's contact information in hand.  I called them, had a face to face interview and Voila! A scholarship was had and I attended classes, learnedhow to start-up and run a small business and with continuing support...Whoa!  Talk about a blessing!  Whoo-Hooo!
When the dust settles and things become still for a moment, I will once again get quiet, sit myself down and comply with All That Is by creating another set of art pieces (about 43) for the Nature Series Collection.  This will be used for the Deck of Soul Cards II, meant for psychologists, therapists, social workers, clergy, alternative healers and those with a vested interest in the well being of others.  I will also tweak or create The Book Of Instructions, print what there is to print, do what there is to do and publish it! When all of that is said and done, etch out some time to finish writing my Self-Help Book! Yay!
About My Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing (Hands-On/Off The Body)
One day many, many years ago, my artist friend (the one who gifted me with an art set and allowed me to once again start drawing) wasn't feeling very well.  I heard a silent whisper, "Lay your hands on him and we will send through the energy to assist his body in healing and provide you with directions and insights.  You will work with your feelings and 'See' (3rd Eye action) what needs to be done"; so I worked on him and he actually felt better and healed!  This inspired me to work on others with wonderful results.  My friend Melinka (a Reiki Master of several forms) attuned me to Reiki (Usui System) levels 1 & 2 and showed me Reiki techniques up to Level 2.  I've also been formally trained and certified in Ama Deus Shamanic Healing...And well, the rest is history!  I continue to play with energy, with Love and Joy and say for myself, it's the best way to Live!
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