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R e i k i - Pleasant Aftereffects
As a result of your having a Reiki energetic healing session (the immediate following 7 days holds the strongest energy), you may experience any one or more of the following:  Feeling calm, a sense of well being,l receiving insights, more clarity, a sense of knowing, inspired to take an action or to be still and perhaps a few unexpected little niceties that may come your way! 
I have found that Reiki Energy is particularly beneficial for those going through Radiation and/or Chemo Therapy.  It usually reduces the side effects of this debilitating treatment quite considerably and any reduction of discomfort in my book is a blessing!  Praise be!
Healing depends upon what the body requires and how much healing energy the body can accept at that moment.  Know this, all healing is modulated and regulated by the client.  In other words, how open and receptive or closed and unreceptive will determine the results.  Usually, the body wishes to return to health and wholeness.  Healing does not always mean the person is cured.  It does mean however, the person is different, the person has changed.
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