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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Deck Of Soul Cards SPECIAL!
Benefits To You:
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions and given in a most loving and uplifting way via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self, as well as helping your loved ones.
This is something I've Created & Developed! (These are Not Tarot Cards but, work very well in the area of divination and will provide you with answers to your questions)
This is a DIY project! ;-)
This is an excellent tool for an individual as well as Parents & Guardians, Healers, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, Clergy and those with a vested interest in the well being of their loved ones, clients/patients because, their Souls will be able to express and convey to you what their physical counterparts cannot and without a physical word spoken!
The Deck of Soul Cards is something I've created and yes, they are divination cards; but, Not Tarot Cards.  The Deck of Soul Cards is an avenue by which you may discover what your Soul/Higher Self is attempting to convey to you in a loving manner via the guidance on the cards.   You have 6 different ways to get an answer to your oh so many questions!  Also for parents and guardians of those individuals (from the very young (infants) and upward (senior citizens) that are incapable of expressing their feelings or thoughts in a clear and concise manner, these cards are absolutely wonderful!  The more you play with the Deck of Soul Cards, the more you will understand them and the relationship they have with you, the relationship you have with yourself, your Soul Self and your Higher Self!  Ahhh Yes! Assistance with the process of becoming Whole!
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