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(07 15 2014)
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The Nature Of Things
Entering the New Millennium Of Consciousness
The Nature Of Things.  In the beginning or since the beginning of time there has been a number changes that have taken place within the realms of this solar system.  These changes have affected your planet in ways that would promote a new series of developments, to encourage greater growth within your sector.  Mankind as you now know it will be no more, as it further develops in leaps and bounds.  The old ways of thinking and doing things will change and fall to the wayside, making room for the new consciousness to arrive and develop.  It has arrived and is developing the consciousness of mankind in such a way that will enhance both the planet and all who reside upon it.  This change will present itself in ways unimaginable to the human mind, there will be a striking difference between the “Then and Now” or “Past and Present”.  The leap forward in consciousness will create a great awakening of sorts.  What was once acceptable will no longer be tolerated by the masses and all sentient beings upon the planet.  We are now entering the New Millennium Of Consciousness, The Rebirthing Of Planet Earth and all that surrounds it; you will be affected greatly by this new way of being.  Upon your planet there will be those that will resist the change vehemently, as well as those that will embrace this new change whole heartedly.  At the helm of these changes is The Federation Of Light and The Federation Of Light will ensure that these changes take place aggressively, to ensure expediency in the best way possible to benefit all concerned.  Hold on to your hats this ride may get a little bumpy but be reassured that we, The Federation Of Light, will be watching over you to make sure that this transition that is now taking place will benefit you in the greatest way possible.
****End Transmission**** 
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