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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Antiquities Collection 


Please Note:  Below you will find a thumbnail of each piece within the Antiquities Collection.  Underneath each piece you will find the Healing Energy it produces and radiates outward.

You may either click the titled links below or on the left side bar to view any particular slideshow



To view a larger picture of any art pieces, simply click onto to the art piece itself.  For each art piece you have the option of purchasing an Original (Some Originals are Not 4 Sale), True Gi'clee, Regular Gi'clee or Posters sized 14x19 or 11x13 by simply using the drop down box under each art piece.  Please note, the photos of this body of work does not show the depth, brilliance of color nor detail as the original.  Soon I will upload the digitally scanned pieces as they come in. Thank you for your patience.
  A Way To Journey (Original - Pastel, Pencil, Ink) 18x24
Assists the mind to embrace what it has forgotten
Please Choose:
Please Choose:

 Balance (Original - Pastel, Pencil) 18x24
Reaching An Equilibrium
Assists one to weigh the pros & cons and to reach balance in one’s life
Please Choose:

Please Choose:

Christ Consciousness (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Coming of age - Turning Point
Assists one to come into Higher or Greater Consciousness
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Please Choose:
Doorway To The Soul (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Assists one to meet oneself and to know oneself (Higher Self)

Please Choose:
Please Choose:
 Elementals (Original - Pastel) 12  5/8 x 16  1/8
Source Information coming two fold, beyond the realms of consciousness
Useful Information

Please Choose:
Please Choose:

Equation (Original - Pastel) 11x14
Coming To Terms With Oneself
Assists to bring about Change & Full Balance within your life
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
 Eternal Flame (Original - Pastel) 14  1/2 x 18  1/8
Nature at its Finest Point, Encompassing ALL Life Forms
Assists in creating Harmony
Please Choose:
Please Choose:

  Gabriel (Original - Pastel)  18x24                                                      (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINTS ONLY)
The Bringer Of Order – Retribution
Assists in producing Resolve
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
Generations (Original - Pastel) 9x11
Coming To Fruition
Assists one’s Dreams/Wishes to be met; by applying oneself and
  with the help of Higher Sources
Please Choose:

Please Choose:
 Geyser (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Quantum Physics
Assists in bringing about balance out of ciaos
Assists in bringing about harmony in a fluctuating environment
 Heart En Soul (Original - Pastel, Pencil) 12  5/8 x 6  1/8
Assists in developing a greater connection between Body & Soul
Mind & Spirit resulting in Rejuvenation
 Home (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Where The Heart Dwells
Assists one to return to Source for all questions & answers
Will produce Peace & Serenity
 Insight  9x12 (Original - Pastel)
Helps to bring forward assistance
Mandala  (Original - Pastel, Ink)  18x24                                     (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINTS ONLY)
Sanctuary - Healing The Wounds Within
Assists with the resurrection (of who you truly are) to begin 
Molecular (Original - Pastel 18x24)
Constructs within – Time Released
Assists with Developmental Stages
 Moon Goddess (Original - Pastel)  18x24                                       (ORIG. NOT 4 SALE - PRINTS ONLY)
The Seeker of Natural Order
Invites you to explore the realms of Feminine Intuition
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
Movement (Original - Pastel) 18x24
Assists one in moving beyond stagnation into the unknown
What is unknown, will become known
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