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(All artwork is energetically/vibrationally coded and will contain
the same energy that's on the original piece, even after washing!) 

Shown in the above slide show are a few samples of what the items will look like.  These samples from the Visions Of Light Art Gallery are placed on another secure website (Zazzle) and is here for your ordering convenience; just click the above link!  Or you may choose to contact me via "Contact Us Link" in right hand corner above or use the sidebar, thank you.
You will not find my entire artwork collection here, only but a few samples; the full selection I reserve for my website.  If you see a style of apparel that you like or anything else for that matter and would like my artwork placed on it, just contact me, let me know what you want it on and I'll take it from there!  Simply "Contact Us" with the information of the selected title piece of artwork (from any Collection) that you want on your mug, mouse pad, apron or shirt.  For apparel I'll need the size, color and style of the shirt (t-shirt, spaghetti strap, sweat shirt with or without hoody etc.) and if you want organic material or 100% cotton or a cotton blend.  Provide me with your shipping address and when I may best contact you for specifics.  When ordering from the Zazzle website, you will have these options automatically at your avail.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, although most items will probably be shipped within a few days, up to a week within the U.S. and up to 2 weeks internationally or outside of the U.S.
Please Note:
All designs applied to items are taken from my colorful energetically coded healing art collections.  Each item will carry an energetic vibration (even after washing!); this energy or vibration is meant to lift the human spirit!
All pieces have a calming effect and more; for instance the piece entitled "Tranquility"(Red pyramid with flame on top with yellow circled center.  If one expects to be in an environment they feel may not be all too tranquil, they'd merely wear their "Tranquility" top and they'd keep tranquil, right along with those viewing it!  Those individuals whose energies or vibrations that do not match this frequency will simply remove themselves from your personal space, without your having to say a word...How cool is that!!!
Christ Consciousness (Light blue cross encircled) will also have this calming effect as well as creating a frequency for expanded consciousness and more!  If you see anything here that moves you to wanting it, just let me know via Contact Us and I will be able to create for you a clothing item, a print or whatever!  I do hope that you enjoy your experience while wearing one of my apparels or any other item that I may offer with my energetically healing artwork on them.  Thank you for your support.  Love & Peace Of Mind to you!  

Email                                                                                                                                                             Contact Us
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