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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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Sacred Visionary Artist
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner/Soul Worker
Creator of the Deck of Soul Cards & Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop

Hello To You!
My name is Terisse Perez and I came onto this planet with the gift of being able to draw and see things that others in my life could not, which at times was a little weird for me.  I'm an Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner, Soul Worker and self-taught Sacred Visionary Artist who pours her heart and soul into her work.  Whether the Universal Light Life Force Healing Energies are transmitted towards my art pieces or an individual the end results are the same, assisting individuals with the art of healing themselves.
I have allowed myself to become a vehicle for the Universal Light Life Force (Higher/Soul/Source Self, God/Goddess & All That Is) in transmitting healing energies or properties into individuals since 1994 (My own Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing, Ama Deus, Reiki) and my soulful art expressions since 1995 (Sacred, Color & Energy Coded Healing Art (for The Masses), The Personal Soul Mandala (for The Individual) and the products produced from them i.e. Deck of Soul Cards (Divination Cards), greeting art cards, matted photos, prints, posters, stationary, wearable art (t-shirts, apparel).

I also run my self-created and developed workshop called, "Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop" (This helps to alleviate stress; literally removing non-supportive energies from the participant's body (Layer by layer "The Onion Effect" with each class taken) and assists in opening to creativity and joy).  In 2011 I created and developed the Deck of Soul Cards (Divination Cards) and published in 2014.  In 2013 I created the Deck of Soul Cards Personal Readings on-line (combining the Deck of Soul Cards information and the personal
channeled information and guidance from the Soul of whomever I'm doing the reading for).  I am indeed excited about this last creation and probably in the latter part 2016, I'll begin working on the Deck of Soul Cards II.  This is to be used by psychologists, therapists, social workers, healers and those vested in the well being of their patients/clients.  I am sure there is even more to come!  I continue to play with energy with love and joy and say, for myself, it is the best way to live and experience life!
Although my energetic healing focus is primarily on women and children, to ignore the other portion (men) would be a great disservice as one portion will most indeed affect the other and would only continue to perpetuate physical and emotional pain.  My goal or intention is to heal the Whole to produce a loving, caring and joyful society that lives in harmony with All that surrounds them.

Basic Info About Me & My Careers 
I'm originally from The Bronx, New York (a hell of a town!), where I was the first born and raised with my 2 younger brothers (hence my being a bit Tom Boyish as a youngster) in a typical Latin family home.  My parents stayed together until I was about 13 yrs. old, then my home became a single parent home;
after that dad wasn't much on the scene.  My mom held down the fort by working one or two jobs and I supported her by watching over my brothers.  At a very early age I was able to sense and see things that others didn't.  I lived in a high rise spook apt and there was a lot of activity going on in there! Things that go bump in the night (for more info about that, read "About The Artist In-Depth")  Anyway, that's how I became very aware that there was another side to life or another existence. Boo! ;-)
I always loved to draw, it was my favorite past time, other than swinging on a rope attached to a tree and playing street & board games with my brothers and friends. I had a pretty happy childhood except for a few bumps along the way but, these experiences have definitely assisted me in understanding deeply and personally the pain (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) of those who've experienced the not so pleasant things in life.
Before these personal experiences and definitely after them, I knew I wanted to help women and children who were abused and a juuust bit off balance because of this.  In fact, I've always had a deep desire to assist others in healing; as a child I knew I wanted to be a nurse, I always played nurse or doctor.  Whatever the position, I was always healing my dolly, pet or someone and making them feel all better! (smiles)  As I grew older, I observed the children of this society, how they lived and some who were also abused, I wanted to assist them all, to help bring their bruised lives into balance; after all, they were the future of this society and it just made sense to me.  I as well observed the women and men in my family and those of this society and how they affected their children and others around them and thought, "Why do they do this? There's gotta be a better way to treat each other".  I thought about becoming a psychiatrist, therapist, social worker, nurse or doctor...Well, that didn't happen!
What did happen was I continued with my basic schooling; in the late 70's got a job in the corporate world as a secretary at a couple of wall street banks (that was boring!).  Then worked at United Artist (Movie/Film Production Co.) in their Accounts Payable Dept. and loved it, the staff was sooo cool and my boss was great! And the Perks! The Perks!  Going to movie premieres and hang'n with the movie stars! Whoo-hooo! That job was fun! Paaarty!  During the 70's I also got married, had my son, got divorced, fell apart, collected myself and with my son by my side moved forward in life.
Then in the 80's switched gears, got a little culture in my life from working at the Japan Society in New York City; what a great place to work at too! Cultural events, gallery openings, hobnobb'n with high society and artists, I loved that job!  Had to leave that job, they were cutting back but, I did get a very healthy farewell check! Whoo-hooo!  I felt I needed a vacation, so I left my son in safe keeping with my mom, went traveling for awhile all by my lonesome; didn't want to wait for someone to get time off from there J.O.B.  I was gone! Whisssh! Next stop...Mexico! LOL!
Upon my return from my 4 week hiatus, I got a job at a modeling agency; loved that job too! Got to party a lot!  Studio 54, Red Parrot, The Garage; boy oh boy! What a fun job! Hang'n with the models & celebs.  On that job I played talent scout, interviewed newcomers / clients to the agency and then later, became the key make-up artist to clients for shoots with the photographer.  Then I decided to do a side thing while working with this company, renting out pricey high fashion clothes (private hook-up, new people in fashion industry) and a professional make-up job, instead of a basic one the company offered and all that came at an extra fee, my fee.  That was working out very well until I got busted! LOL!  I was told by the bosses to either give them a cut of my profits, to which I said, "No, you don't pay me enough, No Cut!".  Then they told me to stop renting, I just nodded my head in a 'Yes' fashion; I didn't stop and got fired.  Oh well, I made some good money there, their clients were happy and we all had fun too!  We parted on friendly terms ...Next!
Shortly after leaving that job I became pregnant with my daughter after a five year relationship with her dad.  Shortly after I had my daughter, her dad and I broke up; I wanted more out of life!  I became a Freelance Make-Up Artist and worked with models, actors, movies, music video's and theater.  I was going heavy at it with the music videos with the likes of Salt n Pepper, Kid n Play, LL Cool J, Dana Dane and so on and making a very nice living for myself when all of a sudden available jobs began drying up.  Then, one day I heard a whisper....
How I Began Creating Sacred Works Of Healing Art
After reading plenty of self-help books (Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, Bringers Of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, The Toltec Path by Ken Eagle Feather, Opening To Channel by (Orin & Daben) Sanya Roman & Duane Packer, The Road Less Traveled by Scott M. Peck, The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, Conversations With God by Neal Donald Walsh and Ask And It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks, just to name a few) and plenty of self-examination and re-examination, I heard a silent whisper, a quite thought, "We want you to get back to drawing, we want you to create 40 art pieces of Sacred Art".  It was my Higher Self/God/Goddess, Angels/Light Beings and All That Is.  They told me that this Sacred Art would be energetically coded to ignite the codes in the human body and will assist people to heal.  I told them I couldn't think up 40 pieces, they said you won't have to, we'll send it! ...And They Did!
I complied because (A) I wanted to and (B) Work as a make-up artist began drying up!  At the same time, all the supplies I needed to begin this project, came to me very, very quickly...2 days later and it was gifted to me by a friend!  During the process of creating the pieces, I was trained and certified in Ama Deus and later on Reiki.  My Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing was always there, it was always part of who I am; I just tweaked it a bit.  The 40 art pieces requested of me by All That Is, have long since been completed.  I continue to comply with All That Is in creating my healing pieces of art.  There are another 35-48 art pieces that will be coming in to be created for the Nature Series, which will be used for Volume II of the Deck of Soul Cards meant for psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, clergy and those with a vested interest in the well being of others.  Once that's completed, I can finally begin to write my novel, a Self-Help Book for the masses. 
Gee, isn't it funny, although I've never studied nursing, became a doctor or therapist, I'm in essence still doing what I set out to do at a very young age... Healing or assisting the wounded to heal themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  How cool is that! ;-)
Moving To Maryland
In 1997 had transplanted myself in Germantown, MD, where I currently reside.  Whoa! What a culture shock it was for me! Over here things move at a much slower pace but, offers beauty, greener pastures (literally) and a better quality of life for both my children and I and 7 yr. old grandson!

I took along with me on my journey my daughter (9 yrs. old at that time and now a mother and an actress) and my son (21 yrs. old at that time and now
a Security Help Desk Techy). My daughter and my beautiful, loving light being grandson temporarily live with meI do so enjoy the times we all get together, do a little catching up, maybe have a sit down dinner, watch a movie at home or at the theater… Well, I'm grateful for the small things in life too! (smiles)

Both of my children are happily living their lives with a strong understanding of how energy works, how cause and effect works, how one creates their own reality and how each person is responsible for their own life and experiences.  As well, whenever they desire something, to never take or steel from another because, there's more than enough to go around for everyone.  They also know to first say a prayer about their desires, focus on it and only the end result (Thereby, allowing Higher or Source Self, God/Goddess, The Universe/All That Is, to handle the details) and then take action or be still, whatever feels right at the time.  To always listen to that quiet gentle voice inside, as it would never steer them wrong and to trust themselves.  These little tid-bits, I told them will see them through...and thus far it has!

My son brings strength and support and is the backbone of my life, my breath of courage. My daughter brings such beauty and grace, she is indeed a child of love and is the flower of my life. For without he and she I would not have had the opportunity of great growth, during the process of raising them. Without the both of them, my life experiences would have been far different and I would have missed out on the rewarding richness and fullness of life. I am so deeply grateful for their presence in my life, the love they have and share with me and the profound opportunities of growth they have provided for me.

Yes, I am indeed truly blessed with the gifts bestowed upon me, which are my children, my grandson, my family, creativity, insight, spirituality, decent health and friends. I joyfully share my benefits or gifts from the Universal Light Life Force with the world at large. My life is rich with color, the color schemes of my life’s experiences old and new, with its ebb and flow, love, joy and beauty.....Who can ask for more!

Sometimes my appreciation of life, in all its splendor, just takes my breath away; does it do that for you too?  I certainly and truly hope so!  Namaste

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