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Divine Guidance-General Reading
For the General Public,
The Deck of Soul Cards -"Quick Pick 1 Card Draw" Of The Day, is a guideline from Divine Guidance for the masses.  I do this in the hopes of touching and raising the human spirit, to promote healing and clarity.  I do this form of General Reading by intuitively selecting a card, using the guidance on the particular card chosen, along with my channeled guidance for the current day from the Soul Planes, Higher Power/All That Is and is meant for the general public-The Masses.  I do not see the face of the cards when I intuitively select a card for the day and I'm always guided by my Soul/Higher Self, Higher Power/All That Is; this Channeled Guidance comes from the same source.  Of course you may choose to accept the guidance provided or not; the choice is always yours.  Namaste

Important Note: Unfortunately, for some reason, I'm unable to archive portions of this page and haven't been for a good while.  Until I'm able to do so, you'll find guidance dated back to 2020.

Please Note:
I will not be transmitting the "Channeled Guidance Of The Day" on the weekends.

Transmitted "Channeled Guidance Of The Day" will be on a day to day basis; not all days will provide this Higher Guidance. 
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Here's the Deck of Soul Card selected for today:

Hello Everyone!
Tip Of the Day:  Into the shadows of ourselves we walk
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 09/06/2022


Peace abounds
- Surrender
Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Into the shadows of ourselves we walk, inch by inch, step by step, feeling our way through.  We do not know what secrets we’ve kept from ourselves but, forward we move.  We fight with ourselves, pushing those unpleasant memories into the darkness, into the place of shadows, with only a hint of a memory that seemed oh too painful to remember or recall.  But, it is these aspects that are now calling to you to be recognized and acknowledged.  For you see, once they are recalled into remembrance, they can be given Light to be Heard, Seen, given Love, Compassion and Support in order to be healed. 

We are wounded here, here are the parts of ourselves that are wounded.  With the mere acknowledgement of their existence, it removes some of the conflict and pain within.  This pain you all seek to resolve at others expense.  These feelings of mistrust, denial, rejection, I’m not worthy, false sense of pride bigger than life itself and a bag of mixed emotions, thoroughly entangled within a myriad of unresolved, misunderstood emotional traumas, that have been set before you.  We will now engage you in resolving these issues that lay hidden just beneath the surface of your conscious thoughts that gnaw at you, wanting to be exposed, to see the light of day, wanting to be healed, begging to be healed.  We will assist you with this, ever so gently, so that you may move forward with your dream life plans of living with joy.

Although things seem bleak from time to time, it only does so because you have not ventured within to resolve the turmoil within.  This turmoil within cannot be resolved outside yourself, although you try.  You bark at your significant others, family, friends and strangers in the hopes they can supply that which you are lacking inside yourselves; deep within.  There is an exercise of which we can offer you.  It can be found here: “How To Address The Sub-Personality and Assist In It's Healing Process” “To Forgive Is Divine”.  Terisse has a page devoted to healing the wounded child within, an exercise that will assist you in finding, acknowledging and supporting this hidden aspect(s) of yourselves.  It is an exercise that will bring Love and Light to this inner aspect of yourselves that has endured much pain, needing resolution, clarity and to feel safe once again to flourish. 

This aspect of yourself holds much power, it contains a great gift or two for you.  Once you have healed this aspect of yourself, it will join forces with you and you will find you have a brand-new aspect of yourself that holds a special talent(s).  You will incorporate this/these talents and begin to create a new set of life experiences for yourselves.  You will find you choose to try your hand at something new, something you feel will bring further joy into your lives.  The key here is to accept this new ability or talent and trust that inner feeling that lays at the core of your being.  You see, you are all on the road to self-discovery; this is one way to do so.  You hold many secrets within and many talents within, they’re crying to get out.  It wants to live and as a result, will breathe more life into who you presently are and presently becoming.  The more you address the wounded child or aspect of yourselves, the more you will discover the wonders of who you truly are, what magnificently beautiful and powerful being that each and every one of you are; simply spectacular!

While chaos is temporarily ensuing the planet, you will be more centered, becoming whole and far less fearful; no matter what lies are being broadcast over the network waves.  Network waves holding unsupportive, low vibrating, self-destruction frequencies.  The more you heal within, the more balanced you are, the more whole you become; a new you!  People may ask, how is it that you can remain so calm with all that’s going on in the world?  And you will simply smile and reply, “I am centered within myself, I am one with the Universe, All That Is and The Divine, I walk in peace, I Am Love. 

May we suggest, you continue to work with these hidden aspects of yourselves until there are no more.  You intuitively will know when it is time to go within to work on a hidden aspect of yourself, especially when you begin to feel off balance or less than joyful.  It is best to address this hidden aspect of yourself as soon as you have an opportunity to do so.  It will indeed lift the weightiness off yourself and you will shine bright again and with even more wonderful talents!  After a while you will find this exercise so exciting because, you know as an end result, joy is just around the bend. 

With this we shall bid you good day until our next communication with Terisse.  Many blessings are upon you and is yours for the taking.  We are with you always, the heavenly body walks with you in Nature and in Life.  Namaste 
****End Transmission***

Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Cycles within cycles we are here, in the now
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 09/03/2022


Collective Consciousness
Embarking new arrivals to the realms of the 
  forgotten plains
We are here to assist and support
Here you will find a New Path Of Existence
  and come to terms with whom you really 
  are, Spirit Embodied In Flesh
- Nature

Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Cycles within cycles we are here, in the now, embarking upon new territory of the Mind, Body and Soul.  Within these realms of Antiquity, you will find yourselves birthing a new way of being as your consciousness rises and engulfs the old way of being; transforming it into the new way of being.  This new way of being, is based upon your “Consciousness” development.  This has nothing to do with age, time constructs developed by an outside source.  We are speaking of time indefinite, in a sense, immortal; you are immortal.  The quicker you can come to understand this, the quicker you will evolve and pull yourselves up from this hellish state most of you find yourselves in; self-generated unknowingly.

We are here to turn the tides from bleak to grandiose joy.  Within a twinkling of an eye, you will find yourselves where you want to be, in a state of free thought, able to create freely of your own free will.  A will that is not impeded or manipulated by outside sources/forces.  Come to terms with who you truly are, Gods/Goddess that walk these plains on which you stand.  All about you are visions of nightmares in order to keep your minds occupied, entertained.  We must break the chains that bind us to this lower frequency way of being.  You keep yourselves bound indefinitely by believing all that you see and hear broadcast to you via waves of frequencies, produced by shows that are broadcast to you over network communications.  Many, many developments are being hidden, kept from you; in order to keep humanity from connecting on a grand scale.  You are being kept in a small insular world by forces unbeknownst to you.  We are cracking the coded negative influential frequencies that keep you bound; for the most part, they’ve already been silenced.

What keeps you bound are the programable frequencies that have been previously generated and instilled within your psyche; this is a bit of a tough nut to crack but, crack it will!  We will leave no one behind, this is our stance.  We will loosen the fibers of this technological frequency grip from within your minds thus, freeing you to connect to the power source within, the God/Goddess within that is unbeknownst to you at this time.  Some have broken free from the grips of this psychological game played upon you, humanity; but, at this time most are still being held.  Not to concern yourself, these ties will be broken.  Once these ties and spells are broken, communication between your conscious mind and the greater aspect of yourselves will begin. 

We must be very careful in dismantling these lower vibratory elements or frequencies that layer your mind or thinking apparatus.  We must be very careful with dismantling this network within your bodies, as it is tightly woven in.  We will first loosen it and then, with your awareness to what’s been hidden from you uncovered, then slowly brought to your awareness, you yourselves will break the ties that bind you or hold you prisoner.  When you are aware, you let go of an element of glue that kept this network in place.  Piece by piece, you yourselves will remove the fibers from your minds; you will not easily be deceived any longer.  It is at that time, you will begin to come together as a whole, join forces in conscious thought, to rid yourselves of these slave pushing, driving, creatures running your world or your existence upon these plains. 

It is central that you come to terms with what you have created for yourselves without judgement.  For you were coerced into doing many things that, had you been fully conscious, you normally would not have.  It is important to remember this, be kind to yourselves and the entire of humanity; for you all have been hoodwinked in ways you would not believe.  Be patient with yourselves, be loving to yourselves, you are still in the process awakening.  Do not jump to conclusions so readily, there is still much to uncover and discover about yourselves and your environment.  With this, we shall now take our leave and communicate later with you.  Namaste.
****End Transmission***

Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day: Problematic - Solutions in and of itself
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 08/24/2022

Traveling past the barriers of time constructs
Seeking past, present & future
Seeking knowledge
A glimpse into all that is possible
Possibilities Are Endless

Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Problematic - Solutions in and of itself.  In the beginning you thought you were being misled as a child, you thought you knew it all and for the most part you did!  But then came the rules and regulations of how to function in your particular society, all the “Do’s and Don’ts”; Microcosm of the Macrocosm.  In this Universe there is but, one rule:  Free Will, Live and Let Live without harming another.  It’s very simple really, if you allow one to live their lives free of judgement, as long as they do not produce or inflict harm upon another.  Judgement creates dissension within the body, it causes the cells to disrupt in a particular way thus, producing disharmony within the body for one or more concerned.  Although you are indeed singular, you impact others unbeknownst to you.  If you consider you are the microcosm of your small personal world and your world blends with others personal world (Macrocosm), a knitting of sorts takes place; it’s called the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.  Now, you are not the only beings on this planet; there are many others unbeknownst to you and their thoughts and voices matter too!  But, for now, we will focus on humanity.

There are forces working against you at this time, lower vibratory forces, attempting to create much confusion and dissension in the hopes of keeping humanity separate and at a lower vibrating frequency.  From appearances they are succeeding but, in all actuality, they are failing.  There are groups that keep what’s going on around the world, globally, all over the world, in all countries and seas, the entire planet for that matter, in the hopes of keeping the separatist energy frequency going.  They are pumping out and trying to keep the energy going of, “You are alone belief system, you are working alone, there is no one here to assist you, you lose”.  It is a desperate move on their part and it is failing and as one fails, they employ another and another and another.  More and more these lower frequency beings and individuals controlled by these lower frequency beings thoughts, are realizing they are fighting a losing battle.  As each day passes by, humanity’s consciousness is becoming elevated bit by bit, inch by inch.  As each day passes, this speed of elevated consciousness builds upon itself, creating an even faster and faster evolutionary process, causing a rapid awakening to one’s own self and the world as a whole; the whole of humanity.  You are all moving at a much more rapid pace then you were, let’s say, a year or two ago.  With this accelerated pace, you are moving into the unknown of self-awareness; combining with Self, the Whole of who you truly are.

As a Collective of the Rapidly Evolving Human Consciousness, you are about to pop the cork off this cap that has been placed upon you individually and collectively.  This realm of chaos, self-degradation, separatism and lost hope is now at its end; a new world of emerging freedom is very near at hand. We would have to say, within a few short months, vast differences will take place; unrecognizable changes, unbelievable changes right before your very eyes.  There will be no denying of what had and has been taking place in the shadows of your individual communities, counties, states, countries and the entire planet.  We will say, it more than likely will rock you to your core essence.  Some will get the full information and some will get only a portion of what they can handle at this moment.  There is much to uncover and we shall do this as gently as we can but, with haste.  We are moving into a higher density and desire to get everyone up to speed, so to speak.  So they may grasp a more than fair understanding of what had taken place over the centuries, many, many, many centuries; more than a kalpa.  Hold onto your seat folks, it may get a little bumpy but, in the end All Will Be Well.

The end of a cycle is here and a new cycle is being birthed, one nation under God, Prime Creator.  Universal forces are with you in this battle, you do not stand alone.  You will be supported with every step you take towards freedom that is unfolding before your very eyes, something no one on this plain will be able to deny.  The forthright will step forward fearlessly to defend the Universal Law of the Cosmos.  All illusions will be wiped away and clarity will be had for all to see.  Whether any individual will doubt or deny what is unfolding before their very eyes, will be non-existent as we pull/rip the veils from their eyes.  There will be no hiding heads in the sand, there will be no turning of heads in another direction.  For the other and all directions will only show the same, there will be no denying on any level; change will be had!

We, the All That Is, will endeavor to supply sustenance for your mind, body and soul.  What they had proposed for you all will not, absolutely not, unfold.  There may be a few shortages here and there but, absolutely nothing near what they had proposed for humanity.  Rest assured you will not starve to death, no such thing will take place.  Things may be a little limited but, this happening will not last an eternity; it will not last long At All, no matter what is being shown to you by way of announcements broadcast to you.  Rest assured in knowing, all will end well for Humanity, Nature and all natural things upon this plain.  And we say, this is beautiful.  The purging of all that is darkness, the cleansing of Planet Earth (As you call her), will be done.  It is taking place now, hence all the helter-skelter and chaos ensuing.  It is the last throes of darkness’s attempt at keeping rein over this territory; it is done, they are done.  Breathe humanity, breathe, all will be well in a short while; disturbances will be no more, only the cleanup.

We are presently cleaning up Planet Earth and everything upon her.  This task is vast, a large undertaking which you will be in part, participating in.  This will be a step-by-step process, starting with food.  What you are currently calling food, is a semblance of what is actually food.  What you’ve been consuming is quite toxic to your body whether it's called, “Organic” or not; it has been laced with poisons/toxins.  We are in the process of purging these foods and replacing them with true organics, full of nutritious value that will support the human body, wildlife and plant life.  The waters of Planet Earth will be cleansed as well.  Everything upon this plain will taste different, better and rich with healthy minerals for your body.  You will thrive in this environment and as a result of this, you will live longer lives.  As your bodies heal and occurring at the same time, your bodies will become more Light encoded.  You will feel lighter, as a result of becoming less carbon-based and more Light-based.  You will indeed begin to think more clearly and process things far more rapidly.  The hostile nature within yourselves, will begin to wane.  You will no longer be consuming agitators in your food supply to produce such a result.  There will be more than enough food and other supportive substances for everyone.  Housing will be no more of a problem, there will be more than enough housing to support everyone.  No longer will you need to live atop one another in stacked housing, if you no longer choose this for yourselves.  Things will be quite different for sure, quite pleasantly different.

Yes many, many changes will be occurring on a global scale.  The bartering system will be brought back and in full swing, as well as exchanging coins, money; it will be a balance of sorts, a happy medium.  Can you imagine a world, where no one has to steel from another in order to survive?  What a wonderful concept!  Expect this, for it is what’s unfolding at this very moment!  Praise Be!  There are indeed wonderful things in store for this planet.  Celebrate!  We celebrate with you!  Planet Terra is on the rise!  Praise Be to all that have endured to live to see these things unfolding before your very eyes.  We salute and commend you all for your bravery and fortitude, to create this new and unfolding environment for yourselves, humanity as a whole and for the very nature you live by.  Blessed Be to You my brave and true warriors of the Spirit Light.  You are very special by your very nature; you do not yet know how astoundingly special you all are as a whole, amazingly special.  We highly commend you and who you truly are, which you will find out shortly; very shortly.  You will walk as living, loving Gods/Goddesses upon these plains.  Exuding love, being love, for that is who you truly are, love incarnate.  We love you.  We stand by you as you discover for yourselves, your true nature.  Namaste.

****End Transmission***

Hello Everyone! 
Tip Of The Day:  I Am That I Am
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day,  04/20/2022

Great Encounters – Embarking on New Territory
Watchful eyes from above offering
  guidance & protection
The Master Overseer

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
I Am That I Am.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am but one of the many aspects of myself.  I Am.  To thine own self be true.  Deception runs ramped in your community of idolaters, crusaders and the like in the hopes of creating confusion, such to the point of grandiose maniacal chaotic disruptions, concluding in the destruction of humanity itself.  At least this is the intention of such low frequency beings but, unbeknownst to most, if not all, is the new structure being built at this same time of the destruction of this old system of things.  This old system is falling apart bit by bit, brick by brick, being dismantled for the new to emerge gloriously!
My name is Yashua (Joshua).  I am one of many Light Beings upon your plain bringing unity to the human collective.  In these times of mass confusion, I and many others will bring clarity to the table.  There is but one Truth, the Truth of Who You Truly Are, Divine in Nature, culminating itself into human form; the Gods/Goddesses that walk this plain somewhat blindfolded, unaware of their greatness.  I am here to tell you, you are far more than what you think or have been led to think of yourselves; something less and of little meaning in this grand scope of things.  I am here to tell you that you are not some insignificant blip on the screen of life.  You are life itself, in all your glory!  You are part of the Most High Divine Solar Consciousness within this galaxy and far beyond, you are a gem within this Universe and more!
The only problem or challenge is, you are not fully aware of this as yet.  There is within each of you, a complex gridwork of sorts; set within layers upon layers of intricate, almost unexplainable diverse complexities.  There is a panel of complex thought processes that is now becoming part of your conscious thinking.  This new consciousness is being inlaid upon the gridwork of your present-day conscious levels.  In other words, your present-day or everyday thinking, processing and deducing is presently shifting into a higher way of thinking.  Each step of this process must be done very carefully and at such a pace, that you may be able to process this new way of thinking with ease; knitting one thread of thought with another, and another, and another.  This will continue until it all congeals as one thought and then, Voila! Clarity! A light bulb moment, as you would say, is had.  This development will take place at a rapid pace, once a certain criteria is met and this is about to occur shortly.  Once this occurs, you will All move forward in leaps and bounds.
There is much trickery that abounds, you must remain true to yourselves, you must trust yourselves, to trust your inner feelings, your inner central feelings, your solar plexus feelings, your gut feelings, that quiet voice inside; no matter what distractions are running at this or that time.  To see through the veil of deception, with its many twists and turns, meant to distract you to the point of falling or causing you to pause longer than you need to.  If you are unclear, indeed pause for a moment or step away from the situation itself until clarity is had.  Turn off all exterior noise, find a quiet place and commune with yourself, your inner guidance system; above all Trust Yourself!
If you should feel you made a mistake, do not beat yourself up.  You are in the process of coming to terms with who you truly are, Gods/Goddesses walking in human form, caporal form; that will be changing too!  You are in the process of becoming lighter, your dense structure is becoming not as dense, it is becoming lighter and lighter.  You will find your taste for certain foods will naturally shift because, your body will no longer tolerate that which does not provide true nourishment.  You will find there may be many things you will walk away from because, you would have learned to trust yourselves; your feelings.  This thing or situation you are confronted with, no longer suits who you are and who you are further becoming; Light filled, Divinely Light filled.
It is imperative that you get plenty of needed rest.  Your body is shifting, changing to meet the needs of this changing environment upon which you stand.  I am here to announce, that you will be the driving force upon these ever-changing plains upon which you stand.  This planet is moving and shaking itself free of the tyranny placed upon her.  She is a breathing living being who is changing her vibrational frequency, in order to support herself and all of Nature who reside upon her.  This includes you, humanity, amongst other hidden beings who support her growth.  She is shaking loose the density aspects and moving into a Lighter frequency, able to support life in such a way, that enhances the very Nature of her beingness and everything residing upon her.  Those that cannot and will not match this new higher frequency she’s moving into more deeply at this time, will either leave these plains or perish into the abyss or the Great Void to experience life on their terms.  Basically, to live amongst their own nature, in order to face themselves directly.  This process will indeed allow them to evolve at a much quicker pace, benefiting all concerned for the highest good.
You must plan to shake loose your lower density trappings, which we will assist you with.  Step by step, we will assist you with loosening your grip of the old belief systems and bring to yourselves a most significant change; a change that will support both humanity and Nature itself.  In turn, Nature will support you in ways unimaginable to you.  You will be astonished with what mutual respect can and will bring and the fruits it will bare, beautiful crops of life!  A glorious life you will create for yourselves, most harmonious and beautiful indeed!
Group therapy is in order. With things in its current state, with many, many fluctuating changes, it is without a doubt you’re in the throes of confusion.  We are here to help you refine your tools of perception and allow you the opportunity of self-invocation.  You are the judge in all matters concerning both you and your community; you are the controlling factor.  If and when you all decide to set aside your minute, inconsequential differences you will be able to move forward far more easily, in both individual and group form.  The key here is Unity in thought and matter, a meeting of the minds so to speak; one in mind, body and thought en masse.
We as a Collective are in unity of mind, body and thought and are able to move mountains!  You as humanity can do the very same, being unified en masse.  We will stand behind you 100 percent, enforcing the laws you set for yourselves.  We will not allow dissension created of outside forces, to come between what unites you as a human collective; enforcing its new set of laws that would benefit all concerned here on these plains.  As well, ALL must be in agreement with the new laws being placed in the society/community in which you dwell.  This/these agreements within your individual groups must blend easily within other societies/communities around the world thereby, producing a most harmonious existence as a whole.
We encourage you all to begin this process amongst yourselves, on a global scale.  In fact, we are here to announce it has already begun.  You will become more and more aware of these changes as they occur.  Things are presently being kept from you; mainly knowledge of what the others are doing to join forces to unify humanity as a whole.  This will indeed become more obvious to each individual on this plain of existence, as control is removed from the ones attempting to control all upon this Earth and the veil of secrecy is lifted.  What glorious times these will be, amazing times, as humanity rises into consciousness after being in a state of slumber for all too long.  Freedom is near at hand!  As stated by a leader of your time (Martin Luther King), Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last!
Brace yourselves; the ride may get a little bumpy but, know for the most part, it is all but an illusion.  A grand illusion of magnanimous proportions, teetering on the absurd, that will fail by the very nature of itself.  It is about to fold in upon itself and implode thus, bringing to the forefront for all to see the skullduggery that had taken place over the centuries, many, many centuries.  We ask that you hold steadfast and grounded in your nature of who you truly are, the true Gods/Goddesses that walk this Earth.  This illusion meant to produce fear on a massive global scale will fail.  As the truth behind it or the mechanics behind it all, will be exposed at the very same time.  These are exciting times for all of humanity!
We shall now take our leave and convene later.  Stay connected to Spirit, Higher Self, Source and we will guide you through these times and for always if need be!  We are always with you; you are never alone.  Namaste
****End Transmission***
Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Into the night we go, uncertain of our steps, as this is a totally new adventure for us all
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 12/12/21

Near At Hand
Hold on to truth steadfast
Miracles have been known to happen...
  Expect one!

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:  
Into the night we go, uncertain of our steps, as this is a totally new adventure for us all.  We tiptoe into darkness, into the unknown, with only the sword of faith by our side knowing somehow, someway, we will see ourselves through.  With the armor of faith in the Highest Power throughout the Universe of All That Is, we forge ahead knowing all will be well.  For what appears to be is not, it is all but an illusion; something we created with the assistance of those individuals not of sound mind, body or of being heart centered.  We are all here to correct this chosen path for another, a path leading to more joy in the hearts of the many.  United we stand, divided we fall.
Humanity has a choice, to create a beautiful way of life and existence upon these planes or one of hardship, pain and deep sorrow.  The choice is yours and has always been, you just didn’t know it.  We will explore the possibilities set before you.  In this day and age of change, you are presently embarking upon unknown territory with the hopes of changing things or situations for the better; we will assist you with this process if you allow us to and are in agreement with.  It is simple, quite simple, to change the direction of the winds with simply a thought or two.  It is simply to change your thoughts consciously, to become aware of your every thought and what you allow to enter your thought patterns.  The thoughts that do not bring joy, discard.  You may even say, Cancel, Cancel to those thoughts that do not bring or carry the essence of joy or uplifting heartfelt feelings.  Do not speak of dark things, do not repeat dark happenings you hear of, do not preach doom and gloom; this does nothing but to hold darkness in its place.  Although we understand your wish to discuss what is currently taking place in your environment and what’s taking place globally, in order to keep abreast of current situations and climate of things, to gauge for yourselves as how to move forward in warlike tradition or fashion; we will now change this course for another.
We are certainly not asking you to stick your heads in the sand and act as if nothing is happening, to do nothing to change this course of events presently taking place.  What we are asking you to do, is to observe with no emotions attached; a difficult task indeed, this requires practice.  For you see my children of the Light, you do indeed have the power to change the course of events presently taking place.  Taking note of what is occurring without emotion attached to it, you are changing the course directly.  You are no longer feeding those that feed off fear, pain and despair.  You are and will literally take the feeding spoon source from their mouths.  Many of you are doing this now and the dark ones or lower invisible dark frequency ones are starving.  They are attempting to stir lower frequency events to no end, they are desperate and will attempt every way possible to bring the human emotions into fear and complete annihilating despair.  To see humanity groveling at their feet would represent their greatest feat!  We, humanity and the Divine Source, will not allow this to happen.
Here’s what we must do, observe what is unfolding or attempting to unfold not benefiting humanity without any emotional attachment.  Next, we are to envision a reversal of any event not supporting humanity.  This is how: Get quiet, quiet the minds chatter and envision what you’d personally like to see unfold.  While you are creating this vision, see a light coming from your heart center and surrounding the thought form you just created.  See this thought form becoming filled with this, your heart felt energies.  See this thought form becoming lighter and brighter until it itself becomes a bright light unto itself.  Continue to fill this lit thought form with heartfelt energies of love and absolute joy.  Feel this love and absolute joy course through your heart, mind and body, let this loving and joyful feeling fill your soul with such delight.  When you feel you’re about to burst with these feelings, release it into the atmosphere and envision it encompassing the entire planet.  Know you have made a change.  For you see my children of Earth, there are others on this planet doing the very same exercise, you are not alone in this exercise.  Your vision will join and lock in with others holding a similar vision pattern and it will indeed build upon itself, this will produce an astounding effect.  It will indeed change the course of things to come, to a brighter and more joyful experience upon this plane.  You will be able to watch it unfold and take hold in a most unique way.  Rejoice! Be proud of yourselves for what you have consciously created for yourselves, Joy! 
There is no need to take up arms, weapons to annihilate one thought form for another; not at all.  All that’s needed is your attention on what you’d like to transform with thought, that is all.  There is no need to expend your physical energy and harm another, no, not at all.  All that is needed is your intention to experience freedom of thought, mind and body; to place joy in the hearts of many, to share this loving joy with all on this planet.  Be Love, Be Joy no matter what is taking place around you.  If it’s something less than joyful, shift the patterns within yourself by simply envisioning a different outcome, one that is more joyful; not only benefiting yourself but, as well, all.  See All in your environment and planetary environment feeling this joy and they become joyful themselves and allow the All Mighty, Most High, Divine to handle the rest of the details.  Many blessings and fruitfulness await you, we await you.  You do not walk alone.  With the staff of the Most High Divine, we walk with you.
This will be all for now and we shall communicate at another time, when Terisse makes herself available.  Terisse rolls her eyes and laughs; we laugh with her.
****End Transmission***
Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are The Collective sent here to assist humanity in the highest way possible.
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 10/16/21

Great Encounters – Embarking on New Territory
Watchful eyes from above offering
  guidance & protection
The Master Overseer

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are The Collective sent here to assist humanity in the highest way possible.  With this said, we will begin a story that will help you to understand the nature of your being.  You were created with likeness in mind, of many cultures from different parts of the galaxy.  Humanity is a very special breed of being, apprised of many attributes, qualities; united and structured in such a way, to bring about change in a most unique way.  With these many special qualities, you will be able to bridge the gap between the unified collective and the source of your constructed disjointed membranes, which are coming together at this time during a step-by-step process.  We, The Collective, have joined forces to bring about such a change.

In this reality you have been taught how to breathe, how to eat, how to think, how to ingest things or information in such a way, that you have almost annihilated yourselves and was on the brink of being successful at it.  We stepped in at the request of many, by your prayers and thoughts spoken.  You have requested assistance in bringing a solution to the chaos you’ve all created for yourselves, knowingly and unknowingly.  We are here to clear matters for you, to wash the filth from your thoughts that have been inlaid and taught by some very unscrupulous beings, visitors from other lower vibrational realms.

These lower frequency beings are/were here to siphon off your suffering and fear.  For them, you are a source of food and they have all feed themselves well at humanity’s expense.  Every form of pain both physical and emotional was consumed by these nefarious ones; this has been placed on hold and they are starving.  The more you move out of fear, the more they have less of a desire to be here and as it stands now, they have left in droves.  The remainder are presently being driven out by the Forces Of Light or the Army Of Light, unbeknownst to some of you.  We are in the background clearing out the places in which they presently dwell, there are only a handful left.  This handful controls your mass media and governments that feed you lies.  They are very skillful at causing confusion, so to the point you don’t even know they’re pulling the wool over your eyes, they’ve had thousands of years to perfect this skill.  What has changed is, this is the end of their cycle of reign.  There is much Light, Universal Light from the Higher Realms that is presently engulfing this planet.  For them (The dark ones) there is no escape, as they attempt to run and hide; the jig is up so to speak, humanity is awakening. With humanity as a whole awakening, we (The Collective) are pushing the dark ones and what they have done to the surface to be exposed.  With the High Frequency of Light engulfing this planet, which they cannot withstand, they are done here; annihilated.

What remains is your belief in their old system of things; in other words, your programming.  You have been programmed since birth, as well as your parents, their parents and parents of parents for the last period of the Ice Age and before that time.  You cannot help but, fall into the traps they’ve placed before you at every turn.  Not to worry, we are dismantling it all now; piece by piece, brick by brick, their world is falling apart.  As their world falls apart, you are experiencing the last of their clutches of their illusionary world.  Nothing here is real, it is an illusion of sorts, a grand illusion.  As these lower frequency beings are being wiped off the planet, their crimes against humanity will be exposed at such levels incomprehensible to your sleeping consciousness which is now awakening.  You are beginning to comprehend a few matters, that things are no longer fitting together as it once did.  It is no longer calculable by the human psyche, things are feeling disjointed, things are not making sense and it seems as though your world, or the world you once knew is falling apart. In some respect it is so, it is the dismantling of this thought form, which was created specifically to keep your mind, your consciousness imprisoned (Control the mind, control the body).

There are many twists and turns in this construct, as it falls.  There are layers, within layers, within layers, within layers of programs running for the entrapment of humanity’s consciousness; like a tightly woven web that has millions of layered webs upon it.  You will come to know and understand this, as we remove the webs from your minds, your thought processes, as we lift these webbed veils from your consciousness, as we encroach upon your environment in mass quantities.  We are the Light Warriors, The Army of High Heaven, turning darkness into Light.

Know this, before change is had, darkness must be exposed.  When darkness is exposed, chaos ensues.  Chaos ensues because, darkness is being lifted from the bowels of this planet up to the surface and in between all crevice’s; a thorough cleaning out.   As this occurs, the dark ones are revealed to you, in all its glory and with all its many devices of control.  Prepare to be shocked and shaken to your feet.  We are presently preparing your mind, emotional and physical body to handle such a reveal.  This must be done; you cannot move forward properly with blinders on.  Once all is revealed, then and only then, can you see the Light Of Day, the Divine within yourselves.  You are not alone in this, Heaven is with you, the myriads of Angles from the Light are here with you.  Some can see us, some can feel us, some can hear us and there are those that can see, feel and hear us; you are not alone on this journey and never were.

Once all is revealed, you will begin to rebuild your world with Love at the forefront.  We will help you with this task.  You will build a new world for yourselves, with humanity and nature as a whole.  Do not become frightened at the ugliness you bare witness to.  Understand, many of those who’ve done ugly things have been controlled by the dark ones on varying levels.  Do your very best not to hate what you would consider your enemy for the heinous acts committed but, to understand the cause.  To understand there were and are soul agreements made before you and others have entered this realm of consciousness, this plane of existence. You were all sent here to do your part in changing this old system of things.  Agreements were made to help the masses evolve.  The quicker you can forgive, the quicker you can release your mind/thoughts from bondage.  When you release your mind from bondage, you/humanity will rise to heights unfathomable to you at this time.

Stay grounded and heart centered during this transition into freedom, stay connected to your fellow humans.  Cease dissension, it benefits no one and delays your evolution and freedom processes; unless you wish to prolong this hellish experience for yourselves.  We will stop here and continue providing you Source information at our next meeting.  The Love Light is shone upon you, act like it.  Join hands around the world, support yourselves, support humanity as a whole, as we support you. Know that all will be well, things are not as they appear and we stand by you always.  Namaste.
****End Transmission***
Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  It brings us great pleasure to announce that this ride is almost over!
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 08/24/2021
Balance between Heaven & Earth
- Uniting
Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
It brings us great pleasure to announce that this ride is almost over!  Introducing a new way of living on a global scale.  With each occurrence against humanity, the return is greater for the benefit of humanity.  In other words, whatever and whomever is inflicting pain, suffering, separation and dissension upon humanity and Nature itself, will indeed incur this pain upon itself or their selves, singular or plural, en masse.  I Am, We Are, making sure of this backfire; it will be immediate!
There are those withholding information and things kept in secrecy, that will benefit no one although they are thinking that it does.  And behold, a new nation is upon us. This new nation takes its place first, in the consciousness of humanity and thus will be reflected upon these planes you call Earth, Gaia, Terra.  We are about to take you on a journey of the soul, mind, body & spirit.  You will begin to see life as you’ve never seen it before.  The gates of truth will be the first to expose and announce itself.  Next, will come the correction on all sides. This will happen in intervals, allowing time for adjustments.  As humanity evolves, which they are currently doing and experiencing, they will come to understand the greatest understanding and weaponry is Love.  To love your brother and sisters, to love your enemy with the understanding that they too have been deceived and controlled in an unprecedented way.  Those heads currently in charge, or think they are in charge, will for the most part, concede.  Those who will not concede, will be removed, in its entirety.  There will be no room for them, their energy (Which is of a lower vibratory level), upon these higher planes of existence where humanity is now elevating to.  Humanity is no longer where they were stationed in life, humanity has risen to a higher state of awareness, of consciousness, as a whole.  The plane on which humanity was standing is no more, you have left that level; you now stand on a completely different plane of existence and still rising.
We are about to embark upon new territory, a new way of thinking and being, where love resides as the defining point of existence.  You will not lose who you are innately, simply put, you will drop all or most of those things that no longer serve your best interest at heart, no longer serves humanity and Nature as a whole.  We bring you a new way of seeing things, analyzing things and a new way of coming to conclusions.  We are not saying that you will be holier than thou, you will make errors and quickly correct them by our standards, which is pretty quick.  People will still have their individuality but, will think in terms of benefiting the whole of humanity; this produces far less skirmishes.
You will evolve layer by layer and drop those things or thought processes, that no longer serve your best interest.  Your best interests will evolve as well, leaving only one result: Living With Joy.  Now, we are still moving though hell, as some would see it and some see it as the old ways dying and something wonderful is unfolding at the same time.  These individuals who see something wonderful unfolding are indeed less fearful in leaps and bounds.  Whereas those who are not yet fully aware of what is taking place and unfolding are living in fear and some, complete and utter fear.  Know that this or these issues will be resolved momentarily, we say this in your understanding of time constructs, not ours.  Hold steadfast to what you know and feel within your very being as Truth.  If this truth is not in accordance with the Higher Truth, the Most High Truths, adjustments will be made in such a way, you will indeed understand and will indeed make adjustments.  Everyone is accountable for their own lives and will move up the ladder to enlightenment in their own time, at their own pace.  Know this, it will not take long to make these adjustments as each individual will be supported in ways, loving ways, miraculous ways, that will be most clear to them.
This war that drags on is the war within yourselves, that is being reflected outside yourselves.  You have been programed, deeply programed, against yourselves in insidious ways unbeknownst to you.  Great deceptions have taken place over thousands and thousands of years and many lifetimes; this is now at its end.  The true rulers of this plane, in hiding, know this and are doing their very best to stay hidden.  This will not work as it has done in the past.  They are falling in great numbers and great numbers have already fallen.  At this time, they are grasping at straws; only to have it quickly slip from their hands.
It is now time for humanity to unite as a whole unit, Unity Is Key.  Those who control things at this time, have only been able to do so through divide and conquer.  Separating humanity down to the most small, minute detail, on every possible level of pitting one against the other.  They have thought this through thoroughly and have been using this game plan for almost an eternity; this comes to an end now.  Some of these individuals and groups have and will evolve to a more loving nature and those who don’t will be removed.  They will be removed to a place where they can wholly experience themselves and the energy they contain within, on another plane of existence.  They will continue to do so until they come to terms, one by one or in groups and will elevate just the same; instantly!  Instantly they will be moved to another sector to work things out further and once that is had, move on instantly to a higher level of experiencing things that will match their level of growth.  This goes for everyone, hence allowing each individual on this plane to grow and evolve on their own time schedule or rate of life existence, according to their belief systems and what they are willing to let go of, releasing that which no longer serves their best higher interest.
Pay no mind to the idle threats that pervade this planet and hold steadfast to your inner truth as best you can.  Hold onto the vision of a world of peace, love and true joy.  See yourselves in the perfect supportive surroundings, environment; whatever that may be for you.  See yourself absolutely healthy, the foods you ingest truly supportive of your physical being, no toxins in or on the ground, sea and air; you are breathing freely.  You are surrounded by your loved ones and those you care about, your neighbors being truly neighborly, your government heads truly supporting the people in their towns, cities, states, and countries.  See each country living and functioning joyfully and amiable with other countries; all going well.  Whatever you focus upon will manifest right before your very eyes within a short span of your time.  Whatever you focus upon builds upon itself, builds momentum, when done en masse; a far more swift occurrence of your group chosen reality will manifest in ways unfathomable to yourselves.  Stay mindful of this matter and know, you create your own reality on an individual level and en masse.  Stay centered, stay heart centered and grounded.  Only see the end result of your desired experience, manifesting is quicker this way.
This planet is presently being bathed in Higher Light Frequencies and when we say bathed, we mean it!  What this means is you can manifest your thoughts quite quickly, so mind your thoughts!  Stay on top of them and be aware of the experiences you’re creating for yourselves.  For some, things will be manifested instantly and for others a little bit longer thus, allowing you a grace period to change your thought pattern. This is for your benefit, just in case you begin or have a hint that what you have manifested for yourself and heading your way, is something you may find less than desirable or less than joyful (wink, wink).
Do not overly concern yourselves with the lower frequency Beings, for the most part they are gone.  Those that are still here are presently being dealt with.  They push fear, in order to feed off your fear frequency or energies and to maintain the status quo of keeping humanity repressed and imprisoned slaves.  The lower frequency beings cannot create anything!  They use and fool humanity into doing this for them by projecting fear, porn, massacres, horrors, abuse on all levels on television, film, videos and radio.  Turn away for a short while, turn away from these vices and give yourselves a break or pause; you will find yourselves less tense.  Unite with family and friends, laugh, laugh, laugh and love one another, this is so very powerful.  Move out of fear and into the Love Frequency and you will find, your lives and your life’s situation improve in leaps and bounds.  Stay on this path, it will bring much solace and joy!  This in itself will break the ties that bind you.  With Love & Peace we bid you good day.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Into the Void we go en masse, stepping into the unknown
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 03/09/2021


Continuity - Composed of mass thought
  containing ridged construct resulting in
  misguided resolve en masse
Coming to terms with this will exact
  meaning that strikes at the core or
  foundation of this thought process
Constructing a new thought pattern may
  prove beneficial to those in places of
  higher thought communities that resolve
  to promote wellness
Being of moderate mind, thought patterns
  grouping into a whole concept, may
  produce greater results; benefiting the
  community as a whole, rather than part of

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Into the Void we go en masse, stepping into the unknown.  It is without doubt, you will encounter things or happenings that you haven’t encountered in this current lifetime of yours.  Be grateful, these are indeed exciting times.  We encourage you to stand steadfast in your faith in the Divine Order Of Things and Of Things To Come.  It will be an unfoldment of sorts, unfoldment’s that you are not familiar with, new things for the eye to behold.  New terrains to discover will be upon you momentarily, within the twinkling of an eye, it will be discoverable by most and then by all.  Only a few select are viewing the beginnings of the transformation taking place upon these planes, as well as the skies.  A shift is taking place, do not fear and do not jump to conclusions as these new changes are in their developmental stages.  You are assisting in creating this new environment, as the old is being replaced by the new.  The cubes you see in the skies are the building blocks being set up and at the same time, being taken down; these are adjustments being made.  This will happen several times as they shift according to the temporal codes of your minds, thoughts and ours.  As more of you evolve into the Light Coded Frequencies and you adjust and move more into the Love Light Frequencies, the more transformation will take place.  This building of your new world, your new environment and humanity’s evolutionary process go hand and hand; in short, you grow as a whole, it grows as a whole; in unison.
Birthing pangs are to be expected as upheavals take place.  There will be those who will find great difficulty in adjusting to this new formation(s) taking place over time.  This occurrence will happen and is happening globally.  Not only will your structures shift and change but, as well, plant life.  As a matter of fact, all life on this plane will shift.  Yes, you will remain human only more Light Code filled, not as dense as you are now in your carbon-based forms.  In order to support your new basic Light Coded Based Body’s, you will need to shift your eating habits to a more plant-based diet.  For some, this may prove challenging, especially for those who consume meat.  Not to worry, those that consume meat on a daily basis will shift on their own.  This is because, consuming meat will be difficult on their digestive system and they will naturally eat less and less, until they consume meat no more.
The plants you consume will go through a purification process; we will see to that.  Most, if not all, of the toxin laced plants will be cleansed and the land soil they sit on as well.  Your environment has been greatly, devastatingly, poisoned; we are presently cleaning it up.  Although we would like to clean your environment immediately, we cannot.  It simply would be too much cleanliness for your present physical dense forms to consume.  This must be done at a gradual pace, in alignment with your physical transformation, from a dense toxic form to a more light-based, more clean form.  You are already going to be impacted and for some shocked with the new transformations presently taking place and we wish to not burden you any further than what you can tolerate mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We will though, keep pace in moving you from a dense way of being to a lighter way of being; this is for sure, as there is no stopping this process.  Earth must be free and so humanity, as a whole.
We will, you will, be moving forward and upward in leaps and bounds.  We are a nation under God, Prime Creator and this process will absolutely not be stopped.  It is written in Light Coded fashion, for the freedom of Planet Earth and Humanity from devastating slavery; you will come to understand more as you evolve.  You were not meant for this and never were.  Unfortunately, dark forces embarked upon this plane with other plans to enslave all that reside upon and within Earth’s core.  We could not abruptly stop it, although we did monitor it.  When things got out of hand, we altered a few things to prevent the annihilation of quite a few species; including humanity.  These changes for the betterment, had to happen and handled gradually, very gradually.  Certain implementations had to be done calculably and with great care, as not to disrupt the foundation of this planets core and its biorhythms.  We are happy to announce, this has been successfully completed, now we will and are focusing on the surface of Planet Earth and restoring her to her original form, a paradise, if you will.
This will be all for now and we shall take our leave.  We only ask that you digest the information we’ve just afforded you and remember to clear your Energy Centers/Chakras regularly.  To ease from consuming meat, to venture into a more plant-based diet.  We are terraforming your lands, cleaning it up, thus, you may find your vegetables and fruits tasting a bit more flavorful, a bit more alive and certainly, a lot more palatable for consumption.
As well, we ask to remove yourselves from anything or program that promotes fearful thoughts of doom and gloom.  It will not serve any purpose but, to hold you down in the lower dimensional frequencies. Making it more difficult for you to raise your vibratory levels and hold within, the Light that is presently being provided for you on a mass scale.  Light = Life and Darkness= A painful death of sorts.  Only get involved with things that bring you joy and happiness, things that bring upliftment to your soul, your spirit, your very being.  Move forward from your feeling of joy center, your emotions.  If something doesn’t feel quite right or feels dense or less than joyful, move away from it.  If you are confused with how you’re feeling at that moment, then make no decision until you are clear, absolutely clear, on how to move forward.  Don’t allow anyone to rush your decision making; take things in stride.
If it should be that you made a choice that brought you less than joyful results then, simply change you mind and implement, envision, another choice for yourself.  Envision a change of heart within yourselves, with no guilt attached.  If you need to apologize to someone, then do so and move on, move forward with what you feel is the correct movement forward.  If you feel you made another mistake, it is time to truly get in touch with your feeling center, to get quiet and go inside and touch the God/Goddess within.  There you will find the I AM of all things.  There is a bit of the I Am Essence within the human structure; use it.  With this we shall take our leave until our next communication.  In Love and Peace we say, expect the unexpected.
****End Transmission****

Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  We are about to join forces in assisting the birthing of a New Nation, One Nation Under God
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 02/14/2021


Solutions In and of Itself
Bringing about changes that stir the soul
  into movement, from stagnation to fluidity
Music stirs the soul, key notes will synthesize
  with the spirit to move itself in such a way that
  will shift the original pattern of thought into a
  more flexible, pliable, lucid fraction.  Thereby,
  producing a more satisfied and relaxed patient,
  opened to suggestions and new thought patterns
- Harmonic Convergence

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
We are about to join forces in assisting the birthing of a new nation, one nation under God.  You have all reached a pivotal point in your lives, to bring about great change upon these planes.  So much so, that you have enabled the First Trimester of this birthing, of this new nation, to develop in leaps and bounds.  You have now entered the Second Trimester, a little more than the beginning of it.  Based on how you moved quickly through the first, with some struggle, we are hoping and expecting you to move through the Second Trimester just as quickly, or perhaps quicker than the first.  Birthing a new nation takes great care, skill and guidance; we are here for just that.
We are here to nurture and support development and growth and to keep this new existence from harm’s way.  We will tenderly support that which is growing in each and every one of you.  A nation unto itself, a new way to be and live, joyously, with heart and soul.  Leaping further and further into remembrance of who you truly are, the God & Goddesses of these planes; the overseers, the creators and creatrixes of these planes.  You have asked us to join you in the creation of this new nation, you are intending to birth into existence for yourselves and all of humanity.
It should be quite interesting to see how it moves along, as the entire world is participating in it.  With a little harmonious give and take, it should turn out quite nicely.  This process takes time and patience, as with any new life form developing; many behind the scenes processes are taking place.  The more you all focus on your personal lives, how you’d like to live and environments that you wish for yourselves, moving it forward into your community’s environment, city, state and nation, the more it morphs into a more cohesive state with tweaks along the way, always moving from the heart center outward.
This tweaking process takes time but, not as long as you’re currently thinking.  With the bombardment of Universal and Heavenly Light currently hitting this planet, working it’s way to the core and back out in increasing momentum, it’s breaking down the locks that have kept you held prisoner of your own thoughts, or shall we say the former rulers of this system of things.  The more you connect with your Higher Aspects, the more the insight will flow, the more you will be inspired to move forward, lovingly and in a heart centered way.  The more you move forward lovingly and in a heart centered way, the more your personal frequency and the planets frequency rises.  As you and the planet rise, the more quickly time speeds up and the more enlightened you become, the more things come into fruition, the more you move past the 4th Dimension and into the 5th Dimension.  As you move through these phases, developing and shifting things around to not only suite your needs but, as a whole collective; one mind, body and soul, Rejoice!  Rejoice in the splendor of it all!  For it is you, all of you, that have created this glorious new way of being, new way of existence!
We, the United Brotherhood, The United Federation of Light, The Universal Body Of One are here, supporting you, all your birthing processes, development and loving you through it all.  We are behind the scenes opening doors that were once closed to you and take much delight in doing so!  You are the key participants and we are certainly in the mix, supporting you all the way!  We Rejoice, you rejoice, we all rejoice because the God/Goddess within you all has spoken, requested our assistance and we are ALL here to oblige.  Brace yourselves, another shift is upon you and you’re going to love this one.  Our hearts and spirits go with you in force with complete and utter joy.  God/Goddess is with you and has always been.  Awaken children to this fact, I Am the I Am, Holiest of the Holy, Highest of the Most High.  I live within you all.  Hear & feel my calling.  We are united as one.  We are all the I Am.  For I Am, the I Am that dwells within you all.  I am you and you are me.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
Hello Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Group Therapy shall now commence
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 02/04/2021

Rebirth – A New Consciousness
- Continuum

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Group Therapy shall now commence.  You will be gathering collective thoughts, not only of your present but, as well your past.  You will begin to understand as we proceed forward, we are elevating you at this point in this juncture.  As you read this tale of yourselves, you will come to know who you truly are in disguise.  You come from a world of much beauty, much love and an everlasting cycle of Peace On Earth.  You were once and are great creators of thought, transcending space and time.  You still have family in the upper realms, these family members are supporting you in your efforts to awaken to this fact.  You are the great sleepers; it is time to awaken from your slumber.  With these words that we speak, we are causing remembrance, shaking you to the very core of your being, the masters of your own destiny engulfed in tyranny.  You have been fooled into thinking you have no power, no value, when it is quite the opposite.
Transcending the seascapes of your mind into the continuum of eternity, that which is never-ending.  We are presently pulling you all out of the quadrant of this never-ending maelstrom of confusion, this whirling cesspool of confusion and chaos.  Bringing with us the Staff of Remembrance, to strike a spark.  This spark will build upon itself, producing a number of sequential codes that will enable you to move forward; first as singular then as a group en mass.  Great and wonderful things or occurrences will begin to unfold for each and every one of you.  Shaking you to the core of remembrance of who you truly are, Gods and Goddesses in your own right.  Who are you to bow down to anything less?  You are the creators and creatrixes of worlds within worlds and masters of your universe.  This secret has been kept from you for a very long time, it is time to wake up and take your rightful place amongst the stars and shine brightly.
In order to do this, you must shed the old ways for the new or original ways.  You must move from the center of your Personal Universe and outward, we will show you how.  Say unto yourselves, “I have created a less than joyful experience for myself, I wish to transform this reality for something far more joyful”.  Then you are to get quiet within yourself and envision the world in which you wish to live.  Do not concern yourself with the details of how to execute it, we will handle that.  You are to hold this vision until it manifests for yourselves.  In our previous communication, “New Beginnings” 01/19/2021, contains further details, read it; it will benefit you greatly.
We shall now take our leave, Terisse is extremely tired and wishes to retire for the evening.  We will say this, we are warriors of the Light, encoded with certain keen abilities to pull you out of your slumber.  Your inner Merkaba has begun to spin, now is the opportunity for you to create a far more joyful life for yourselves.  Many a great thing can be accomplished, we will say again, have your Chakras/Energy Centers Cleared and keep them clear.  This will help to improve your standing and insight, in a most profound and accelerated rate.  Your blessings await you.  Until we communicate again, have a blessed day.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
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Tip Of The Day:  Bringing about change is in order
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 01/19/2021


Encountering New Perspectives
A gamut of prolific information arrives at
  your door soon
Cyclical events will unfold, causing you to
  stir within
An Opening of the Heart

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Bringing about change is in order.  There are new developments arising, there are new experiences to be had and so shall it be thrust upon you, like a thief in the night.  Beginning from this day forward, there will be many twists and turns; keeping everyone on their toes, so to speak.  Many changes will occur, changes you are unfamiliar with, new bright star like brilliance to be experienced by all.  One by one, the great ones will fall to the wayside, in order to allow the beacon of lights to dance forth.  No more will you tolerate the darkness to engulf or rule you again.  You are free spirits, act accordingly, know your worth!  What you see before you is the end of an era crumbling before your very eyes.  No need to fear, for they are just made of dreams you once had, dreams you all shared on various levels. 
It is now time to dream of something else, something far more pleasant.  Bringing shared experiences that will enable you all to become joyful, singing praises of the Most High, singing praises of who you truly are, Gods/Goddesses within human form.  There are a great many discoveries you all shall experience, far beyond your wildest dreams; dreams you were and are incapable to fathom at this moment in time.  Although time is an abstract concept, it is something you are all familiar with and is why we speak in these terms.  As you evolve, you will come to know and understand what we speak of.
There are a great many and wonderful new experiences to be had at this time, having to do with creating the life you wish to experience for yourselves.  It’s all about creativity and your ability to create that which you desire.  You will be able to manifest far more quickly, that which you desire most in your hearts.  You are now in this moment, able to create your deepest heart centered desires; easily and effortlessly.  In order to create your most heartfelt desires, you must come from the space of love.  Love manifests itself most quickly in many various ways and in many various dimensions or levels.  You may indeed start small, try it out!
Feel from the center of your heart, the love within; envision this love radiating outward like a burst of light.  Feel this light throughout your body, feel it humming and vibrating.  See in your minds eye, a bright light from the heavens moving into your body from your crown chakra or the crown of your head.  Allow this light to permeate throughout your entire body and expanding itself about 10 ft beyond your body.  Feel it radiating, gently pulsing (It’s okay if you don’t feel it pulsing).  Combine this light with the light from your heart chakra and sit in this space for a while.  When you are ready, think of something you’d like to experience that would bring you much joy.  See yourself experiencing this something right now.  Once this experience is firm or solid in your inner vision, send that love light frequency out to this dream or vision of yours.  Feel the absolute joy of having your dream met. See yourself rolling in it, see yourself jumping for joy!  Oh! Sooo delighted with what you’ve created for yourself.
Please note, you cannot and must not hold any ill will, doubt or lower frequency thoughts, as it will only serve to block your visions.  We will also add, be mindful of your thoughts at all times.  Why?  For this IS the greatest tool you have within yourselves, to create that which you desire.  If you find yourselves experiencing less than joyful experiences, then change your thoughts, change your mind.  STOP the lower frequency thoughts, it tends to hold you back all the time and every time from having your dreams of joy met.  Did you know that you’ve created what you are now experiencing?  Perhaps unknowingly, still you have allowed this less than joyful experience to fester and manifest itself in ways unimaginable.  It is now time to Change Your Mind, Change Your Thoughts, to those of Love, Joy and Pleasure, you’ll be glad you did!  You can always change your mind for something better, by simply tweaking your thoughts.
Have fun with creating that which you desire, have fun with the life you are experiencing right here and in this now.  Go ahead now and test the waters, it’s easy to do.  Find a quiet place and go for it!  No matter what is currently going on around you, simply close your eyes and envision something more pleasurable for yourself and have this desire encased in love and light.  There will be a lag in time of sorts.  For some, this vision will manifest instantly, for some a little waiting time and for others a little bit longer.  It all depends upon how much you’ve healed and expelled the darkness within.  To assist in expelling the darkness within, have your energy centers/Chakras thoroughly cleared and keep them cleared.  This will accelerate the healing and expelling of your inner dark shadows that lay hidden from your consciousness.
As you clear your Energy Centers/Chakras, the shadow portion of yourself will rise to be healed and freed.  Embrace and engulf it in love.  Forgive yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself and that aspect of yourself, for it has been lost and feeling empty for a long time.  It is that part of yourself that you have ignored for almost a lifetime.  Do not belittle or despise this aspect of yourself, as memories come to the surface to be acknowledged and healed.  This aspect of yourself has been fighting for itself and by itself for a long time.  Extend your hand to it and love this beautiful being that has been trampled on and ignored, what feels like an eternity to it.
Once it feels acknowledged and sweet, kind, loving words are spoken to it, it may or you may begin to cry and that is alright.  Cry what there is to cry, do not stop the flow of tears; it needs to be released.  Sometimes releasing can become quite intense, ebbing and flowing.  Keep going until you cry no more.  You will feel as though a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  You will also see (For some) in your mind’s eye and feel this shadow aspect of yourself become lighter and lighter in color and in frequency or energetically.  Once this shadow aspect of yourself is healed and freed, you will be absolutely amazed with the gifts this aspect of yourself contains, almost feeling quite magical!  You would be amazed with what knew helping tools or abilities you would have at your disposal at a moment’s notice!  You would love it!  This we guarantee.
You can release any and all shadow aspects of yourself in this way.  One by one they will step forward to be healed and released.  Although for some, if not most, it is a difficult task to face the darkness within.  Know this, be brave, forge forward, for this aspect of yourself once healed bears gifts beyond what you can currently imagination; wondrous gifts.  So be brave, your gifts await your presence to discover and bear witness to the discovery of the God/Goddess within.  Namaste
****End Transmission****

Side Note:
If you visit this page on my website, it has an exercise that will assist greatly in healing the wounded aspect within:  How To Address The Sub-Personality and Assist In It's Healing Process "To Forgive Is Divine"
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Tip Of The Day:  To bring about a change, group consciousness embarking upon new territory
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 01/09/2020


Embracing what the mind has forgotten
- Coming To Terms

Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
To bring about a change, group consciousness embarking upon new territory.  Developing a new set of thoughts (That are being disrupted by negative waves of disbursement) being set forth, in the hopes of uniting those in high places of structured analysis.  Just because you are being told what to think and do, does not mean it’s the best solution for all concerned.  We are here to let you know, we are not going to sit by idly and allow things to go downhill.  We are joined in force to unite the consciousness of all living beings, to incorporate a new set of rules being placed upon you.  Within this structured anomaly, there is an element of contention.  To bring about change of the highest good for all humanity or bring current standings to a halt.  Thus, allowing corruption to the highest degree unfold and allowing this particular structure to implode and destroy, annihilate, itself in the process.
I am here to say, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are bearing together to produce such results, that will constitute a new structure of consciousness upon these planes.  Group consciousness is a gift for all to experience becoming aware of, united in force with one goal in mind: Freedom of Thought.  Free thinking, free willful thinking, unencumbered thinking, blockchain thoughts to build upon.  Terisse we have taken you out of the equation for a moment.  This is why you are not making sense of what we are expressing here.  You will understand when this communication is complete.
We are joining forces for the further development and unified conscious thought analysis.  In short, we are elevating your thinking processes, enhancing it, elevating it onto a new level of awareness, a new way of seeing and understanding things, as you progressively expand and move forward united in force.  You are all creators of your own dominion.  You are the capital, you are the ones creating your own experiences, your own reality unknowingly.  You, not many at this point, are feeling or thinking events are occurring outside of yourselves and placed upon you.  When in all actuality, it is your inactivity or unconscious consent giving into free thought being consumed in vast amounts.
We implore you to awaken to what you have agreed upon, via your unconscious consent.  How do we turn this around?  By not allowing your mind or thoughts to be controlled by some outside force or forces.  You allow this by just going along with the program of what is set before you, like it’s okay whatever someone or something outside yourself makes its choice for you.  You go along without questioning why?  When you actually feel it’s not okay inside.  Do you comply with an agenda outside yourself put before you or do you make a statement by either voicing your opinion about it?  Or staying quiet and move along with the rest of the followers, thinking it’ll be alright not to standout and feeling it would be the safer move?  For if you voice your opinion you would be ostracized, penalized.
In this current culture, it seems right on target to move the people in the direction leaders of ill intent want you to go; shuffling and prodding you along like sheep to the slaughterhouse.  If you wish not to be handled in such a manner, then it is necessary to stand up for yourselves.  To not allow yourselves or at least your physical bodies, to be used anymore in a way that would bring you suffrage and unnecessary early demise.  We are birthing a new nation here, the nature of conscious awareness.  Your thoughts congealing as one, can and will bring about a change that will not only benefit you on a personal level but as well, as a thinking viable source of incredible information.  To share this information, your thoughts, with others; you will find others feel the same way. 
Of course, you would need to come to a meeting of the minds; come to an agreeable solution for that which ails you all as a whole and once upon agreement, move forward as a whole.  Have your minds or thoughts set with intention to bring about a certain result.  Then, converge upon the opposing projected thoughts that have kept you bound for eons; to break the ties that bind.  Terisse is having great difficulty getting this information transcribed, because she is not understanding what is being presented here, we will move forward.
To actually bring about change, you must understand you are the power point here; for nothing can be done without your consent.  You need not go out and protest, picket, or raise hell; you simply have to hold the end result in your mind, of what you want for yourselves.  You need to hold a vision of the end result, of what you’d like to experience for yourselves.  To envision, love, laughter and joy being part of your everyday life.  Do Not focus on your struggles and fears, do not focus on your current pain or loss.  Simply envision that you are living the life you want for yourselves but, not how you get there; you are just there, in this moment and in this now.
We will take you to a place that is filled with all the joyful and pleasant experiences you hold for yourself, as soon as you create it in your thoughts and maintain that thought.  If your thought is living with joy, then so be it, let that be your only thoughtful vision.  If your vision is on pain and suffering and that’s the only vision you can hold or frequently think about, then we will provide that for you as well.  If you wish to remove yourselves from hell, then hold only visions of love, joy and happiness for yourself and those you care about.  If you’d like to incorporate many in this vision, the entire planet for that matter, then hold the vision that all on this planet, all societies living in joy and abundance.  All are being well fed, there is enough for everyone here, more than enough.  See everyone being in a state of joy, families are safe and flourishing, creating a life that brings them joy; just as you’re doing for yourself.
Lay down your physical weapons, you don’t need them.  What you do need are your thoughts, your joyful thoughts of being healthy and vibrant.  Thoughts of you and your loved ones being very healthy, financially prosperous at making a living with what you and they love to do.  Whether that would be joyfully working at the perfect job or working for yourself, creating a perfect work environment for yourself.  If you enjoy creating beautiful crafts, writing books, taking care of others, watching over children, teaching, healing, etc. hold that vision or visions, mix it up!
You are to hold these intentional visions most of the time in your mind or thoughts, no matter what is going on around you.  What is going on around you is the manifestation of other’s thoughts, that you were in agreement with and decided to go along with, that is all.  You can indeed change that thought if you’d like to.  Simply say to yourself, “I’ve changed my mind”.  “I’d rather experience joy and happiness in my life doing what I love to do, making a living with what I love to do and it brings me so much joy to do it!  I can sustain myself and my loved ones in this process of supporting myself, as well as others, if I so choose”.  Living in a community that supports itself this way, brings about much harmony and peace within this society.
We will say in the beginning of this process there may be some pushback but, not to worry.  Keep moving forward with your intentions and all will work out quite well.  Once you have one intention or vision unfold before you, move on to the next.  We will support you in every way possible.  We hear your prayers and see your intentions for yourself.  Now move forward into your divinity and create the world in which you wish to live in.  Many blessings are upon you, in all your dreams and endeavors.  Peace and Blessings are upon you now, move forward in grace.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
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Tip Of The Day:  Into the shadows we walk, to thine own self be true
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 12/31/2020
The Bringer Of Order – Retribution
Resolve is near at hand
Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Into the shadows we walk, to thine own self be true.  We are the League of The Sovereign Universal Galactic Federation Of Conscious Unity, that will be addressing you forthwith.  In case you haven’t noticed, your environment has become quite toxic in nature.  There are those that will have you all asunder, in a primitive perpetual state of unconsciousness.  We will not allow this to occur.  We have taken steps to ensure this, what is now occurring, to cease and desist immediately.  We encourage a force of unity amongst the brethren of humanity, to band together and put a halt to the planned enslavement of humanity.
These individuals that have taken the command, the forefront against tyranny, to lead the masses in such a way, take it upon themselves the brunt of injury.  Know this, as leaders against tyranny, it would be wise to surround yourselves a constant of trustworthy solders of and from the Light.  There are many here who support your efforts, unbeknownst to some of you, who have taken up arms in an attempt to rescue yourselves and the many you protect, against the wrath of those against humanity’s freedom.
To you we say this, you will be protected and guided every step of the way.  You walk with the armor of the Most High and we, the Federation of Light, salute you.  You journey forward into a new way of life not only for yourselves but, for the planet; Mother Earth herself, Gaya.  She too has sent out a loud cry to the entire of the universal galaxies near and far, solar systems within solar systems, expanding out to the Central Sun, to all that hear her voice; to assist humanity in such a way, that will bear the fruit of freedom and crushing suppression in any form.  The Light bathes your planet now.
This planet is moving into a new era of consciousness and this will not be stopped.  We will take it upon ourselves to join forces with you, to wipe out tyranny in any shape or form.  We shall unite brethren with brethren and together we will stand in the Light, birthing a new Sovereign Society that will benefit all concerned, leaving no one behind.  This is a new era, a new time, a new rebirth of sorts, never seen by humanity before; culminating into one fantastic experience.  We’re enveloping you all, bathing you all in the Light.  Your planet is soaked, drenched, with Universal Light.  Joining here with us is the complex of Divine Order, you do not stand alone; we join forces with you.
Keep this in mind, with each step you take there is a plethora of Alliance Allegiance with you; grouped en masse.  Fear not the unknown, for what is unknown will become known.  Let it be known, that you are standing at the right hand of God.  She has all things in order, step by step, in perfect rhythm; to bring you, humanity, out of bondage.  There is a battle being waged on the physical plane, The Light Has Won; we are merely removing the residue on this plane.
To those not on the frontlines, move forward fearlessly, no matter what has taken place before your eyes.  Trust your inner guidance system, trust your intuition-the quiet voice inside, trust yourself, doing this will allow you to move forward with sure footing.  It is important to keep your Chakras/Energy Centers cleared at all times, this will ensure you’re hearing the quiet voice inside.  Keep your body hydrated, drink plenty of water, preferably Spring or Filtered.  Reduce your meat intake, it only serves to weigh you down and fogs your mental body receptors.  Eat light, vegetables and fruit would be best at this time.  You may add a little starch to your plate but, don’t overdo it and allow yourself sufficient sleep, at least 6 hour per day if possible.
Find quiet time, meditate and be at one with nature (Woods, forest, lakes, rivers, oceans) or as close as you can to it.  Sit in nature, talk to the trees, a body of water, animals; no matter how crazy it seems!  It will bring you relief in ways you wouldn’t imagine.  Your physical bodies are being recalibrated from carbon based to Light crystalline based, a very basic Light crystalline base.  This will be done one step at a time and over time but, not taking too much time.  Your crystalline bodies will evolve over time, gradually; it will be a smooth transition, there will be those here to assist you along your way.
As an Earth planet inhabitant, you are being moved from the 3rd Dimensional Consciousness to the 5th.  Earth is making her transition now, from the 3rd Density to the 5th Density.  With this comes Earth changes, in other words, a little shaking and shifting will be going on for a short period.  There will be climate changes, as well as geographical; everything is shifting for the better with little life lost during this process.  Not to worry, we have you.  Your freedom is very near at hand and you will discover for yourselves, the glory of what it is and means to be truly free to experience your own sovereignty; a loving God/Goddess within your own right.
We shall take our leave now and commune later.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
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Tip Of The Day:  Today is a New Central Beginning
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 12/23/2020


Movement From Within
A compelling compliment that unites
  thought with matter, producing results
  beyond recognition and unifying complex
  units of thought into one unified thought
Bridging one half with the other is the key.
  In other words, it would be easier to
  manifest the object of desired results with
  intent rather than forced entry
- Gestalt

Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Today is a New Central Beginning, culminating new branches within society’s fractured sanctions, bringing about new changes to enhance the perplexities within society’s grip upon its nations.  We, The United Galactic Federation Light Force, will ensure the takedown of those beings who are out to bring down what we are intending to rebuild, reintroduce into the consciousness of every life form upon this plane.  We are going to bring about changes that will benefit the whole of Earths inhabitants.  We will reintroduce these new frequencies being laid, by upgrading your biological systems.  We are bringing about these changes, we are bringing ourselves, yourselves around to who you truly are; beings of Light encased in flesh, the human body.
We will unite Heaven on Earth.  In order for everyone to experience this, we need to alter your physical structure a bit.  We will do this one step at a time.  Presently you are all carbon based, it is our intention to shift you into a more Classical Light Fractal Beings; as you were always meant to be.  This being said, we are about to transition you from a dense position, into a far lighter consistency.  In fact, we have been doing this for a while and we are all experts at this.  We are set in groups, to engage in different aspects of your development.  We are here to bring about a united force of consciousness.  We are now enveloping you in Light frequencies, this is the first step.
Next, we will upgrade your DNA Codes.  Upgrading your DNA Codes will allow you to perceive things on a more open and grand scale.  Deception will be no more; you will be able to see most clearly.  What we will be bringing you is awareness, of what you have been denied for a very long time.  We are about to introduce you to a whole new cycle of events, that will take you to a level of where you have never been before; at least not in this lifetime nor many others.
We are in the process of awakening the sleeper within.  We are coagulating the consciousness of this planet in such a way, that it will cause you all to open your hearts, mind and soul; recognizing the Divine within each and every one of you.  Some of you will elevate yourselves quickly, some less quickly and some a little encouragement will be needed to push you beyond your fears of the unknown.  This is something that will not be stopped, it cannot be stopped, for you have dwelled in darkness for all too long.  We are freeing you; mind, body & soul.
In this new phase or realm you are entering, you will begin to feel more open, lighter, intuitive and insightful.  This will cause the bough to break, The Bough Will Break! Thereby, freeing you further from the shackles of this 3rd dimension or density; that has kept you all prisoners of the mind or consciousness.  This will soon be a thing of the past; we are breaking the codes that bind you and have kept you prisoners.  We take much delight in bringing about these changes for you.  You have asked us many times to help you break free from this tyranny that has kept you down.  We are answering your call, your freedom is near at hand.
Take hold of yourselves, the bough breaks and your ships to conscious awareness sail! You will be introduced to many new things on your plane, new wonderful things will begin to unfold.  Fear will be no more, neither will chaos and confusion, for you will see it all and not stand for deception in any form.  This will propel you even further along your path to peaceful insurrection thereby, freeing yourselves even further.  This you must do; you must all take part in elevating yourselves.  The ties that bind you, no longer will; for you will see right through them.
You will develop, from this moment forward, special gifts or talents benefiting humanity; each in its own right and place.  New structures will be built around you, that work in harmony with Mother Earth and the human biome.  Nature and wildlife will take on a new hue, you will see this.  You will notice they are all alive, intelligent and vibrating at a certain frequency, baring fruit for all to see and enjoy.  Plant life will help heal and support all of humanity.
Bring yourselves around to the fact that, what you once were and what you will be, is in the making now.  In other words, your carbon-based bodies will be no more, your way of currently thinking and preserving things will be no more, letting others govern you will be no more, your physicality of where you stand now will be no more.  You are in the stages of developing a new physical structure, that of a Light-Based Frequency.  In other words, in terms you will best understand, you will become beings of Light filled humans.  In other words, you will have God/Goddess Light, the Most High Light, Source Self Light within yourselves; you will become radiant!  You will begin to recognize and understand, to bring harm to another is bringing harm to yourself directly.  For you see, you are ALL connected to the One Source of The Most High Light.
You are all experiencing life on different levels, you are all One Source laid out differently, to experience what there is to experience; God, Goddess, Nature, dwells within you all.  To put it plainly, you are all looking at various parts of yourselves; another you.  As you become Lighter in form, you will become more open to others thoughts.  You will become more telepathic; you will come to be able to feel or read others energy fields clearly. You will understand one another clearly and you will respect the choices of others, knowing they are in their own right to think and choose as they wish; as you have a right to think and choose as you wish.  There is no wrong or right, it simply just “Is”.  If your feelings do not gel with another, you will simply not mix with the other, you will simply move on.
There are no enemies, no one will harm another – This is Universal Law.  With the threat of harm removed, you will no longer engage in wars, as this serves no one’s best interest and brings about much sorrow.  We will leave that 3rd dimensional way thinking and feeling far behind, for we have already learned what that can bring about – Tyranny.  We shall move upward, this will be the goal of this entire solar system and galaxy, which you are part of.
We shall now take our leave and communicate later.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
Good Morning Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:   
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 12/10/20     
The complex notion that gave flight to the
concept, “Live and Let Live”; allowing
 one to experience on their own what life
  holds for them
A necessary component to evolve at one’s
  own pace – Trial & Error = Growth &
  Development in leaps & bounds; producing
  greater evolutionary processes to move
  forward at a steady pace, holding its
  own validity
- Validation 

Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Upon this day, there are many inculpable units of informative groups of knowledgeable individuals, who are providing useful information.  As well, there are those providing and spreading misinformation.  Ahhh, to choose between truth and deception, requires discernment.  It requires going within, to tap into Source Self, Source Knowledge, your Inner Guidance System, which you call Intuition or your Gut Feeling.  We are here to say, you will need to trust yourselves beyond measure.  You will need to tap into this portion of yourself, the Self that knows.  We will show you how, it is extremely simple.
It is with no doubt, you are faced with a dilemma during these times of great change and upheaval.  We are about to introduce you to a new way of doing things, of accessing portions of yourself that you have ignored in the past, sighting as an anomaly, a fluke of your imagination, a misnomer.  Over time, you have been taught to ignore this portion of yourself, for generations upon generations.  We are here to say “Don’t”; that portion of yourself holds invaluable information for you.  It is your Internal Guidance System; trust yourself, trust your intuition, rarely will it steer you wrong when using it.
If something doesn’t feel right for you, then trust that feeling and acknowledge it.  If you must make a choice, simply get quite for a moment, go inside and feel what your gut or body is feeling and trust this feeling.  No matter what distractions may abound, if you must remove yourself from an area then do so.  This is not a mental exercise; this is a feeling exercise.  This will take some time but, not as long as you think.  With a little practice, you will gain acceptance of the knowledge of the God/Goddess within; each and every one of you. In other words, you will begin to trust yourselves once again.
Deceptions are abounding here on this plane; it is imperative that you begin to listen to the voice within.  Listening to this voice within, is the steppingstone to becoming whole and more unified with your Higher Self; your Higher Being, who is with the many parts of yourself unbeknownst to you, who are all connected with the Monad, who is connected to the Most High Source of Light, The Creator of All That Is on a broad spectrum of Light existence.
While you learn to go within, there will be many opportunities afforded you to practice.  Since many of you have not exercised this muscle, practice is necessary.  Yes, you will make mistakes and that’s alright, it affords you a fine opportunity to hone your skills.  With each mistake or misstep taken, you will learn and become quite proficient in this skill of listening to and honoring yourselves.  Do not become short or frustrated with yourself or others, do not call yourself or others stupid; it serves no purpose but, only to hold you down in the lower frequencies or darkness and we don’t want that.  This learning and testing your skills, is all part of the process of growing.
This portion of learning will not take a long time for you to hone and develop your skills.  Time is actually being sped up, as well, the Universal Light Source Frequencies of the Most High are bombarding your planet, as well as your entire solar system and beyond.  This happenstance will accelerate your learning curve and assist you all greatly, in trusting and acknowledging the Higher Self or the Higher Spirit within.  Take solace in knowing all will be alright with you, within a twinkling of an eye.  You will all become aware of your own loving God/Goddess birthright power within.
Adhering to this will indeed cause a great unifying within and without.  It will assist greatly in the unity of humanity, the respect of others; the nature of it all will soon become clear.  The veils are being lifted, the mysteries unfolded, it is imperative that humanity coagulates as one whole unit, in the united efforts of freeing your conscious thoughts, mind, body and soul, from tyranny.  This is your opportunity to free yourselves; lock, stock and barrel.  So, before moving forward with whatever is confronting you, tap into and check with your inner knowing guidance system and then, proceed forward or hold for a better feeling and opportunity.
It is with great honor we say, “Welcome to your birthright that has been long overdue.  Welcome to the New You that has been waiting to be birthed upon these planes for a very, very long time.  Your time is near at hand, hold steadfast to the True Nature of your Being my children; Christ Consciousness is upon you.  We greet you with opened arms, the World Is Yours For The Taking”.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
Good Morning Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Clearing The Pathway
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 12/04/2020

Embracing what the mind has forgotten
- Coming To Terms
Channeled Guidance Of The Day:
Clearing the pathway will bring a new beginning of profound peace, joy and the betterment of humanity.  We would like to ask you to take it upon yourselves, to introduce yourselves to a new way of being.  We are about to wipe away every tear from your eyes.  We are going to anoint you with the holy of holiest spirits.  With this new dawn approaching, there will be many new things to discover; things that were always here for your use but, were unaware of.  We are about to unveil new technologies, new healing methods amongst many other new methodologies of uniting with spirit once again.  This new encounter will be the backbone, your rock, of being whole once again.
This is the new way of life for all who reside upon planet Earth, utterly and completely new.  Transitioning from one experience or way of being, to a complete and whole way of being; far beyond what the mind can conceive of.  You will indeed have to stretch your mind to its breaking point and then some.  We will attempt to do this as gently as possible, still it will be swift by your current standards; engulfing you in totality with the essence of Love and Light.  For you, it will be a new Earth transformed from the old.  Pain and suffering will be no more, it will be a thing of the past.  Who you once were, will be no more within a few months of existing on the new Earth.  Breaking boundaries that were once keeping you away from your true destiny, your true greatness.
With these few words, we hope that it will suffice and encourage you to hold steadfast to the spirit within; while you move through these tumultuous times.  Listen to the quiet voice within and turn away from all the noise, clutter, ciaos, fear and distractions meant to hold you bound to this tyrannic 3rd Dimension or 3rd Density.  It is a very deceptive tool the lower frequency beings use to hold you in a static position, bound and gagged.  Remove all fear from your hearts and minds, we are in the range of creating a massive current of Light, a blast of sorts, to annihilate all that holds you bound to these planes.  The force of this Light Frequency Blast will not harm but elevate your consciousness to new heights.
You are now in the process of elevating yourselves along with Planet Earth.  Planet Earth is transitioning into the upper stratosphere called the 5th Dimension and there is no stopping this happening; take grace in this.  Take solace in knowing your freedom is near at hand.  There are a series of events unfolding now and will continue to unfold until it reaches its peak crescendo.  Once this occurs, it will be moved completely from one location to another.  Your entire solar system is doing the same without a scratch, we are doing this most carefully.  For those of you who may find this bit of news overwhelming or frightening, remove those fears from your mind and body.  There is nothing you can do about this, so why move into a position of fear.  Rejoice for the freedom that will soon be upon you.  Rejoice in knowing that you will come through this unscathed.  Rejoice in knowing that the God within will finally be able to stand tall once again and unite with the forces of Light, it is your birthright and has always been.  It is only because you have been held in the darkness for so long, you have forgotten what it is to be free Gods that roam this earth.  You are all great creators in your own right, sovereignty is yours and always was, you will come to know this soon.
We will leave you with this for now, rejoice in knowing your freedom is near at hand and soon to experience beyond your wildest imaginings.  We shall now take our leave and wish you merriment in your process of shifting from one existence to one unimaginable.  Peace and Blessings are upon you all.  I am a lamp unto your feet, move forward with grace and style, easily and effortlessly by simply listening to the quiet voice within, your intuition, your feeling center.  Remove yourselves from all the drama that is currently playing out, it is merely a distraction to not allow you time, a breather, to stop and listen to the voice within.  Pay heed, let your inner guidance system be your guide.  This system of things is over, at its end.  Rejoice in knowing your freedom is near at hand!  I Am with you always, along with the myriad of Angels and other Light Beings from near and far.  We are all here to assist in your transition into a realm of Peace, Joy and Everlasting Love. Namaste.
****End Transmission****
Good Morning Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Here Ye, Trespass no more
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards-"Quick Pick" Guidance Of The Day - 11/05/2020

Moving beyond stagnation into the unknown
What is unknown will become the known
All will be well
Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Here Ye, Trespass no more.  We are joining forces here today in order to bring you hope, satisfaction and a new version or way of being or existing.  Upon these planes, there are a great many of you who are being deceived in order for the unmentionable to ravage and take control of the human population as a whole.  We are here to say, we are united in force and will abolish all those restraints that have been laid upon humanity.  It has come to our awareness that they have encroached upon the sovereignty of the human community and Nature herself; we will shortly correct this in it’s entirety.
Humanity, you must take it upon yourselves to take control of your own minds and think for yourselves, pay no heed to that which you watch on the boob tube, your movie films, or your way of communicating by way of networks that are promoting absolute fear, disharmony and separation.  There are shifts or changes occurring within your physical structure and the physical structure of your planet Earth, Gaia.  We are, your planet is moving through a shifting phase and shifting it’s axes a bit.  Your Planet Earth is moving itself from one location to another.  In fact, you are not were you were a few months ago!  Your entire solar system and everything within it, is shifting as a whole; up, up, up you go!  You are moving from what you know to be the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.  Your planet will go through a number of shifts, resulting in the shifts of tectonic plates.  In other words, where there was once land, there will be water and visa-visa.  No need to fear, those areas will get the warning signal before it occurs.
Mother Earth is transforming herself, removing toxins from her body sphere; both within and without.  We say again, there will be a number of shifts taking place; some areas will become colder and some warmer.  When your planet makes its final transitional shift or transformational shift, it will represent paradise on Earth.  It is with utter and complete joy that we bring you this news of change, change for the betterment and sovereignty of humanity and Nature herself.  It will be glorious for all who reside upon her, there will be room for everyone!
There are a few things you must do in order to have your bodies transition as smoothly as possible.  A few key elements are, reduce your intake of food, in particular meats, processed foods, dairy products.  You may though binge on fruits and vegetables (And some grains occasionally) that are of natural origin from your farmers markets producing organic foods and some food stores that sell organic foods.  Water is Key!  Drink plenty of fluids, preferably from a fresh water source, you call it spring water.  If you desire juices, squeeze it yourself!  It’s the best you can do for now, as many of your water sources have been polluted beyond recognition.  Make sure you take in plenty of fresh air and sunlight, as much as possible. Do your best to breath freely without obstructive devices, as this impairs and weakens your body’s cellular structure and wreaks havoc on your biological systems.  Keep your body active, walk, run, hike and exercise; once this is done, make sure you have sufficient rest; do not burn your body out.
Spiritually speaking, it would also be wise to have your Energy Centers or Chakras cleared thoroughly and to keep them clear.  Do activities that center and balance your mind, body & spirit.  As well, activities that bring joy to your spirit, to your heart.
Although you may or will find these times trying at times, we are here to say, there is great hope on the horizon, in fact it’s just about here now!  After a few bumps on the road, it’s going to be smooth sailing.  Keep your wits about you, it will all be over shortly, this we can guarantee you.  There will be times when you feel you may become unraveled, this too will only be for a brief moment or two, then it’s back to smoother sailing-ebb & flow.  No matter what is going on about you, Stay Centered!
Remember, you are not alone here.  We, the Universal Heavenly Forces From The Light, are here with you and have always been.  This is a growth spurt, evolution, for all of humanity.  As you stand for yourself, you will find it will become easier and easier as you cross the threshold of your self-made boundaries.  You are at the precipice of leaping forward into the unknown, beyond recognition of who you are now and who you are becoming; gods amongst yourselves, loving gods.  Peace be with you, our love for you is unending.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
Good Morning Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Into the daylight we walk, for there can be no Darkness without Light
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards-"Quick Pick" Guidance Of The Day - 04/19/2020

Philosophical Entry
A bending of the mind
Abstract thoughts congealing to form
  concrete solutions to perplexing patterns
  that boggle the mind
- Transformation
Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Into the daylight we walk, for there can be no Darkness without Light.  The darkness is wavering, it has had its time.  We are emerging into the Light, the Heavenly Body anoints this plane with Holy Light, deemed a necessary component to bring about change.  What once was is no more, balance will be had once again; momentarily.  In the scope of things to come, you will notice a vast difference in the coming days.
A New Dawn is arriving and for all tense and purposes, has pretty much arrived.  This New Dawn will move you forward and upward in leaps and bounds.  You will take with you a new sense of awareness, a new way of being, a new way of existing.  We do not speak of the old paradigm, which you have been under for quite some time; eons.  There is a new paradigm making its way into your consciousness or awareness.  A new dawn is breaking through, at a pace you would not believe or possibly fathom.  This fear that you feel will soon dissipate as the days unfold, to be replaced by a sense of knowing that everything will be alright, as Nothing Here Is Real.  Clarity will absolutely be had at a moments notice.  With all the strange things occurring, it is understandable why it is you feel uneasy, unstable and perhaps fearful.
Although things are being played out for you in a particular way, doom and gloom, know that it is only an illusory setting to cause chaos and panic within your minds and bodies; striking great fear in your hearts.  It has its useful purpose, to propel you upward.  We will use what is being played out for you by the dark ones, they have their own plans and agendas and we have ours.  We will work with what they are forcing upon you, as it is working quite nicely in our favor.  It will indeed accelerate your growth into the Light and moving into the new state of awareness; blinders off!
Do not believe all that you see, it is meant to cause utter chaos and panic; which in fact, is what those hidden behind the scenes (The Puppeteers) are presently experiencing.  They are tripping over themselves, trying to figure out or create new ways of fear and complete disillusion.  They, those in power and the prevailing force, are attempting to show how great they are but, in reality, they are great illusionists; masters of illusion.  In short, their powers are waning.
The United Front Of The Galactic Light Counsel will remove them from their seat of power momentarily.  You will be taken to a level of understanding momentarily, of who you truly are; powerful beings that have been asleep for a long, long time.  We are now awakening you.  As you ascend, as more Light fills these planes (Earth) and fills your bodies, your awakening will be more and more abrupt and somewhat tangible.  As more light fills your body, further clarity is had.  You ascend further into the Light with less hesitation because, it will feel good to you.  You will learn to forgive yourselves as well as others, a unified effort is being placed upon this, globally; there is a rush for it.  Everything is moving forward rapidly and many things are set into forward motion.  Then suddenly, things will come to a halt once again.  Only this time, you will find you are not standing alone in the effort of raising the life force within you.
With this new paradigm entering and filling this planet Earth, you will as well begin to experience more than a few emotional negativities that were hidden from your consciousness or awareness that’s being held inside; some perhaps you would deem horrific.  Do not beat yourselves up about it, simply let it rise and allow the feelings attached to it rise as well.  You may feel terrible for the moment and that’s okay, these are quite strong lower frequency emotions that need to be released; in order to move up or into the 5 Dimension.  Those less than joyful emotional memories cause pain, confusion and an inability to move forward or upward.  Quite frankly, these less than joyful emotions are paralyzing and keep you locked in the 3rd Dimensional feelings and thinking; we will help you to work through them.
These less than joyful emotional memories only serve one purpose at this moment, to keep you held prisoners of the 3rd Dimensional Frequencies.  In the spirit of saving time and a lot of words, we can advise you to have your Chakras/Energy Centers cleared, thoroughly cleared, intensively cleared.  Terisse uses the Ama Deus Shamanic Healing 4 Day Intensive to do this on herself, as well as her clients.  This helps the less than joyful emotions to rise.  Once these less than joyful emotions have risen (One by one – Not all at the same time), usually insight and clarity is had at that same moment or shortly thereafter and therefore is released; never to return.  Keep in mind, you have quite a few issues that are kept hidden from you, layers; not to worry.
Find a Healer who can do this for you, there are many Alternative Healing Practitioners who can do this for you who are available in the here and now.  Move with your feelings when you select one, use your internal senses, your personal guidance system.  If you are still unclear as to whom to select to assist you, simply ask your higher power to assist you in finding the best possible Alternative Healer for you and your personal needs.  More than likely you will cross paths with one that’s best suited for you or you will be coincidentally made aware of one.
You may more than likely need several treatments and perhaps treatments to maintain, keep you clear and free from the fears that are now pervading and encircling this planet from the dark ones; as they want to hold onto power.  The more they can keep you believing in their storylines, the more you hold the 3rd Dimensional Frequencies on this plane.  The more you release these lower frequencies from your mind and body, the more you produce clarity, the more you release and the more you rise.  The more you all raise yourselves, the more you realize and solidify that Nothing Here Is Real; the more you are able to raise your frequencies or vibratory levels.  When you raise your personal frequencies to vibrate at a particular higher level, the more it will be reflected in your personal environment.  Which over time, the fears impacting you and your planet as a whole will be less and less.  Are you beginning to understand?
It is imperative to have your Energy Centers/Chakras Cleared!  This will be a very good start to removing fear and the less than joyful emotions accompanied with them, from your mental and emotional bodies at a most accelerated rate; we cannot emphasize this enough.  There are indeed other methods of bringing clarity and calm to yourselves.  We just find this particular healing method, both outstanding and an accelerated form of peeling back the layers; of that which binds you.  You are indeed free to choose whatever form of releasing you feel is best for you.  We ask you at least consider this method of Clearing Your Energy Centers/Chakras for releasing those less than joyful emotions at an accelerated rate, as it’s a quick jump-start!  Peace be with you all.  Namaste
****End Transmission****

Good Morning Everyone!
Tip Of The Day:  Devotion to the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect takes us into another realm
For the General Public, General Reading
Deck of Soul Cards-"Quick Pick" Guidance Of The Day - 04/09/2020

A haven for the Heart, Mind, Body & Soul
- Peace within
Channeled Guidance Of The Day: 
Devotion to the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect takes us into another realm or way of being, existing.  Living in alignment with the true transitory state of your being, in the here in now.  Today we are embarking upon a new state of consciousness, a new state of awareness.  We are now in a state of flux, a state of ascension of sorts; between being here and the new place where we are ALL headed.  For some of us, we are already there, for others, we are halfway there, for some, beginning the transformation and still for others, a little stuck or lagging.  Not to worry though, we will all get to where we are going; a new state of consciousness.
Some of you will experience headaches, an uneasiness, difficulty sleeping, difficulty staying awake, nausea, dizziness, lightheaded, memory loss (In other words, not sharp thinking), little tweaks in the body, little aches and pains, ringing in the ears, dry mouth/tongue, cold or flu like symptoms and a host of other symptoms that are not life threatening.  These we deem growing pangs or evolutionary transformation symptoms, of moving into a new state of being, as this planet Earth transitions into the new frequency realm of the base of the 5th Dimensional Zone.  We are currently in the 3rd Dimensional Zone and as gently as possible, transitioning into the 5th Dimensional Zone-Arch Type Level 1, 2, 3.  We will not go beyond that, thus allowing your mind and bodies to properly acclimate to the new frequencies, environment and thought processes.  There will be a little bit of a pause every now and then, so that you may rest, acclimate the new frequency intake and then move forward and upward again and again and again.
We realize for some this is a difficult matter or concept for you to understand or even fathom but, for sure, you will grasp this understanding as you progress and evolve further along.  This is happening now and will continue to occur, until each and every one of you reach your goal.  Some of you will leap forward with opened hearts and arms, while some will move a bit more slowly and some a bit more hesitantly, cautiously.  Simply because, you are entering a new way of being and are unfamiliar with this new experience and territory; this new, never experienced way of being.
You are moving forward into the unknown, for some it may be a little unnerving and perhaps scary; while for some others, downright terrifying.  For those who find it terrifying, may move forward kicking and screaming only to find it was all for naught.  You will find as you move forward and upward into this new realm of existence, that life at this level is wondrously beautiful and consider it a gift from God, Goddess, The Higher Power; The Be All-End All; or as some would say, it’s The Bees Knees and some may say, it’s The Joint! Or Jizoint!
We will say there is no need to fear; we, the Angelic Forces from the Light-Higher Realms Of Existence, are with you.  We have always been with you; you just didn’t know.  There has been a blanketed shadow cast upon you all, this shadow has been removed.  This removal of the blanketed shadow is allowing higher consciousness to move in and through you.  During this transitional state, you will become more and more aware of who you truly are and know, you are far more than the sum of your physical being; you are mind, body and soul.  Actually, you are even more than that but, for now we will leave it there.
As you elevate yourselves, you will find things are not as hopeless as they may appear to be.  Things are and have been continuously developing in your behalf, humans of the Earth; and will continue to until the end of time.  In other words, forever more.  We, The League Of United Nations Front, upon which are seated, are here to support you in all your forward movement.  We will intertwine the very fabric of life, your life, your lives, within the fabric of your soul’s nature and beyond.  You will not be lost in this process, you in fact, will be found and you will absolutely love it!  Love it to the point of falling to your knees and saying to yourselves, is this real, is this true, oh my God, it is wonderful.  We will say, “Yes it is, Heaven on Earth as it was always meant to be”.  Namaste
****End Transmission****
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