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     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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 Uniquely Handcrafted Greeting Art Cards 
For those special people in your life that truly matter
These beautiful (blank interior, except for the title in the upper left side) Greeting Art Cards are hand-made and created from my Sacred Art Collections.  Each card will carry a particular energetic vibration to lift the human spirit!  Each card comes with its own envelope.  Within each Greeting Art Card in the upper left hand side, you'll find the Title of the art piece, the Energy the art piece exudes and an Inspirational Quote all combined! To view the inscription of each card, please visit this page Original/Print Price List or its subsequent pages to locate the particular collection the card came from.  You can also select any one of my art pieces and I will make a greeting card from it, the choice is yours!
Um, about the photos, this is my first try at photographing my cards.  I'm not a photographer thus these kind of wacky photos (smiles).  I'll get better at it as I shoot more and exchange some of the photos for better ones.  I just wanted to put something up so that you'd have some idea of what they look like; thanks for your patience!
"Breaking Through" Photo with 1 Gold Reflective Boarder            "Breaking Through" Interior; to read inscription
 (New Life Forms Coll)                                                                          please visit this page:  Original/Print Price List
                                                                                                                & search for "Breaking Through" (New Life Forms Coll)
"Christ Consciousness" Printed directly onto card                            "Doorway To The Soul" Photo with 2 boarders  
 (Antiquities Coll)                                                                                   Reflective Silver &Flat Gold  (Antiquities Coll)
"Elementals"  Printed directly onto card (Antiquities Coll)           "Encyclopedic" Photo with 1 Copper Boarder
                                                                                                             (New Life Forms Coll) 
"Encyclopedic" Photo with 2 Boarders Reflective Silver             "Encyclopedic" Interior; to read inscription please
  & Flat Gold  (New Life Forms Coll)                                              visit this page:  Original/Print Price List  & search
                                                                                                            for "Encyclopedic" (New Life Forms Coll)

"Eternity" Photo with 1 Gold Reflective Boarder                              "Eternity" Printed directly onto card
  (New Life Forms Coll)                                                                         (New Life Forms Coll)
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