Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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ANTIQUITIES COLLECTION  (<--Click link to view my energetically coded and healing art collections, use links on each page to view other Collections or use drop down boxes under "Art Collections - Price List..." in scroll bar.
Each piece is coded to ignite the codes in the human body to help heal and uplift the human spirit. 
Each piece is transmitted to me via dreams, meditations or in wakeful states.  Whatever art piece you are drawn to, is the art piece you need to bring into your home or work place environment and place it at a location where you can view it frequently.  This unique art piece will radiate and exude its specific healing energy component. 
For example, one of my more popular art pieces entitled, "TRANQUILITY" promotes tranquility; it will definitely promote the energy of tranquility within your chosen environment.  Whether you choose an Original or Print, the energy of that artwork will definitely be transmitted. 

PERSONAL SOUL MANDALA   (Something I've Created & Developed) (Prints are never made from these)
Your Personal Soul Mandala will contain personal energetic codes specifically meant for You. 
When used, you'll experience feeling more opened from within and move forward in ways you hadn't considered before.
Benefits To You:
Using this tool, you can provide for yourself the potential to live a more full, whole and complete self-producing life!  A life containing a strong sense of self-worth, love, joy, purpose and direction.  This direction will ultimately lead to Self-Generated Freedom!
ENERGETIC HEALING  (Touch Therapy) (Hands on/off the body)
All usually done in a private setting and while you're laying on a Massage Table fully clothed
Connecting with your Soul and Universal Light Energy, I transmit the Energetic Healing Properties through my hands and into your body (Never touching the private parts). 
Connecting to and working with your Soul, provides me with the ability to create a perfect Energetic Healing Plan for you.  This saves a lot of time in bringing your body & mind back into balance by getting to the core issue(s)/imbalance(s) and how best to energetically treat it.  
Benefits To You:
Quickly getting to the core of an issue and producing the best possible result, within the shortest span of time.
AMA DEUS SHAMANIC HEALING - I usually use this to Clear & Balance Chakras/Energy Centers.  When applying the Ama Deus 4 Day Intensive remarkable results occur; doors that were once closed are now open, insight & clarity is had, courage to move forward is now there and with Universal support! - New Life Experiences!
Each Treatment take about 1 hour or so and the energies contained within your body will continue to unfold for about 2-3 weeks.
NATURAL INTUITIVE ENERGETIC HEALING - Past & Present Lifetime Issues; Very In-Depth - Life Changing.  Working with your Soul, the Universal Lite Life Force (God/Goddess, Angels/Light Beings, All That Is) and the Divine Medical Team, I receive insights as to what needs to be adjusted, removed, added and where Healing Light needs to be placed within an individual. 
This healing takes place at one sitting and will take about 1.5-3 hours to complete and the energies contained within your body will continue to unfold for about 4 weeks or so.
REIKI ENERGY HEALING - I usually use this for Physical Ailments.  Assists the body in balancing, healing and recovering far more quickly; particularly helpful and quite noticeable for those undergoing Radiation and Chemo Therapy.
Each Treatment take about 1.5 hours and the energies contained within your body will continue to unfold for about 2 weeks or so.
Benefits To You:
You'll feel relaxed, a reduction of stress and pain, experience further clarity over time and feeling more joyful!  These energetic healing processes will assist in bringing your Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit further into balance in a most gentle way.  Also, with the Ama Deus Shamanic and Reiki Healing Treatments, I usually incorporate a little of my Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing to smooth out your aura and tweak things up a bit if needed; at no extra cost to you.

I prefer to do this long distance; I'll be using Energetic Healing to assist your pet in its healing process.  Working Long Distance allows your pet to feel relaxed at home and not having to worry about what I'm doing in its personal safety zone.
Benefits To Your Pet:
You're beloved pet will feel more relaxed, a reduction of stress and pain over time and ultimately feeling more happy!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your loved pet's body & spirit further into balance in a most gentle way.  Owners usually tend to notice their pets behavior shift rather rapidly for the better.  Just let me know what the Vet said about your pets situation/prognosis and I'll be happy to assist!
HEALING THROUGH CREATIVE ART PLAYSHOP  (Stress Management) (Something I've Created & Developed)
Intuitive Creative Painting (Process Art) (This is Not a "How To Draw or Paint Class")
A workshop to release stress the fun way!  Basically, you paint your stress away!
Usually done sitting at a table with others & using Intuition, Paper, Paint & Brush
Assists in literally removing creative blocks (Great for writers, artists and those that are creatively stuck).  Besides removing general stress and anxiety, this HTCA PlayShop is particularly helpful for those experiencing ADD/ADHD), Depression, High Anxiety, Stress/Panic Disorders and PTS.
Benefits To You:
You'll experience feeling lighter, more relaxed, calm, balanced, joyful and open from within.  Upon leaving the HTCA PlayShop, you'll feel lighter, have a glowing smile upon your face, an extra bounce in your step and wanting for more!!!
SPIRITUAL SOUL COUNSELING GUIDANCE  (Something I've Created & Developed)
This will assist greatly in allowing you to move forward in your life in a more relaxed and productive way by creating further clarity, to release the bonds that bind you.  
Your Soul is proficient, wise, insightful and loving; providing you with sound guidance and solutions as how to move forward gracefully.  Although your Soul is quite loving, it's also quite direct and truthful in it's delivery; I do hope you're not too sensitive to take in its valuable and useful information.
Your Soul will guide and provide you with steps on how to move through your current situation in the best way possible way by suggesting proper, very useful adjustments and changes for you to make.  If followed to the letter, you will produce a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life for yourself. 
Your Souls Counseling Guidance will be sent to you via email and come on a Word Doc for your viewing and re-reading.  This Soul Counseling/Guidance will contain Healing Energetic Properties and will require a little time for the healing properties to move through your body.  You are to read and re-read your Soul's Guidance for at least 2 times a day for the next 4 days; on the 4th day you may call for your consultation with me.  When you do consult with me, your Soul will indeed be standing nearby to assist with your queries. Consultation is no longer than 30 min.
Benefits To You:
You'll experience Truth, feeling soothed, having insight, clarity and a far better sense of direction.
DECK OF SOUL CARDS PERSONAL READING   (Something I've Created & Developed) (Not Tarot Cards)
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions.  This is given in a most loving and uplifting way, via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self which, I will channel for you and provide you with a printed Word Doc. via email. 
Your Soul is pretty direct and thorough in expressing itself and making things quite clear for you.  If need be, I will also consult with you over the phone to provide further clarity (Not more than 15 min.).
Benefits To You:
Provides Truth, insight, greater clarity and having a much better sense of direction 
DECK OF SOUL CARDS KIT  (Something I've Created & Developed) (Not Tarot Cards)
This is a "Do It Yourself" project!  ;-)  (6 different ways to get an answer)
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions, in a most loving & uplifting way; via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Intuition.   You can also help your loved ones! (Comes with instructions for that)
Benefits To You:
Provides Truth, promotes greater clarity, insight and having a much better sense of direction
Something uniquely different, it will be energetically coded! 
Benefits To You:
Your Book or CD Cover possibly getting noticed more and possibly producing greater sales because, it contains the energetic essence of your creation most perfectly!  People are usually drawn to the essence or the energy held within a creation; to have your creation coupled with a perfectly matching, energetically coded cover... Whoa! How perfect is that!  Who could ask for more! 

Thank you for stopping by and gracing my website with your presence!  You just may find as you browse through the pages, that one or healing modalities intrigues you enough to try it out and experience a wonderful healing for yourself.  You may also find that one or more of the art pieces will move you somewhere inside yourself, stirring you to purchase one for yourself.  Whether it's an original, print poster, greeting card, textile or a wearable item, it's this piece you may benefit most from at this time in your life; for it has something for you that may assist you in moving and evolving forward with greater ease.  Peace & Blessings!
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