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High Quality Standard Prints & Posters

For The Budget Conscious
(These Prints/Posters are NOT Signed)
All Prints Carry The Same Energetic Codes As Its Original Counterpart!

(8.5x11 - $70,  11x13 - $100  &  13x19 - $130 -- Only sizes available at this time)
...And then, for the budget conscious, you also have the option or ordering a High Quality Standard Print or Poster which ranges from $70 (8.5x11),  $100 (11x13)  and  $130 (13x19).  The prints/posters will still carry the same energy as the Original, so nothing is lost as far as energy is concerned. 
After viewing any one of my collections, you may order a High Quality Standard Print or Poster.  Although this print is standard, it is still of the highest quality within standard levels and will offer exceptional and pleasing to the eye prints.  It will as well contain the same energetic codes as the original artwork from which it was created along with its' potency, so nothing is lost as far as energy is concerned.  I do hope you enjoy viewing your chosen healing art from one of my collections for many years to come and may the light well forth from within it and you! 
To order a print or poster, simply use the drop down box under any art piece that inspires and moves you.  You may begin here: Original/Print Price List Pg. 1 Section.  For information about Gi'clee Prints, click hereThank you for your support!
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